Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Earth is the Temple, money changers in trouble!

The Earth is the Temple, money changers in trouble!
Let the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus and impassioned him to anger to turn over the tables of all who love money and those that use the law in a manner it was not intended for profit rise up and do what is needed to reach many to the heart.

Trump (climate, profits)

"I'm Not Willing to Do That": Trump Says He Won't Take Climate Action Because It Would Threaten Corporate Profits

It was the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus and not the man that is where truth is from (as Jesus said) and it is that SPIRIT that is the smallest of points overlooked that will entangle all these manipulators, liars and thieves to be caught in a net.


The division was created to create the Sorrow that will bring us back together

The Sorrow Brought us all Together

It is the JOY that came through the sorrow when I allowed my heart to be reached.  The people are crass and divided, a little sorrow is what is coming and for those with true intent who suffer reaching for the SPIRIT this will cause more REAL LIFE and JOY from seeing how they also are seen. Humans are separate from reality because of their beliefs that fill the cup allowing no room for SPIRIT, therefore nature suffers because of her, therefore this time where the whole world will see at once what is to come. One needs to share in that sorrow spoken of of those who went before us and after seeing what is separating you will see the simplicity of living in the SPIRIT. Like the JOY of those without shame after the veil is torn. Would you not suffer a pin prick, a similitude of the cross knowing it would give you new eyes to see even as you are seen.

During those years and even today the memory of allowing YOU to reach me to the heart fills me with such joy.

Love songs speak of that reality where there is only YOU and I, that is the original poetry of sides such as us and them, democrats and republicans. There was a temple with a veil between the two rooms and there is male and female, each different but joined in the same manner as everything is in the universe. even though we seem to be US and them or male and female or democrat and republican,,,, there really has always only been YOU and I. You can see yourself and SPIRIT as the first temple of YOU and I and the veil separating the two.

Here now listen to this love song as the storms that are pervasive many around the world are seeing as the separation between YOU and I in America.

Etta James - Stormy Weather

Etta Jones Misty Blue

If you can see the SPIRIT of only YOU and I Listen to each song from that perspective and you will see the simplicity of the SPIRIT and what is dividing us.

MistyBlue/Wilderness/DNA/Journey Perfect example of a single day with YOU/MY LIFE and the synch of the day. Many other synchs with friends 1997
http://www.stephentree.com/audio/mistyblue2.mp3 Very Cute Video

YOU want to know why the storms are here, why the division is here

Well let my broken heart tell you

Rain by Madonna


Rain Related

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Everybody is wrong, everybody followed an interpretation and overlooked the smallest of points which is the SPIRIT will lead you into all TRUTH. But there are those that love the interpretation that is not of love that allows them to judge others and use the law in a manner it was not intended. But these believing themselves first will be last when the wave of the SPIRIT passes over.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Todays Beetle synch

Ongoing synch with Learning from Bugs and the idea of Manna as wonder, something that comes into your moments to "chew on"

Last night we found this huge beetle that is almost two inches long in our shower. It is not unusual in Tennessee to find bugs but we have not seen such a huge beetle before. This made me wonder and begin to remember synchs about learning from bugs, Carl Jung's synch with a beetle, and the concept of manna as wonder or "what is it". I had been so used to the environment in California and the wonder it inspired by moving from the Sierra Mountains to the Desert and then the coast. It was easy to lead to the wonder that keeps you focused on SPIRIT and wonder  and away from the separation, division, and struggle of American Politics and the struggle of money that leads to what replaces all that is life and leads to that which is the essence of HELL which is separation from God, SPIRIT, life, SPIRIT through Jesus. If you listen to the veil of interpretation given you by those that interpret scripture you will have your cup filled and you will not lift it up to SPIRIT to fill it and you will find you have followed a lie. Life was not meant to be interpreted but to be experienced, and wondered after. The SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus was life itself speaking and wanted you to get to know ME/LIFE intimately and go past the veil of interpretation that keeps the masses DEAD and separated and leading to death. If you read the links you will see how the SPIRIT through synchs and wonder led to miracles that work that are not of interpretation. This does not mean you follow these synchs as your own but rather to do as Jesus did and speak directly to your life and grow in that relationship of enchantment and real magic. It is important that you do not do this, but that you allow SPIRIT to do it through you.

Synchronicity, synergy, procession and the Honeybee

Motion is Magic
Back to the Law of Precession; it simply states that for every action we take, there will be a side effect arising at 90 degrees to the line of our action.

I learned through SPIRIT walking alone in Florida about the precession of the Honeybee and how at 90 degrees to our motion/action other processes are using our action to create more of what is life. This is related to how reality knows every hair on  your head.

I don't work, I stay in motion and dream

Almost forgot the synch this morning with bugs, we love getting inspired by van life videos

Oh, and the fireflys are at their peek here in the garden


Ongoing synch with Bugs and Manna as wonder, something that comes into your moments to "chew on" Such synchs keep our focus away from the division and Wiles of Trump Wiles

Monday, June 24, 2019

June 27, 2010 Synch coming true of russian and Ultra right attacks on our democracy


They don't know what they are doing, (father forgive them) But knowing what it will take now to reach them and having no help to scan the synchs (hint, hint) I am feeling like in the garden of Gethsemane wanting this not to go on as it is so horrific since we cannot reach them it must be the  SPIRIT reaching them.. (Abomination of horrification) "abomination that horrifies all who see it" Orange Event Link

So the Bear/Russian attack synch began by a sighting on Jun 27, 2010 (today in history)

DNATREE: Passion week blood moon eclipse Benicia,,betrayal

Next subject
The times Jesus forgave and the interpreters were wrong such as the woman caught in adultery and all the "self right" thought it was right to stone her as the "letter indicates" but the way Jesus forgave her and revealed all have sinned, there are none right, was to reveal how everything interpreted without SPIRIT is a sin and not the person with true intention of heart living life and getting setup by a whore and all the women who hate men want to believe a lie because of their true intention of heart, therefore, the letter without SPIRIT has set them up. (caught in a net link dnatree bubblenet) They who set their interpretation above the SPIRIT have blasphemed the SPIRIT and think the only use for scripture is for them to use against whom they wish to manipulate.

JUNE 27th synch with watch out for the Russians

This quote/prediction has come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a clear view through our experience on ORO of how the self right will try to destroy those they hate and in doing so they will overlook the smallest of points and the world will see their humiliation/cross this will lead to them starting over with a new life. Just as was planned for them.
It seems like the attack is coming from Americans that hate other Americans like the Religious hate being wrong so much that they are willing to destroy this country to appear right. Like the attack is from inside the Country. Will this country become like Afghanistan with attacks occurring daily in the streets by our own religious self righteous? That is what is happening only without the violence yet. Our board is a prelude to how America will be plagued by those that love their interpretation more than they love each other. 

Prediction coming true from Aug 27th 2005 

Prediction: YOU and I collide

Next quote Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:12 pm
This synch played out that the attacks came from within and just like in politics right now I imagine they will appear to win but what have they won? In other words during this election I think they will appear to win only to see they have not won anything.

And this synch from the same bear page is running parallel to what is going on with the russians and the ultra right that are attacking our country.
Quote Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:44 pm
 Momma bear attack, however is momma bear killing her young with her shortsighted vision? 
Now it is very important when we get to this point about the mom and her children to remember the synch about how the Spirit knows what is best for the children and that the mom that believes she does without the Spirit is a danger to her children.

Quote Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:02 pm

 Though the synchs have been right on since I started posting as early as 2001 in Cal and 1997 in Fla. still there is no respect for the Spirit. How much longer before it is too late for this country?

This is my intent that their judgments turn on them
Let those that judge the left with an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT be divided against themselves and be judged by their own presumptions. That is the right, this administration, and the Russians. Let the fire be turned up that they stoke and let it consume them.


Anger toward leaders

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The synchs are getting serious

I have a strong feeling that Trump's Dove statement is really a play to make himself look like he does not want to do what he plans but that he will be pushed into it when really it is his plan and the dove intention is meant for his base to argue as though his "true intentions of heart are good".

Like Bernie Sanders just said on Face the Nation in the background

Like the synch that spells out the lie everyone is following with how a manipulator like in 1993, or like Dutch and my family which led into the 2016 election and the synch with reaching America,,,what is being said is simply a political ploy to generate backing for what is really going on which is not to make America Great but to make one narcissist great.

The democratic Party and those seeking with true intent to know what is real need to see the evolution of the synchs with dnatree.blogspot.com and the predictions and where all this is headed as they will not be able to remove this energy from leading astray without understanding what has been overlooked.

The SPIRIT will help those that have true intent to understand, but desolation is where this is all headed and no one will escape, it is the same as it always has been that no one has thrown themselves on the stone which is the SPIRIT that spoke through many such as Jesus and even the American Indians. But because so few have actually done what was said by SPIRIT and have not allowed themselves to be reached to the heart to understand what cannot be written therefore all is headed toward desolation. This prediction was revealed over the last 20 years and revealed why, and must be taken seriously by those seeking to keep this desolation at bay.

I need those who are in tandem with this message to synergize with the SPIRIT and open to what this message is about because there is NO WAY AROUND this as the synch indicated. That means Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and those knowing that the right is WORSHIPING AN INTERPRETATION that is NOT FROM SPIRIT  because the right is worshiping their own "abomination of interpretation" which WILL cause desolation, that they study this smallest of points overlooked.. Everyone that dismisses this message because of an interpretation about what they deem right but did not get that interpretation from SPIRIT but rather from a book or beliefs of men will be crushed by what is coming that includes all who follow a leader instead of SPIRIT such as the right is doing.

All was Predicted
All the synchs about Orange is Coming 
42 Months and Trump
Stone will not be removed until you are reached

The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as President

War will end the intention to send people to Mars, but the synchronicity of Mars is war

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

42 Months

I had been having the synch with 42 months for some time but did not feel it was mature enough to post though I had begun to post it once. But then the synchs with my birthday, July 19th and with July 17th and the 20th began to occur and those are the dates surrounding the 42 month synch.

This link calculates the day that Trump will have been spewing for 42 months
July 20th 2020

5The beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for forty-two months. 

I also began having synchs with the summer of 1969 such as the movie "A Walk on the Moon" and then this morning a guest on CBS this morning spoke of  her birthday July 17th 1969.

If July of 2020 proves significant as the synch is showing and such an EVENT occurs that means the 42 month synch means something then it is the utmost importance to discontinue the path we find ourselves upon by "being led by the SPIRIT into truth rather than following a leader" because of the smallest of points overlooked by smart people and such things as interpretations and ideologies what is coming is horribly detrimental to humans.

Trump deferment 1969 also came up today

This is not a threat, it is a prediction based on synchs meant to warn Americans as all the predictions were.

to be continued.....

If I could find one instance of love from my past I would continue my 30 yr passion to reach certain people but I have left the struggle and the SPIRIT says they must reach there first and then I will know their true intent. For 30 yrs I said what the SPIRIT said that if I could not reach you that I must break your heart. The lie of religion is related to the fact that one would have allowed the SPIRIT to break their heart in order to understand what was really going on and what was suffered by those who went before us. NO ONE has done this and no one has followed the SPIRIT which is the narrow path, all have taken the wide path interpreting what was meant to lead to SPIRIT and wonder. And so it is that none of these loved me enough to know me.

This is the lie of the christian right, that they worship their interpretation that they don't realize this was expected. They show for each other but would not suffer to know why "you would be hated above all men", in fact it was these whom have bypassed the SPIRIT and interpreted that Jesus spoke that "they would hate you". Because of their interpretation which is their idol. So it was that these would follow a lie and lead their countrymen to desolation revealing their hearts. This is where we are at.

Manna and the Song of Solomon,, do not fill the cup seek the SPIRIT with all your heart to open your eyes.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Jun 6th synchs

Synchs with Jun 6th over the years


Friday, June 14, 2019

Grifter, info, foreign source, smallest of points overlooked

The grifter that says it is all right to get info on an opponent from a foreign agent who has done this many times before may know that info is out there about himself and is playing the reverse manipulation where he can stop that info being used by his opponent. He does not speak truth, he speaks constant manipulation, the tables would turn if those being manipulated would expose that the truth of the right is not from SPIRIT but from interpretations that will lead to desolation.

To say to the right that your truth is not from SPIRIT and understand these predictions over the years would change everything if you allow SPIRIT and quit manipulating yourselves.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

All has been predicted


So we had a treaty with Iran which Trump ended and then put Iran in a pickle, they of course begin their manipulation so that Trump blames them and a war starts that Trump will not accept responsibility for creating due to division and manipulation. Oh, yea things are going to get better with a a grifter with balls that overlooks the smallest of points that will lead the world astray.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Synch with suffering

This suffering synch from exactly one year ago hits very close to home for me as I have had to fight for my life for the past couple weeks. I had a blood infection that caused exactly the same symptoms as my Pam had where my blood pressure was as low as 89 over 60 and pain caused me to use too much Tylenol so I have an appointment  Monday to see it it hurt my liver and to see how the healing is progressing. I experienced everything she did from fainting to dizzy to great pain, but the SPIRIT seeems to have spared my life.

I will let the words from a year ago 9 June convey this


Saturday, June 09, 2018

Suffering synch, and Attention to SPIRIT

Suffering at the end of anything as death or the laying aside of one reality to be born into another. The synch yesterday was the word suffering but attention/worship to SPIRIT allows us to NOT SEE DEATH or suffering, or joy during suffering. Pam and I listened to New Dimensions Radio and after reading on propheciesonline where I felt this was present  we also heard it on this program. The Immense Intelligence Of Cosmic Consciousness with Ricardo Horacio Stocker, Ph.D. on Tunein Radio and also Joseph Cambell on Netflix and had the synch with all three about the word suffering. I have always found that following the SPIRIT keeps you one step ahead of suffering or living joy in paradise but that those that demand another path or demand you worship their interpretation lead themselves to suffering.

One thing I have sought from SPIRIT is to know that my partner whom I love for all we have shared and her true intention of love toward and I see her as all those in the world that are mine and I want for her that the path does not end as she had MS and has had problems since coming to Tennessee as the jolt of joy was harder to find her but it brought us much closer and our love is greater.

See (Go to sleep my darling)

That leads me to the next part of all this, that the true intent though Pam did not understand what the SPIRIT was saying comepletely through our experience she respects and LOVES me and this life we share and believes from what she has seen and experienced that the SPIRIT has her best interests as I want this for her and I LOVE her very much as my life is very much connected to her. 

You see as I asked to understand the true intentions of the SPIRIT through Jesus I experienced these things that I also am hated for by those wanting to use me and those that love their interpretations more than they love each other. But I KNOW that what appears to be said by Jesus was the SPIRIT speaking what was demanded because nothing else would have gotten the message within the message to reach past what those hard hearts would allow such as the snake and the woman that wanted to believe in good and evil when everything that proceeds in synch with SPIRIT is actually GOOD.(See Rod) Humans wanted a law such as the rules needed for children and because of their disbelief in the power of SPIRIT it is still needed but the SPIRIT is the fulfillment of the law in that you are in synch with SPIRIT you fulfill the law of the SPIRIT, but those that use the law in a manner it was not intended to benefit them against those they fear use shame and the law to intentionally misunderstand and manipulate. When those following the SPIRIT fulfill the law but those using the law against them want to misunderstand in order that they shed their fear of their own sins.

Synch from a year ago

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Mars, War,

So yes we are going to Mars, but not the planet. It is very easy to tell the true intention of the heart of this President.

I wanted to say that it is true that no one will be able to meet the bravery and obedience to SPIRIT revealed through what Jesus was really saying.......

I am the least of them of which my chosen end is on the horizon.....