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Money is more important than those Ebay and other Money worshipers serve,, the people

IF it will reach many,
Ebay cannot be sold if the profit is shown to be based on the maltreatment of sellers and the policy of not addressing when buyers are given the opportunity to mistreat sellers. Such as the electronic board market, where buyers often purchase a board and find that the panel of an led tv is bad so they want to send it back and make the seller pay the shipping. Ebay allows them to say the brand new board was bad so that that a shop fixing tv's when they find it is not that board they don't have to pay the expense of shipping it there and back by just marking that something was wrong with the board or saying it was not as described and ebay even if the logo of the board that was advertised is right there on the board gave the buyer the refund when the buyer sent back a completely different board and ebay would not even look at it. Saying "you have to expect losses in business" well, their policy makes so that they do not have such losses, only the seller does. Now even after saying that this is the problem with their sales policy ebay will say because of these returns you are below standard and will not address the questions you have about what is really going on. Then says that you may be chared 4 percent more but instead cut you off when your sales are doing well and there are few returns because their algorithm says to and no one has addressed any of the concerns. Who would buy an equation that is leading to great problems like what sellers are experiencing?
If Ebay does not have true intention of heart toward sellers and punishes sellers by their intention to not take into account how their policies make them money but drastically hurt sellers and will not respond but punishes sellers when it is really them because they know it is so let their stock drop accordingly increased from this moment. Let their punishment be their own since money is more important than those they serve. Let this aspect of their business be revealed as a humiliation to each stock holder.

This is a prayer

Chinese products
Been thinking that individuals because of the tariffs have the opportunity to do the same thing China did to American business in that we can take their products and begin thousands of small businesses and big money instead of taking the money can invest in these businesses and let thousands of Americans follow the que to create their own systems. But I think because of the lies and narcissistic character of this president that we should bypass the white house and show we don't need a leader but rather synergise with senators and businessmen to go around the Wile E Coyote because I believe he will be soon falling in his own traps which are cheap tricks of someone who has spent their whole lives dreaming how to use the law in a manner it was not intended. Anyway, how can we use this time of tarrifs in this manner to put thousands of Americans in their own business?

For the smallest of points overlooked can take it all and even what they believe they possess will be taken from them.

Sex, the very work of the SPIRIT, Beep Beep!

So one of my posts from last year that I cannot find yet I decided to reproduce one aspect of it which was the intention for Wile E Coyote who was always setting traps for the road runner that HE/SHE who never knew the SPIRIT find themselves now fall into their own traps. Which while it is important for men to experience the circumcision of the heart related to passion but the hidden reality of so many Foxes use what cannot be seen and the beliefs of society against men using the law in a manner it was not intended since the cards were stacked in her favor and men also who entrap women when with true intent toward men and SPIRIT they do not want what they have drawn to them in such a way and do not lead them on to trap them but lay their lives down as required with faith these also let it be the SPIRIT works to reveal those WITHOUT TRUE INTENTION OF HEART which engage in the covenant against one who truly was guided by SPIRIT and was forgiven by GOD yet they accuse them, so let it be the tables are turned.

For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. 27Therefore, whoever eats the bread (body) or drinks the cup (blood) of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord.28Each one must examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup.…

This reveals that those without true intention of heart toward even the wild hearted experience of passion which is body and blood (if you will) and do it without true intent but rather to entrap, let it be to bring upon themselves according to their own beliefs of shame and blame for the angel you may entrap may be blameless according to the SPIRIT for they may have been doing the very work of the SPIRIT allowing you to entrap them especially for the root of all evil being money. A whore is greater than a woman who uses marriage for profit and not love. They have entrapped themselves. But if the intent of a man is mutual joy and sharing without SHAME then a women that entraps him by doing and smiling while doing only to entrap will in time find even what she believes she possesses is taken from her.

It is fitting for a man to lay down his life for her, but.......

The reason we have not put away childish things such as religion for so many thousands of years is the same reason Jesus said if an angel came down from heaven and told them the truth they would kill him. But shall we not see the wages of separation from SPIRIT otherwise called sin before we are destroyed or are all of us gathered here for some intention?

What they would never accept, which is why a man learns it from SPIRIT while it is spoken about in parables is the reason it is given that the father allowed his only son to experience the humiliation of being a man in that while the sins of those who design and for whom the law was designed to benefit they also sin, but theirs are hidden where they cannot be EASILY revealed while those they want to control they use the law in a manner it was not intended to despite fully use it against them. Thus society was to evolve to where the very mention of what they PRESUME to be evil, which is the power of God to reach to the heart is used by the law against men so that now a man must lay down his life for even whom would use the law despite-fully against him. But it does not end there because for those that allow it to happen while seeking to drink the cup that Jesus drank in order to know the true intentions of the heart, these same are given of the SPIRIT and it is to these it is given "whatsoever you ask "IN MY NAME" will be done. And that name is not what religion tells those using the law against them, but the very SPIRIT of the fathers who had it used against them, that is what is gained by laying your life down and allowing those that manipulate and exaggerate and say how civil they are while look at this man who is going to loose his life by seeking to understand the wild heart because of who welds the law in a manner it was never intended. But having been bitten on the heel by that snake he grows in the SPIRIT to such a point that he can lovingly exalt the SPIRIT which will crush that snake. That is the moment we live in even now!
There is a big difference if the SPIRIT begins to reveal the hearts of those manipulating after they are accused of manipulating, why those who accused would become exactly as those they had earlier accused. For as all have sinned and walked away when the woman caught in adultery was forgiven and the law of Jesus was forgive even as you have been forgiven so it is they who profit from not forgiving that the grown likeness of the SPIRIT then welds up to turn back the wiles of such a devil. That is the moment at hand, for as a child must bear the judgements of his mother for a while there comes a time that he knows what was love and what was vile manipulation and it behooves her to love rather than to try to crush a boy's father. For Jill will eventually come tumbling after.

So yes, the SPIRIT has a way to teach a man real love, similar to the pains of labor teaches a woman love for her child.

Now when I was speaking the words of SPIRIT about NO SHAME or BLAME and about how like attracts like in that it is always exactly what we need that is attracted to us. The women wanted all the blame to go to the men even when they were hiding their part of the sexual impropriety and they insisted that they were not as bad as the man, but from learning from SPIRIT the purpose of this life is to be reached to the heart and if you go by their interpretation the purpose is not to make a mistake and to appear as though you are already perfect. But perfection exists in what the SPIRIT can do through you and the lie is what they were led to believe because they WOULD REJECT THE TRUTH. That you get exactly what is needed and you attracted each other for a purpose. Many snakes and women that love appearances vehemently reject this and do not have what it would take to be reached so their purpose here is sort of like all those sitting in the bleachers above the two pillars where Samson was led humiliated and despite-fully used by a woman for profit. They are there so that others seeing what the SPIRIT does will rid such as they are from themselves with greater passion than they would have if they did not see how the SPIRIT is going to crush that snake.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Circumcision, The Angel's Wound, more

2000yrs ago
In those days the father loved the son and shared with him what could not be said openly about the true meaning of circumcision as being the heart being cut related to sex. The poetry of the Angel that wounded me is another aspect of this poetry. Then Jesus spoke that "for my name sake" or the SPIRIT's sake that teaches a man you too would endure this humiliation and to speak of it, you would be hated above all men. There is a veil separating two rooms and it was meant to keep those behind the veil of interpretation who would not understand at the time from being told what they would misunderstand. But because of what is happening on the planet and an agreement that we all chose to be here at this time to experience what is happening sort of like all the beings being raised at this time to find out the true intentions of their hearts. Adam and Eve and the shame that both sexes felt leaving the garden is because the truth means that everyone draws to themselves through their hidden intentions exactly what they need to be reached to the heart. And those that accuse others of doing it to them are really as responsible as the other person involved. But will not accept this. Some of the posts of late are related to understanding much of the poetry about this. You really need to seek the SPIRIT as through Jesus if you want to understand this as having an interpretation is meaningless without actual experience and like the poetry of the sower there will be varying levels of fruit in the lives of those that seek.







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Talking about the importance of Sanctuary in Relationship

Pam and I had built a fire and were out enjoying the cooler evening and talking about the importance of sanctuary and about talking about what we are mutualy creating like in what she needed and dreams of Avalon or in dreams of passion as when we were younger we learned from SPIRIT and shared it and we saw that we gave our dreams to SPIRIT and had to be comfortable and open enough for the SPIRIT to hand us something back like a synchronicity that we placed on the altar that revealed that YOU/SPIRIT loved me so much that you took what I gave you and made it perfect and without fear. We would get drunk on this passion and faith and spin up the excitement, yea an dance like the pigmes that worked out all their problems in dance, dreaming, remembering my moments with you and how you were toward me, We would become so unveiled and uninhibited as I found YOU/SPIRIT were closer to that than thinking and worrying and when we got it back from YOU it was perfect and we could believe that it would be exactly as YOU SAID.  ALL increasing as we came to KNOW YOU/SPIRIT (not learning an powerless interpretation or ideology). But not so with those that wanted to manipulate, they did not believe in that stuff, not after they got you in loving them. . But without the SPIRIT and sharing it, how can I believe it would be PERFECT. It would soon decay to the day that it is all flesh and then of course who would be blamed but you who stayed believing you loved me. So no, I don't care about their interpretation they demand we worship, I want their love of Justice:LOL and punishment which was from hell to return to them seven fold so that SPIRIT WILL REACH THEM rather than they perish. But if this is not possible let what they draw to themselves reach those with more true intention of heart and not just a facade of manipulation. LET IT BE SPIRIT! It is not what you believe will happen but what the SPIRIT says as the predictions have shown so as I have spoken from 1993 to the present, GET READY FOR THE WILD RIDE!

Look how they have misinterpretted without KNOWING SPIRIT for when the SPIRIT spoke through Jesus saying as you sow you shall also reap, that is saying dream it and give it to SPIRIT as in sowing and you will get exactly as you want if you let the SPIRIT in and dream it with SPIRIT like a lover dreams with his beloved and their dreams come true. They that worship an interpretation/dogma they did not get from SPIRIT will find that all they have done is cause themselves to stumble over every word so that they will be last since they fabricated God without actually seeking and reaching to the SPIRIT.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Organ Donation Synchs

Organ Donation Synchs
Been having them for about a week and then today was a program on PBS about it. That is about it tonight.

Closer to what you have overlooked, We're made to be broken, against you alone

Soon your enemies will break many hearts both in office in America and in other countries and though they will be wrong the SPIRIT will allow it because.... I cannot reach you, therefore, I must break your hearts!

We're made to be broken,
But those that like you to believe they are good people or at least better than you or that they have not sinned or that you should follow their wisdom would reject this when I say that humans were made to be broken. Those who went before us also could not reach you past those that demand you worship an interpretation (Their Interpretation) But I tell you that the very experience of being broken/broken heart is the doorway to the SPIRIT of GOD.

Everyone who believes in Good and Evil and thereby shame and blame must surely also know that  having rejected SPIRIT and saying you will keep the law and all of the law means that while you think it is the other person that you can judge and use the law against it is really only you that it is meant for or those that reject SPIRIT and those that have not sought SPIRIT with all their heart,, When Jesus said to those stoning the wo-man that was caught in adultery he asked which of you have not sinned and everyone walked away starting from the eldest to the youngest. So it is even with those that are being judged by wo-men now. And that is what leads me to the next point.

Against YOU alone SPIRIT I have sinned,, this is what David said when he C O M M I T T E D   adultery himself. But you say was it not her husband, or the woman herself that he sinned against. Not if you get your truth from SPIRIT. In fact killing your own son if the SPIRIT told you to would be right but would be judged horribly by those who interpret God without SPIRIT. In fact a father should do what the SPIRIT says and not what he interprets to reach those he loves.

I mean surely the husband that was hurt by the woman that committed adultery could have judged her every woman in America would say at this point. But no, because of the fact that everyone has sinned and does not know how they are involved in creating their own problems..... and this is the whole of life before language was invented that the heart is reached and then the SPIRIT can be heard and lead, but what did Jesus say but if you drink the cup that I have drank or fall on this rock before it crushes you.

I know what the SPIRIT told me, but you you have not had true experience with the SPIRIT and hearing from the SPIRIT you have not begun and therefore you are under the law that you agreed to when you chose to live alone as so many even now choose to,, you have no right to judge anyone. And someone that has heard from the SPIRIT knows that it is the person that judges themselves anyway as Jesus also knew and allowed them to judge themselves but none other.

So what I am saying is as the SPIRIT is my witness and as the predictions reveal the SPIRIT to be true all who judge are drawing to themselves their own punishment because of presumption. Go to your interpretation and then to your scripture from which you deduced your interpretation bypassing the SPIRIT and you should begin to have a broken heart unless you try to further interpret without the SPIRIT. I tell you, though you will judge me over and over,,,, the SPIRIT will make me right as he made Samson also right and you would surely have judged him too, or Joseph when you heard the accuser Potiphar's wife. But in each case, you would be judging yourself as you will find out soon and as your heart will be broken or you will die first without every experiencing the very purpose of being made to be broken.

Leave the Struggle and join me as It is Already Done!

Love is Synchronicity with life and others and seeking SPIRIT and not an interpretation
Dogma Separates Love Integrates

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Will the laughing in the UN be extended to everyone under his hat soon as this prediction indicates.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Manufactured Outrage, Leaving the Struggle

Manufactured Outrage

I did not know how to reach people about what is coming but now I realize there is no reaching them and that what is coming is how they will be reached. Last night I could not sleep as I have been having a problem sleeping which started by my earlier apprehension about my partner's sleep as she really needed to sleep but often just rests at night. But this has changed as her body repairs from the exacerbation of MS caused by the stress of our lives changing. She has a handle on it and reaching to the SPIRIT now and is outputting joy and appreciation for life and growing strong at a great pace.

Now for the dream

The above paragraph can be the backdrop for this dream but when I got up I checked the internet and read that China was blocking American Navy from Hong Kong as tensions rise. I went back to bed but did not want to tell Pam this when she woke as it could stress her. So I finally fell asleep and slept well but when I woke up I was dreaming of an island in the South Pacific just before Pearl Harbor which is exactly where we are right now according to the SPIRIT. I saw an island that felt like a place where children would have taken small boats as a child to play except that a rich family now had a house on stilts there with fences on the walkways and balconies. I felt I needed to warn them of the planes that were coming but when I got there and tried to enter the boardwalk leading to the house it was blocked but they saw me and did not want me there so they acted like I should go away and acted like I was trespassing. I then noticed the beach went up closer to the house where I could perhaps be heard. But as I approached the daughter sitting with the mother acted as though I was violating them and said "Mom's onions", and made an action as though I had desecrated her bones. I looked down and saw something like a green stem and a couple scattered here and there. It was obvious that they wanted to us manufactured outrage to keep me from even saying what was coming. In the moment of waking and feeling this dream a whole history of tares being planted by one party to use the scripture and then law and then on and on in order to win using the law in a manner it was not intended kept growing until death became the "law" for every small infraction and that what was coming was needed to reach them ALL TO THE HEART and reset this foul use of the law once again by love. A boy thinks the gift of love and passion is felt the same way by the other side but even if it was the feeling of power and sex in the opposite sex and then back and forth over time made what was play and intended in nature to teach and reach to the heart has been trumped by those that know better because of all the learning to the point that it is no longer doing what it was designed for and the separation on all levels including "play" such as a child is short circuited by everyone seeking power and money and now it will take a hit such as Pearl Harbor to get the two divided sides to focus where they should be. The law was originally only to be given by SPIRIT but the tares that were planted along with the wheat slowly turned it all to those with power and money creating a system which backfired on them so they made more laws and misused it further to get control back and all parties involved did the same using their point of view along with hate to further box in each other until what was intended to create peace is completely bypassed and everyone has pent up hate that cannot be quenched. I awoke to hearing Trump being laughed at as the synch said before Trump took office and then after saying we would let all other countries alone if they will leave us along of course the next thing was Pompeo saying in a nice tone with a smile how we were going to control all others by our financial manipulation and how good the plan is working when really there is great trepidation about how Trump is leading astray and it will not be able to be fixed once the backlash begins from all the hurt parties/countries and I felt the anger of all other countries at the manipulation of our leaders upon their own people that is leading to great tribulation which when that does happen that these that know they are manipulating the world and using their bases hate will again act as though they did it to us when they will know it was their greed of power over the whole world that is actually doing it,, but the whole world and each person actually created what is coming for themselves and have gathered to experience the main event. It is now best to let all concentrate on their own sins since each human has rejected the intention that we all should let go of shame and blame and wanted it for whom they think will take their own shame away.. the other party. Therefore, each person, party, country etc will have their own Pearl Harbor.

In other news Pam and I are being grateful for everything as like in California when 911 happened and I lost the job I thought I would only have for five months but it lasted eight and we jumped for joy and spent our moment dreaming of our next world which created our wonderful experience for 20yrs now we are looking for the SPIRIT fresh. Leave the struggle and let the SPIRIT coordinate all of them destroying each other because everyone deserves what is coming.

I needed to add this that those talk radio programs and politicians that have worked to manufacture outrage like Trump did with the Obama Birth Certificate then they will be revealed BY THEIR OWN HANDS.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Broken heart of spiritual lovers and drawing perfection

It was through seeking the SPIRIT with unveiled and uninhibited passion that led to knowing the true intentions of the heart of such as Rumi and Jesus and letting go of a veil  f interpretation of shame and blame. After ALLOWING my heart to be reached I found that I was far more able to draw exactly as I dreamed where the lover fit like a glove and did not use the interpretations of those that sought to use each other as much as both wanted to love and experience their lives with true intent.
The original intent of sex is synergistic in that it is not about making babies but rather about attracting and creating experience through the SPIRIT, which is also the true intention of the SPIRIT through Jesus saying "Be perfect as I am perfect" because one that has sought to know SPIRIT and learned to live without shame BUT WITH TRUE INTENTION OF HEART draws to themselves exactly as he dreams and it is SPIRIT coming in the form dreamed. YOU are my water and my bread, you are my lover. Those that accuse have not begun to understand the true intentions of the heart and often have hidden agendas in using shame as my life taught.

Therefore, now I live unveiled and uninhibited through the SPIRIT yet I am hated above all men by those who orchestrate with shame to make Judge Appearances and really are judging themselves. Understand the true intentions of the heart of Jesus in stopping the stoning of the woman caught in adultery and realize he was also first baptized or introduced to the SPIRIT by his cousin John the Baptist who's heart was sown from a Wild Seed. Enough for now

Potiphar's Wife and Joseph and the other side of the story

Prelude to understanding http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/09/broken-heart-of-spiritual-lovers-and.html

 Feeling desolation with the division in this country is growing immanent. The separation and misunderstanding between lovers is at such a fierce level and they do not know that it is the very energy that is leading to desolation. You do not want to disregard everything that was predicted though they will again try to hide their humiliation which will lead to even more hurt as has happened over and over. I am prepared to convey whatever my life speaks I will say, the times are growing serious and the horses have begun to run and separation has been sown across the globe and the true intent is "PROFIT". I feel even what they believe they possess will be taken from them.  We are doves sitting on a branch crying for all our people and for what is to come for so many.

My subject has evolved to the true love which was revealed by the fake love such as the hidden intentions of so many for money and to dispitefully use others for Power and Money. If whom you have trusted betrays you and you have learned to trust and love the SPIRIT and realise you are experiencing this to understand what is hidden then you may make the lover SPIRIT so that you can trust fully and in that moment of affinity with those who went before an attraction occurs to understand what is hidden and said in Parables. The parables of Jesus were not the only parables but rather even the stories of old as it was written "I will tell you things your fathers have told you from of old". And these stories are not only the ones written in what is called scripture but fairy tales and all creation stories.

One thing I have learned which is speaking to me again is such as the stories of as Jesus, Samson, King David, and the rejected one of the twelve sons Joseph. For each had a relationship with SPIRIT and their life was not based on an interpretation such as religion which also was necessary to convince the lawless and unbelievers to cooperate with society. And the snakes who also are manipulating unbelievers were used to organize society as per the wishes of those who thought it was too hard to pay attention to SPIRIT when hearts were to hard to be reached. But they were told that this would lead to desolation. 
Each of these,  Jesus, Samson, King David, and Joseph, had a real relationship with SPIRIT that was not make believe and based on an interpretation but on their own experience with SPIRIT and each was rejected by the masses or their brothers. Each also had a run in with the opposite sex which reached them deeply. This is the power of the SPIRIT to reach a man to the heart.  But the one I want to write about first has to do with the small stone and the slingshot which of course is the poetry of the story of the boy David before he was crowned king. For the SPIRIT says that the smallest of points overlooked is that stone and the forehead of the giant that is afflicting MY OWN is the powers of money and manipulation. And the timing of such an event is based around the synchronicity of the SPIRIT related to the story. Just like when I began having synchs with "wild ride" and get ready for the wild ride which led to the predictions about Katrina, Irene, stockmarket crash, and Donald Trump (Orange is Coming, leaders lead astray and the great humiliation.)

Now I want to point to Joseph who was manipulated and put in jail by Potiphar's Wife who manipulated him by trying to seduce him and when she did not get what she wanted she used the law in a manner it was not intended and lied to have him put in jail. But the smallest of points overlooked changed the whole equation and the SPIRIT found a way to set him free and fulfill the dream that he had told his brothers which led to them selling him into slavery anyway.

It is by this passion that the SPIRIT reaches a man to the heart and in nature all creatures have such experience with learning from the power of attraction which the snake and the women want to take that from SPIRIT and control men, but Potiphar's Wife and Joseph and the other side of the story, yes, women without love can be abused but as Jesus said, no one takes my life, I lay it down of my own accord, so it is that they are being lied to by the snake to keep them powerless also just as men's right to experience the power of SPIRIT to reach them is sidetracked by words and the law, because what is hidden is not able to be spoken because of the same bias that the liar used against a man such as Samson which blinded him and led him bound and naked up between the two pillars. The  self-righteous love to use the law against those with true intent while they are the snakes behind the scenes and the real criminals. Those with true intent may do what cannot be understood which is often paraded as evil, but it is the power of God to reach many to the heart.

This was meant to be understood in conjunction with these

DNATREE: When we choose to see each other with love the ...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Because she loves me

This is meant to be read in conjunction with Listen UP! Wide gate and the narrow

It is the nature of a man to learn from his passion in life and to make mistakes and learn from them, and that while attempting to find love both men and women find that so often their hearts are broken such as the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery. There is a reason Jesus put women's accounts related to sex into the story of himself instead of his own. This seems to be the common experience of most people seeking love. But the story does not end there for people that seek love and fail and who are seeking to love Jesus or to know God, for because of this intention being paramount for some people, it is the very experience of heartbreak through seeking love that can be the greatest catalyst for entering through the narrow gate as Jesus spoke of. For Jesus alluded to a great humiliation and being despitefully used by those that would use the law in a manner it was not intended. It was my experience that led me to living alone and making SPIRIT that had been most important in my life for 12 yrs up until that point, to make it my LOVER as I found I "had lost my way" while seeking to know the SPIRIT I had gotten by heel bitten by such as I really did not know the person's true intention for being with me until that moment. The experience made me ask "MY LIFE" about the true intentions of the heart of all involved and the experience was like a spear in my side opening me up to allow such experience as would flow from that wound. And having experienced this and spending time with SPIRIT over the matter I grew to draw to me those with true intent and even similar heartache that would understand me. I had been opened to see clearly what the true intentions of the wild heart of man and woman were and by letting the moment give me everything I need through the SPIRIT I come to see clearly what "is" in this moment.

This brings me to my "wild ride" in California where I met Pam the day after getting to California from Florida. My dream to "reach others" with what I had found about SPIRIT and how the masses follow an interpretation that they wanted rather than the to know the truth. I met Pam the day after getting to my place in California and the way we met meant it was right.

What I want you do consider is how Jesus through the SPIRIT was saying "If you love me, you will seek to know me with all your heart and all your strength and that the SPIRIT was then to lead you into all truth and uncover what was hidden. Now what my experience with SPIRIT and my partner Pam made me realise is that Jesus was giving men the same experience as a woman would have in seeking SPIRIT and also to come to know the true intentions of the heart of a man who first loved her. But the interpretations stop short of revealing this relationship between Jesus and the husband of a woman that should seek to know his true intentions and why he would take such humiliation as Jesus, Samson, King David, and the rejected one of the twelve sons Joseph. Each of which spoke of the true intentions of the woman that led to being struck to the heart. Listen up! and let the SPIRIT speak as to what is being said. For what cannot be said is given to those that overcome by the SPIRIT.

It is for this reason, in that Pam shared experience and passion with me and understood and even if she could not relate it in words she loves me through all that experience which also helped to jolt her out of fear and led to great healing and better health for a very long time and the memory of which leads her even now to believe and helps her in this new situation to jolt herself as her MS is directly effected by her beliefs and attitude.

Now this brings to the most important aspect of what Jesus said about love and that without love you are nothing. I will just leave it at that so as you seeking with true intention of heart begin to see past the veil of interpretation given you by those that never really knew Jesus or any man.

Listen Up!, The wide gate and the narrow

Listen UP! as to how I heard the SPIRIT throughout my life and evolution out of the INTERPRETATION of Christianity to a newness of life in the SPIRIT. (Edited to add link above)

It was True Intention of Heart to love and know Jesus that started my experience and I am beyond convinced by my experience in synchronicity with SPIRIT that what started as a life seeking to know the SPIRIT and sort through all the interpretations out there about Jesus I was determined to only hear from YOU or what I came to know as the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. What the SPIRIT led me to understand is that Jesus was saying everything he needed to say in order to catch a lot of fish or allow the masses that believe in the human way of learning about what is true to enter through a very wide door of interpretation while saying that a very small percentage of people would enter through the real door which is very "narrow" and allow the SPIRIT to interpret or lead them into all truth. But in order to catch the snake and the woman which is not all men and not all women but the general masses would fall into this category, but that he would catch them all in a net. Speaking what they would understand he gave them the law and letter that they demanded saying, tell us and we will follow it. But it was.." know that they could not keep the law and by such a system of law and interpretation of law that they said they wanted, rather than the "work" of what it would take to have a real relationship with SPIRIT in order to know GOD or Jesus or any of those who went before us. So this is the basis of what my intention has been and that is to learn from the SPIRIT and Judge from the SPIRIT and this would teach us how to "not judge" others but rather let them judge themselves. Through learning from SPIRIT I have come to understand why Jesus was so forgiving of life experience related to love and marriage and why his interaction with the woman at the well and the portrayal of the woman being stoned for adultery was focused on in the bible, and how society at the time viewed sex is why there was little about it that ended up in the canon of the bible except through such as these interactions that were recorded.  The masses do not want such spoken of because of the shame and rejection any opinion would have carried with it. It was for this and many other hotly contested beliefs that this was purposely handled in this manner. Jesus spoke honestly (before his known ministry) and found that it would never be accepted and if you speak openly the truth "you too would be hated above all men for my name's sake." Therefore it is given to the SPIRIT to convey what would never be accepted. So those that love their interpretation see the bible as the word of God but actually it is within your heart and comes out in such moments as you need it.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

New Creature

The synch this morning was where every piece of information given on the TV this morning was suspect.

It started with a news program that blamed the huge spike in deaths on Tennessee highways on the increased number of people moving to the state. But I felt that they could not say the real reason because it would be against what is needed for their political beliefs in the state and because they do not want to believe the truth or speak what is obvious about increased anger in the populous. The synch with anger increasing because of the political atmosphere and the feeds that are separating people on every turn. But of course the servant follows their master and believes it is ok to lie for the better good or because the other side is doing it.  The synch with the fire so hot it will melt the veil separating all aspects of YOU and I such as women and men, democrats and republicans, religious and non religious, islam and christian, east and west. Lying like this is part of the gaslighting of America which like what was spoken in the bible where false saviors/messiahs and will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. But the only savior that will keep you from being duped by these is to know the SPIRIT and hear from the SPIRIT and the love of the SPIRIT working through you instead of interpreting or WORSE having your reality interpreted for you by one political feed or another that inflames you against the other side. both sides will lead to a separation from each other and from SPIRIT.

So many things that were said to help health have been questioned in the last few weeks such as statins and even aspirin with one side saying one thing and the other saying another. It is as though you need to let go of all feeds and speaking to people while still loving them, don't forget to keep loving each other but if words just lead to division then it is time for silence and love. Those with itchy ears that want to be duped on both sides will be and they will draw to themselves what such beliefs create.

When my heart was broken by separation and shame and blame I decided to only hear from YOU/SPIRIT so that I could know what was truth for myself as each creature must get their truth from SPIRIT to understand who they are and a fish cannot listen to the truth of a camel or he will be led astray from what he is meant to do.

Unless we like all "creatures" get out truth from SPIRIT instead of following these leaders that ONLY WILL LEAD ASTRAY then you are headed toward the SPIRIT saying "GET OFF THIS PLANET!"

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Dream last night that spells out why men who tell the truth about passion are hated by all who want the world to worship an interpretation about how men should be according to women who do not know their own true intention of heart and the snake who wants to influence her

The Bulky Sandwich Sergeant

In my dream a well dressed man wanted to tell me what was expected of me by others and he used a three layer sandwich to portray it. He handed me a sandwich with three layers of bread. The bottom layer was a real sandwich with sandwich spread in between the bread. The top layer was another piece of bread with very little substance between the second and third layer. He handed it to me and expected me to eat it that way but I took off the top layer of break and threw it away and this angered him because he felt I needed to eat it the way it was intended. This man said he was a friend but was judging me believing he has arrived at what was right because it pleased those that thought it was right. He indicated though he also did not like the top layer he would eat it anyway and it was self discipline he said.

Then in my dream I was taken to how Passion and lucid dreaming of very feeling oriented and sex dreams I noted when I was on edge and perhaps was being setup or had many against me and it looked like there was no way out that it was given to me to allow my passion to dream of wonderful such experiences rather than worry about those ill intentions of others and that when I did all fear was cast out. As my experience as a young man developed I found that it also help a lover to be jolted through such fantasy as the SPIRIT also gave synchs about for what was given in synchs happened exactly as dreamed and was always rapture and a spiritually unveiled and uninhibited experience with love as though it was the one SPIRIT that was coming to me in the form of a lover or a fantasy experience. The perfection of dreaming in SPIRIT and then allowing the fruition of the experience was captivating and filled the very recesses of the heart so that all fear was cast out. And the very experience of paying attentnion to the flowers along the side of teh road and what the fragrance of the heart created in my life was so as to also answer the court when I was being manipulated by the person seeking to entrap me by the use of the worlds view of what it would appear I was when they really never knew the true intentions of the heart. The demands of women as to how they believe they want men to act or feel is the revelation that they never knew the true intentions of their own heart and they are controlled by shame instead of knowing how the SPIRIT draw the hand and the glove or the cup and the coffee together to where it is perfect that you allow rather than to do. For this is the magic of the SPIRIT that when your premenition is awakened that you practice like a child at play drawing to yourself that which you desire and the counter glove to fit your hand is also dreaming of you. And the two are drawn together, but those who do not have such passion or have fear would seek to limit or control those who EXPERIENCE WHEN HE AND SHE MEET THEY KNOW IT IS RIGHT! So it is fear demanding a law to control as though a child creates a law to control what they misunderstand. Jesus knew they would hate him so he said "you will be hated for my names sake" for if you seek to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus and SPIRIT leads you into all truth the freedom in the SPIRIT will be hated by those that do not know that every hair on their head is counted and known by the SPIRIT which IS GOD.
   This brings me to the final part of the dream for a man is to be reached to the heart and yes judged by those that do not know SPIRIT because of fear and the laws that many make to reduce fear actually cause some to feel they must kill an accuser when they their attempts at love were horribly misunderstood or rejected and things went amiss, but the law multiplies this by putting to death such as are misunderstood and believe me there are many who intentionally misunderstand and manipulate using the law to put someone's life at stake over a tender intention to learn the true intentions of the heart even the best intentions are make to be seen as horrendous to the fearful who then lobby to punish whom they do not care what their true intent is and this increases their danger rather than making a law that protects them because such as in my experience a manipulator can use the law in a manner not intended knowing that the law and those who judge would have a bias because of how such as a mexican is viewed. Why a polititian who was being manipulated by a woman can easily orchestrate it to look like a hated illegal alien was responsible when they really used that person. Well believe me this sort of thing happens though I am not saying that this happened in the case of that one but it would be timely to what was intended when the seed was planted for all this in 1994. Yes I know you don't understand.

Finally after having a man's heart reached and drawing such as would match the glove to the hand and then having such experience that lead from passion to Avalon and spiritual rapture such a mate would be loved and appreciated to levels no woman marrying for money would ever experience.

And so what is coming is to reveal such true intent that those seeming virginal are revealed to be devils while those being obedient to the SPIRIT have been slain by the manipulations of such since the foundation of the world.

Now if one was to see with open eyes what shame draw to them then giving shame would reveal that they possess shame and the intention of shame in the heart is actually the fear of punishment which draws such as is feared to those that cannot control their shameful fears. And such as these are the first to point to the other as being responsible for what they themselves create for themselves and that is why so many are responsible for what they crucify Christ all over again for while they make themselves appear innocent because they refuse to see how their thoughts though they do not give them to the SPIRIT are the cause of what is drawn to them and is perfect love. Why perfect love is better than a bullet you might say when it is focused into a seed that grows to live eternally.

Seat Switch Magic, fate drawn by hidden intentions by those who blame others

So more has happened on the "I feel Lucky" synch from the other day in that my neighbor showed me the Operator Present Switch which tells a tractor or lawn mower that someone is sitting on the seat and also shuts the engine off if one was to fall off the seat, because they believe that when I sat down the switch began to work though it never failed again after that. He had ordered new switches to make sure and showed me identical switches, one of the lawn mower and one for the large tractor but the only difference seemed to be the price! So the next day I needed to mow the lawn and the tractor would not start so I checked the fuse and it had blown. He had some of them and gave me one and I went to mow. It came into my mind that I needed to reattach the seat switch and so I did but when I mowed the side of the hill I needed to switch my weight from one side to the other and as I did the motor would start to die when I lifted my weight off. I had a premonition that I needed to keep the switch connected and then I mowed the side of the street by the ditch I did not notice that a clump of weeds had so surface under them and the tractor did begin to slide so I got off quickly and had to drag the front and then the back wheels further onto the road before I could steer it away from the ditch. My neighbor and I joked about the butt switch magic that had occurred this week. But I also have been getting the 444 indicator synch this week so something is about to end/die and I feel like all this is related. Whenever I get a synch like that I always trust SPIRIT and allow the storm/time to pass over and see how I had not understood the benevolence of the SPIRIT. One other synch has to do with the organ donor concept. So it is very strange and I feel like since I could not reach America that things are beginning to get serious. Silence is Coming is one of my synchs and so I also put that synch out as it has been in the mix. So I don't know what it all means but I wait for the SPIRIT to make clear what all this means. The offering of SPIRIT and letting go of shame and blame has been rejected by all who have seen the synchs and I feel a great hate for what the SPIRIT is about and this is very distressing as for what will now occur to reach the world past their veils of interpretation that is used by those seeking profit to keep people separated. Like the snake that wants to use other peoples hate for profit and manipulation as well as the woman hiding such intentions related to money and misuse of the law these I feel are the most horrific that will not ever accept SPIRIT because it is not profitable to them are like those that worshiped the golden calf and many were destroyed in one day. Those who hate an act that in true intention of heart was for love and make it something horrible likened to their own true intentions for money through despiteful usage these I feel have the brunt of the anger from those slain such as the son of man from the foundation of the earth. Therefore, they draw to themselves anger so as that their lives are vulnerable by their hidden intentions. These are they that point to others as culprits when they themselves would use them for profit. So if they are found to say that it is others causing their harm let it be seen that it is themselves and what they think is hidden drawing their own fate.

Quote from synch related to the meltdown meltdown2
444 related to Death is the result of not changing, and not changing is a result of not staying connected or separation (being separated from Spirit is considered death already) That is why Jesus said "let the dead bury the dead)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I'm writing a book, help me get the smallest of points overlooked out!

I want help writing a book and taking the synchs about "get ready for the wild ride" and "Orange is coming, leaders lead astray, etc and what the message of the SPIRIT in all this is about. I need Your Help. Contact me at steven@stephentree.com or help financially as I need to get people that know how to convey this info to the American People. You can retweet or post the messages in the synchs at least to help because to know what this is all about changes everything.


Email Stephentree

fly on the wall, we don't have a president, media

This post was started a couple days ago as I began having synchs with fly on the wall related to Donald Trump Jr.

When Donald Trump Jr. Said "I wish I was a fly on the wall" on twitter that it will be like that for him. Gnat circling the head is an irritant

Trump said "I don't have an attorney General" but in reality America don't have a president and those that backed him will find out even what they thought they possessed will be taken from them. Because what has been separating us in this country was fabricated by those that followed one interpretation or another and all such interpretations are nonsense. These synchs spell out exactly what is happening and the media ignores it even though it keeps growing true.

We do not have a president because what is happening is exactly what was predicted in 2006 with

Orange is Coming, Leaders lead astray, Gop Humiliation as well as presumption

Orange Event Oct 21, 2006 Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead astray, gop humiliation

Many of the predictions that have so far come true

On November 17th Trump will have been President for 666 days

Respect for the SPIRIT over money is related to the story of
Scarlet brought to her knees on 19th Sept 2011

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Unhinged, off the deep end

Tomorrow feels like a very pronounced day in the baptismal rain story of North Carolina, too bad so many cannot hear the story because of unbelief. 

  1. mentally unbalanced; deranged.

    "the violent acts of unhinged minds"
To run into the word UNHINGED in several different contexts, which had nothing to do with the new book by Omarosa,  feels as though the insanity of the one person sitting in our father's seat that uses fear and divisiveness to manipulate masses of people. That as this person gets pushed closer to the edge that this word will best reveal how he will go off the deep end. After all anyone that learns a way to trick people seems smart until you see the pattern that reveals it is just a cheap trick. The SPIRIT knows every nuance of such a mind and what he will do next and knows exactly that smallest of points such a simple mind has overlooked and in reality knows how to catch the evangelists, the politicians, and even the sheep in a net and reveal the hearts of all who are hiding by using the actions and reactions of those that believe they are in charge when really none of them are when you see how the SPIRIT uses the synergy of all that is happening in this time of seeming chaos.

The synchs with orange is coming leaders lead astray, and the great humiliation started with the Orange event in 2006, then more synchs in 2009  " puzzling over the evidence"

By believing the synchs and being nice to people we allow the SPIRIT to do what no man can do. This is one of the greatest reasons for just remaining happy through this wild ride we are all on.

I mean be nice because every interpretation or ideology is wrong, because everyone is wrong. But that really does not matter as it was always the SPIRIT meant to do it through the individual and not having a right interpretation as though having one could save you. 

The original intent of "the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus" was your letting the SPIRIT do it through you. Not you doing it... that is simply ludicrous to believe you can be that perfect... no, perfection is the job of the SPIRIT through you, not anyting you can learn to do. Why you don't DO magic,,,, you allow it to happen. But those who love their interpretations will be stumbling over their beliefs and will find it so very hard to allow anything to work without mucking it up with their intellect.

Baptismal Rain, Presumptuous, Audacity to lie, lucky, Jesus, Cats

Lots going on in September, such a wild ride we find ourselves on.

The Baptismal Rain synch that has a connection to Sept 17th and may be the key to saving many lives was presumptuously removed on reddit by someone that thinks they know better. Well that is the situation with everyone that presumptuously rejects the SPIRIT without studying the synchs over the years, your hearts will be broken. Also

This synch feels related to this year
Thursday, October 05, 2017


Been seeing the South Carolina moon and palm tree lately and today with respect to Nate. I have been so busy I can't believe it. Well that is all today

The Audacity to Lie
The Audacity to Lie and Use the Office of the President in a manner that is breaking the law because you know the opposition is lawful and afraid of the law while you have the audacity to do whatever and use whoever to meet your goals. You know this president is leading the sheep astray to follow the lie but what is coming is a broken heart for both sides. These who think they are winning now will look upon whom they have really pierced when they see that like Judas they let what they thought was gain lead them to the OPPOSITE of what they planned. This was known in 1993 that if I could not reach America that they would follow such a lie and suffer the HUMILIATION that reveals they really never knew the SPIRIT.

The misunderstanding of those that believe they follow Jesus when they really never knew the SPIRIT is that Jesus knew the only way to get people to understand why he said what he said while saying "the SPIRIT will lead you into all truth" is by people loving him enough to experience what he experienced in order to understand why he could not tell them exactly but rather in parables what he really was saying. Because what is true about a man cannot be said as it would be misunderstood by all who cannot experience it and by those (snakes) that want to make others believe they are what they are not. So the only way past this is to trust Jesus and the SPIRIT to reveal through your experience what is real and once you find out that it is you by believing what you thought was real.. that it was you that placed yourself on the cross (so to speak) then the equation changes and like Jesus it becomes your story after that and you ask the SPIRIT anything as was written and it is done for you. After your coming to know Jesus through whom was really speaking "which was the SPIRIT" then you are no longer bound by the LAW, BUT BY THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT which was always there but you were veiled by what you believed,,, for unto you it is given what You believe, therefore believe nothing except for what the SPIRIT teaches you.

Always after Me Lucky Charms

The SPIRIT is contrary to the letter and the law in how your heart is reached to fulfill the law.

So the synch with lucky charms is one of my early experiences with how I find to follow the SPIRIT. The letter will cause you to stumble over what I am saying if you follow interpretation and do not allow the SPIRIT to do through you what you cannot do by the law or by interpretation. I too would not leave the book as I was taught it was the word of God when really I found the word of God to be in my mouth and in my heart as I grew to believe SPIRIT. For the SPIRIT is contrary to the letter and the law in how your heart is reached to fulfill the law. Not to follow my experience with SPIRIT for you are a new creature, but to SEE ONLY YOU/MY LIFE and to GROW into whom you were always to be.

Last night we watched A Street Cat Named Bob | Netflix and then this morning woke up to Sunday Morning being 
about cats

Ongoing presumption synchs

Ongoing presumption synchs

The end of the Presumptuous Woman
Women ate the fruit offered by the snake in the garden and gave it to her husband but both were thrown out out of the garden in humiliation and shame. What is coming cannot be seen by the presumptuous that only want to hate and blame everyone else.

The End of Presumptuous Americans  10/8/11

Irene was predicted for the exact cause of revealing the ...

The End of Presumptuous Americans - narkive 7 yrs ago

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Florence, and baptismal Rain, Islands at War

So I posted it elsewhere three days ago, but they removed it and nobody cares about all who will die in this storm or the coming calamities the SPIRIT has warned about. Nobody wants to look at it or try to understand what has been said for the last 20yrs even though they came true. So that is how it is and the coming blood is on your hands, you who reject the SPIRIT.

Also watch out for them bears near our islands like Maine and Alaska on the 17th

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Miracle that carries us through the Storm!

An ordinary Christian like my mother having true intention of heart melded with me perfectly through this love. We came to see the miracle of what SPIRIT has planned for us and how we were delivered together from the flood to show the SPIRIT love for us. Even my brother's intent that I shepherd the flock was made perfect though all my brother's and sisters are different. Believing, be whatever You are with true intent to love and the SPIRIT will merge the two together.

As we left Orlando I remembered the Storms in the way while I was in Denver an
The intentions with my mother to have a real experience with SPIRIT. I told
Mother about the synch with a Tornado in front and one in rear but we were safe
With the SPIRIT in the middle.

So last night pertaining to my mother and others I was given the promise I gave my mother on the trip out from Florida,,,

For the SPIRIT said there would be a storm in back of us and in front of us but that we would be delivered from them all.

My mother also knew it was right and soon we found that the water had just receded and everyone did not believe me when I had told them at the motel that the way would open up. We noticed off to the side by the tracks up above the road that dumpsters and Ice machines had been carried by the water and deposited at the tracks but could not go over them. People were out taking pictures of this as we passed by. Sure enough the way was open but no one was on the road because of the notifications that all directions were blocked

Why nobody believed so it was not for them to experience this miracle!

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Russian inquirers seem to have changed how they search my blog since I began to post about their involvement in the bear attack synchs years ago when recently I began to speak of how they are now a major reader of this blog. Every leader that believes they are smart will be humiliated by the smallest of points the SPIRIT has orchestrated in all of this over the years it is impossible for them to anticipate what is coming. This will extend to all who are against my country.