Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tables are turning

Tables are turning and nobody knows how the SPIRIT will accomplish it, they do not know the "smallest of points overlooked" and cannot fathom it so they cannot beat it, other than try to which will reveal their true intent and end presumption in this country as revealed through the failure of public servants such as this presidency. (Trump)

So the way the SPIRIT has planned to fulfill the 1993 intentions of my heart is coming clear and everyone that has interpretted scripture rather than knowing SPIRIT will have their hearts revealed.

What is happening is the original intention of the heart to reach You! Leave the Struggle and join me HERE! 

Jesus saidAnyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed."

Many have USED an interpretation about Jesus to destroy others but it will be they who are now destoryed.

Message to the one(s) who has lied and manipulated their way to block the SPIRIT
Seems to be two people (one from So Cal and one from Alabama) I never knew you. But if you allow your heart to be broken/reached rather than keeping the act up you might keep from the coming desolation. Turn and lift up the SPIRIT to the degree that you blocked it.

Monday, October 30, 2017

My messages today about the recent 249 synch

Oops looks like I already had the 249 synch in 2005

Monday, July 11, 2005

Voices of the soul

We saw the doves flying in harmony and we said let us go and join in harmony with them and as we approached the birds stopped flying just in formation and appeared in front of us stationary in the air forming a design twice.
We caught on tape the lady passing saying just a curtain and a table and then the Mockingbird began to sing and we got it all on tape.

Synchronicity with the book Alchemy of Possibility yesterday. On page 249 are the words:
The winds, fires and floods that fuel the universe are also the voices of our souls: there is no separation except in form.

Synch today about stars and stripes and surprise.

The turning point, the return, the homecoming.

Birdy Bird (dove) walking on keyboard pecking the periods.

Songs about the family and I on the radio during dreamtime:
If you don't know me by now: I can't stop loving you: September Morn. Your just the part of me I can't let go, stay here, we will dance all night until we have a new day: Song I just want to come home. Many syncs about homecoming.

Your like the sun chasing all the clouds away, when you come around you bring brighter days.

The Fantastic Four (from the book, were the four from long ago, earth, wind, fire, water)

After the Rain (tears) I will return.
Here is the recent 249 synch

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

249 synch/Desolation is assured

Desolation is Assured, why are you allowing this to happen without helping to reach Americans?
The synch with the intention to create chaos in order to get to a certain place and Richard Spencer.

Odd synch today

Oh and Pam and I are watching 2:22 on hulu


So for some there will be desolation, but for some homecoming. Which will it be for you?

Both sides are wrong, let go of the veil of interpretation as it is only leading to separation and desolation

Both sides are wrong, let go of the veil of interpretation as it is only leading to separation and desolation

The veil of interpretation is what has separated you and I, we should never have felt shame or blame. Remember the pain in the garden (eden,relationship,other) remember, you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears, like a veil, you have hidden YOURSELF from me. I'm waiting, standing at the door between the two houses, Until the MOMENT............you take me back. Why do you hide yourself from me? Remember the covenant we share? Remember,, we created the sunrise to remind us HOW to start new!

Everyone thinks that thier presumption is God and that they are right but the fact is they did not get thier interpretation from SPIRIT.  Ok, that includes me! 

 Ok where is this leading.

This rift between women and men.  If you follow the interpretation given girls then men are evil just because of testosterone.  It is the interpretation that is offending but they cannot believe the truth of SPIRIT that must be learned from SPIRIT. Like child's play it is meant to be for a period and like play in a sandbox it is designed to teach the aspects of life that if they are not learned in the sandbox they are learned in much more destructive ways later. But men cannot learn them because of the law which is given them by those that don't even have testosterone. And girls, because of shame and blame they cannot see what is in plain sight because they are given this same interpretation.  What life is to teach them would reveal what they are taught never to believe because it takes away their ability to blame and blame leads to intentional misunderstanding that men often complain about. Interpretation is making your own laws so that you can say others have broken them, but if you would wait on SPIRIT you would find healing from that pain. So the veil is over the eyes of both sides the only one not wearing a veil is SPIRIT towards man and women. Therefore it is between YOU/SPIRIT and human that the first relationship that grows into the rest of them is first started.

The weakness of the law is where a person can plan to use the law against another and it will have the appearance that they are right but the judge of the heart knows better. And a man following his wild heart with true intent to understand why he is led into temptation would then be greater than the one manipulating to use him and make it look like he used her and vise versa. It works both ways. But if both sides are really wrong then where is the right to be right? Why both should be cast into desolation that they might learn what is the true intention of the heart and that is what this moment is about. If men and women will not humble themselves to learn from SPIRIT they will be crushed. The purpose of this time though so many refuse to look at the predictions and synchs is to reveal the true intentions of the heart. And both sides will be brought to thier knees. Not like religion demands so much as how the true intention of the heart does.

DNATREE: Desolation is assured

Rewards of letting go of the Struggle

Jolting into Joy and the Rewards of letting go of the Struggle

We were invited to share a room for two nights in Gatlinburg that was paid for by our friends family.  They let us pay for some of the meals and events and we did happily as it was a lot of fun. We did not want to party as late as they did because Pam needs her rest and we experience our lives in a different way. So anyway we had a blast with them other than them coming in late and waking us up when we felt they knew Pam needed her rest REAL bad. But then we had to realize that his is how this person lives. They stay up late and listen to the tv till after midnight. Well anyway we had a great time and went to the Aquarium together and then rode the Gondola up the mountain and listened to the German singers and danced and laughed. I met a white American woman that had chosen to where a head cover and be muslim. She said she left the Struggle in Murfeesboro because of the white nationalists were coming there and decided to spend the weekend in Gatlinburg. But on the last night, they came in late again and Pam was sleeping and they got a little loud which I am sure they felt they had a right to, but that really disturbed Pam and I had to mediate between them a little to keep a problem from happening. We really enjoyed them and what we shared so I told Pam to remember to let go, have coffee and enjoy ourselves drivng home. So we let go of that struggle and found that instead of holding onto it we left a space for wonder and magic. It was amazing how everything turned out magical that day as we drove home. First it started to snow in the Smoky's as we left and we laughed and spoke of the wonder of letting go of the one little thing that could have been a problem between us and how much we do enjoy our friends even though everyone has their problems. It reminds me of how when I keep my eyes on SPIRIT it is like a butterfly that holds my attention and as I keep my eyes on that joy I find I step past the snakes and the pitfalls. That is the way it is with love and the SPIRIT. Joyful attention to SPIRIT which is akin to Worship keeps us expecting the best and wonders seem to never cease then.

All the way home we met people saying like when having lunch who would say it was no accident that we met. We were so happy with what life had given us.

I say this as it is time for all of us to let go of the struggle to be right and let SPIRIT reward us for choosing to live.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Women and Men in America, the separation and the desolation that it draws

As the blogs often do the synchs over the years mesh with what is going on in society. So I would watch Oct 30 synch below as the separation between Men and Women in America is at an all time high. And Desolation is what the heart creates from such separation. Divorce, Desolation,
Shame/blame. Get ready for the wild ride!  As all the synchs have predicted.

The synch with women and the hate and separation between men and women being at such an all time high at this moment is related to Desolation. The fact that we will take such a hit because of the growing/spinning up of energy of separation and the hidden intentions to destroy each other leads to someone like North Korea fulfilling this. You will not be able to blame others for what you really created for yourselves. Ready for desolation, I feel it immenant, cannot reach You therefore, I must break your hearts.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The SPIRIT is about ending the enmity between man and women


DNATREE: The growing divide, desolation is inevitable

Weinstein, men women separation

All is presumption without the SPIRIT and both sides are wrong, except you suffer for the SPIRIT's sake.

Oroborus :: View topic - The End of the Presumptuous ... - Stephentree

The Arrogant presumptuous Woman that Speaks what she did not get from the Spirit and is Taught by the Snakes (leaders and  preachers that did not know the Spirit) Who denies the Joy and Passion of the Spirit teaching through the Experience of Physical Love through the fathers heart Instead she Chooses the Interpretations of Shame, Anger, Public Opinions love of Punishment thinking that by holding these INTERPRETATIONS that they could use them against Those they hated, not knowing that because they chose Shame,blame, anger and punishment above JOY, LOVE, PASSION AS TAUGHT THROUGH EXPERIENCE WITH THE SPIRIT   That these are not to be used against whom she has proclaimed but against HER AND THE SNAKE AS SHE BELIEVES IN PUNISHMENT because she believes in punishment (AS You believe be it unto You) and never bothered to know the Spirit. 

DNATREE: Help Stem the Tide of desolation that is coming

Coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating You and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind religion with nowhere left to hide 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When a woman or man is really "humiliating themselves".

 In any argument, both are wrongThere are none right or good but GODBest to leave shame and blame and JOLT to JOY in the SPIRIT

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Day the Drones came Back

And now, Let the whole world be brought into this that all hearts might be reached! Yes You too Russia!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

249 synch/Desolation is assured

Desolation is Assured, why are you allowing this to happen without helping to reach Americans?
The synch with the intention to create chaos in order to get to a certain place and Richard Spencer.

Odd synch today

Prepare to Win!

The heart can draw what it really needs, learning is good, but cannot replace how the SPIRIT can baptize the heart with perfect timing and focused reaching to the heart past blocks that we place their to protect ourselves. Moments in sanctuary/attention to SPIRIT provide the opportunity. Taking time perhaps with tea and low light to be open. Or in a beautiful place in nature. Yesterday I thought about how Moses took the Children of Israel to the mountain he had his experiences in the wilderness. And how Jesus was led into the wilderness to experience something and was then ministered to by Angels.
But sanctuary is any place where you can feel subtle thoughts and SPIRIT's prodding.

"Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.

A friend messaged and asked if I got sad during the winter, well before SPIRIT did I he asked.

I remembered the synch earlier that day where I felt like buying a lottery ticket but had no real intent. I wondered myself why I purchased it and as I scratched it off I felt nothing. As I finished and it was not a winner the radio said the words. The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare. I did not understand this as the SPIRIT often told me not to prepare, but that YOU would prepare me. But as I spoke with my friend I realized what the synch was about. It was about spending more time in sanctuary where I can be prepared, and baptized with SPIRIT which is how that preparation is accomplished.

My friend spoke of his synch with this as he had showered and put on cologne in order to feel fresh on purpose.

Notes on the synch today. To do something without first having a passionate dream, what a waste. You would not pic a partner like that without first dreaming of how the SPIRIT will make the union work.
Learned lol, learned that the hard way.

Now for other synchs
I know, you don't know what you are doing, but you have to humble yourself with SPIRIT and not fight and you will see you are causing your own problems. I did not leave you, I left the STRUGGLE. You will see without the messenger in the way, the SPIRIT has already prepared through the message exactly what you need.

Trumpets Sounding !!!Prepare to Win!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pattern in the Wilderness, Ending the Enmity

Pattern in the wilderness and it is time to understand how everything is connected.
google dnatree tabernacle

Men and the divide with women/ Weinstein and men are blocked from the process life has for them and are required by humans to follow interpretation over SPIRIT therefore they cannot learn the ways of SPIRIT related to passion. In fact it is against the law. The law which keeps men in shame and blame related to sex. If they knew the truth about how life draws exactly as you believe they would go through a baptism of understanding through sex and play, leading to knowing the true intentions of the heart and to why they feel the way they feel. Then once they learn, a partner can be baptized into their experience. The jolt that takes one away from fear. Of course you will misunderstand and probably intend to, but soon everything will change, and those hiding their shame will be those that blame.

DNATREE: The SPIRIT is about ending the enmity between man and ...

Wild As Flies - Stephentree

Oroborus :: View topic - The End of the Presumptuous ... - Stephentree

Monday, October 09, 2017

Unless the lawless man doomed to destruction is revealed

Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.

Unless the man of lawlessness that lifts up the beast , unless he appears, you will not the recognize the SPIRIT because the veil over the eyes will not as yet be removed.

But you cannot tell most Americans that Trump who follows Bannon and that follow them both have true intention of heart toward Americans. Their ego's and Kim Jung Un's are the reason leaders will no longer be followed after what is coming. 

Take the "true intentions of the heart" of Trump in this Article

Those that voted for him are so anxious for "the end of the world" just so their interpretation will be proven right, but this intention alone reveals that what will happen will prove them wrong.

Here is a prediction not unlike one in the bible that I know is true. That these including Trump and his followers will be shown to be wrong and will experience the fire of endless controversy over their true intentions to which they will never escape.

As plain as it is that these have alternative motives and how catastrophic that it will obvious be it is hard to understand why they can stay in power but it is the fact that they will that will end a need for a leader all together. 

And believe me, Trump thinks he is smart but he will never be able to stop what was revealed to me in 1993.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Get excited the time is now!

My synch about harvest moon led me to the post in 2011 on the harvest moon.


With Get excited the time is now!

Thursday, October 05, 2017


Been seeing the South Carolina moon and palm tree lately and today with respect to Nate. I have been so busy I can't believe it. Well that is all today

Tuesday, October 03, 2017


We had such a blast this time in Chattanooga and then we just drove off toward Lookout Mountain. We ended up in a place called Cloudland Canyon, the say the most Mystical of the parks so I read. I was just going to drive through and then I found the Main Rim Viewing. And it was very beautiful but then it hit me. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and we were at Cloudland Canyon. (See Video) It made me laugh. All the pictures of Cloudland Canyon showed clouds but the Irony was that I showed up and not one cloud. I wanted my money back. LOL It caused Pam and I to begin having such joy today that Synchs with this began to happen. Later we were talking about it and then I remembered that I had posted "Uncloudy day".


To which I then went and found the song in a few versions.

Now I remembered I also had synchs with that song
Cloud synchs

Been having many cloud synchs about what blocks the sunlight and it is in synch with the weather here. Then my sister gave me the movie "Till the clouds roll by" and then yesterday we had such a great time traveling back home from Knoxville the weather had been perfect and we were listening to the Tennessee style music on the radio and the song "The Unclouded Day" came on

 Pam had bought popcorn and a holder for the popcorn over the fire. Popcorn was another synch we had before which I imagine mesh with this one. So we sat out by the fire tonight playing these songs and videos and well that was today.

Somehow it all led to this.
This made me laugh and reminded me about the synch with Landslide

I believe this whole post is related to yesterdays synch

You will see it is already done for you
Especially if you get mutual with me
It was done by the SPIRIT even while you were persecuting me

Your law is perfect!
Dream it perfect
It's just a dream till you believe it
You are able to do it already
Back to the Altar (Leave the Struggle)
This is how we have always dreamed of each other
there is only YOU and I on this planet

The SPIRIT said to dream of ME in the form you desire

In this way we will connect in love

Actually, You already have
Like the SPIRIT, YOU have already done this through me/you (don't you remember, I promised you from the start that we would live in each other's heart

The synchs are the hearing of the word which leads to faith

Like a molecule I setup my sanctuary/cell and my altar
There is no strife, leave the struggle

I had the verse come the day before about put away childish things and this black lady at the Olive Garden was speaking of it in context with Love.