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Liar on the forums

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I know someone has erased several of my posts today so I do believe she is around. She tried to pull something on me and when it did not work she has gone to no end to torment me. I am being punished for what she was up to. She doesn't care about this forum anymore because of several posts that she tried to manipulate me and it backfired. Her intention is that this forum and the predictions die and if I try to say I will pay to keep it up as I have several times as this copy of the forum post shows, she will delete the posts as she has five times already. Your supposed to have true intent when you moderate one of these forums but I can show that she has only been here to try to get back at me for what she created for herself. Here is a copy of the forum thread and one of the last posts "someone" deleted again.

It certainly is not fair that when someone tries to set you up like the case where the judge did so to Curtis that they use power and knowledge in a way that is criminal just to get even.


Don't judge me for your anger and manipulation that went wrong Luna the threads that I saved speak for themselves.

It is easy to use the regular excuse that the man is stocking you when it is really you trying to manipulate because you were humiliated when it should have been me humiliated by yall back in the summer of 2011. Get honest or get out of these forums if your just gonna carry on the lie.

Here is the post about the constant deleting of my post where I stated I would pay to take over the forum as the predictions and what they are leading need to be kept going. The Asylum.us and several others were ended because they could not manipulate to make me look like they DEMANDED and things are getting serious for them. I am sure she will delete or lock this post to punish me as she has deleted and misused her authority over and over but everyone seems to look the other way, but as before it is just hate on her part toward me that she is trying to make it look like me. What gives her the right to delete and manipulate and lock my posts just to try to push my buttons.

I am sure she would not be truthful with you all if her life depended on it about this but I will take the time to post what she has been up to if I have to along with all the evidence. Come on and punish me some more MODERATOR!!


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I posted that I told punky on facebook that I would pay for this forum and someone removed it. Every forum that someone tries to manipulate and set me up and then they try to erase it when it backfires, but there is real national security reason because of all the posts that came true and are also leading to a great moment. So it is important to keep this forum at least for another year. Manipulation of material on this site will be shown to be a crime.

Because words won't reach you http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2013/04/thunder-and-lightning-at-crucifixion.html

Added this afternoon
Post from Propheciesonline

This is the third time that I have posted on another forum to save that forum that the post was removed by those manipulating that forum. Help me save the predictions on this other forum as those that tried to manipulate me now want to cover it up. What they did does not matter as much as the old predictions that reveal what is coming that will jolt all Americans. Are You with the SPIRIT or not?


This was the third post that was removed from this thread

The second one was my first message that I had contacted the owner on facebook

And the first post removed was copied by CR in the above post

Here is the thread after three of my posts have been removed one after another

I am telling you that those responsible also related to prophecies.us etc to cover what happened will find they have done America a great dis-service soon.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

True intention of heart and the Ricin suspect

Former Ricin suspect I love this Country

I had read the writings of this man the other day and knowing my own true intention of heart I told my roommate that the only thing that seems out of place is the ricin. The rest of this guys experience seems to go in one direction while the only thing that says otherwise is the ricin. She said, What you think he was setup. I said, I would not doubt it. I have been writing about how prevalent manipulation of people using the law is and how folks intend to use the presumptions of folks against people like this. Ever increasingly the law that was intended to protect people is being used by those without true intention of heart to manipulate people they hate. Like a woman that married a man but and says she loves him but her only intention is to separate him from what he worked his whole life for. It is called leading someone down the garden path and waiting for an opportunity to use the law to manipulate someone. This is not considered a crime and there is no way to know the true intentions of the heart unless you know the smallest of points overlooked by those that judge by appearances.

The fact that they let him go gives me more faith in the true intentions of the heart of this government, but I think both the media and the government need to acknowledge the manipulation by others and misuse of the law in this country and make a point about it so that those "masses of manipulators" will think twice. Without true intention of heart a country is easily overcome.

Are the tables turning on the one's framed

I had read the words of this fellow that was accused of the Ricin letters that the only thing that seemed out of place was the ricin in the letters and Pam got upset because I was saying that it felt like the only thing out of place was ricin. 


Second man's home being searched. Was this a guy that wanted to frame the crazy spiritual guy? Was someone wanting to make this guy seem bad and this is the tables being turned?

It reminds me of the time I was being set up by this woman and when I went to see her she mentioned the word "gun" and asked if I would ever get mad enough to believe in using a gun. I said " I definitely would never use a gun on another person but I had been low enough to think about using one to end my misery I told her. To which this person that wanted to use my words against me then said goodbye as I dropped my child and then she setup an appointment at a woman's home for battered women where she said I used the word "gun" and she was afraid. It turned out that she wanted yet another episode in order to sway the court. Little did she realize the smallest of points that would show up and reveal her heart in the courtroom. With so many folks manipulating and using the law without true intent the very purpose of the law has been made foolish and the true intentions of those that otherwise would have been eaten by a wild beast because no one would have laid their lives down for someone they cannot trust. Thus the law keeps alive the most devious of beasts for which the law was written to protect the "victim" which is really often a lawless beast that no matter if God came down and showed them what they had overlooked they would only crucify him to cover their shame. Thank the SPIRIT through Jesus for what they have overlooked.

Relax and allow the SPIRIT to work through You

I am feeling what Whitehawk had to say in Littlelight's post, relax and dream here in death valley and SPIRIT will take care of it all. Like how I do business is I do not do as much as I allow. I walk and dream and the opportunities show up. And like when every single person was banning me in 2011 and I was in death valley and it was very wonderful and RELAXED and YOU/MY LIFE came through and communicated the smallest of points overlooked. So it is right now, that I am getting exactly what fits with what has happened on the forums and it will make PERFECT SENSE when the SPIRIT shows up. Now for the dream I had the other day. 

In the dream I had taken a job as a waiter in a coffee and donut place and I was overwhelmed by the experience as I was not the kind of people person that such a job needed and "getting there" would take a miracle. :D I remember all the feelings from how I needed to smile and greet each person and remember the orders and just every little thing related to each bloody donut and then the woman that wanted me to do this job and how she acted was "very sweet" but damn, (commercial on tv: we work hard so you don't have to) anyway, I am a creative person and my mind cannot be that attentive without wandering out the window. Boy, I woke up almost in a sweat!

So I called my mother and she told me of her experience in a donut shop and then when Pam and I went to a coffee shop this 70 yr old guy told us that this coffee place was "Bert's Donut's" in the 60's. 

So, since the SPIRIT showed me the reality of how we could not reach Americans that they might turn and move with SPIRIT so now if I was to say what is going to happen because of the separated belief that I would be talking to two parties. One that hearing they would not hear or see and the second would be those following the SPIRIT that would be misunderstood and handed over to the magistrate by those without true intent. It would sound like Jesus who spoke of a humiliation he had endured and can You drink this cup and several self right said Yes, but he said You have no idea,,, dude. So I will be writing something reflecting all this and the corruption and evil related to misuse of the law by and how it related to Jesus at the time and how it has not changed one bit and that when You see what is written in red it reflects the humility of one man that sought the SPIRIT and the misunderstanding and how since they would not receive it then "I must lay my life down" because they will misunderstand and kill me is what Jesus had said. It will be clearer as the SPIRIT speaks through my experience leading up through this summer until the moment "all will be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye". For the world is already following the lie of the beast, the interpretation of presumption used to control everyone.

ATF is leading folks in Stockton Ca. to be trapped. Getting more self right seems to fix a problem for a season. Yea, it is great, gettin all those folks they hate and entrapping them,, that is good self right police work. Both these sides are criminals, well except they don't know that they are actually themselves caught in a net by SPIRIT and like the "person" that refuses to see that they are responsible for the fear that draws the bear and what comes to them to reach them to the heart (lambs to the slaughter) they draw with the fragrance of the heart, but what they really are doing is trapping those they hate. Remember the ONLY LAW is LOVE and to use the law (presumption of authority without SPIRIT) is actually lifting up your interpretation above the SPIRIT. It is making a small group of fearful and self right humans to feel safer while the creation travails at the god of this world that is perishing. A criminal feels the same way about entrapping the one she/he really hates.

Humans are like a fearful woman that believes that the man out there that breaks "her interpretation" and causes her fear should be killed, but she did not get that interpretation from SPIRIT therefore like the person perhaps she hates that is angry at society and wants to blow up people when she calls some snake that wants to do her bidding she is really just as evil as the criminal. Therefore understand the true intentions of the heart of Jesus concerning those that would kill You and use the law against you and entrap you and despitefully use you. The woman thinks her great pain/hate is justified but she does not know HE is feeling just as hurt to the heart because of the betrayal and misuse of the law. These passions can only lead to more such creations. Because the snake WILL NOT tell her that she is just like the criminal she thinks this is "being good" and what god would do to them, but really she never knew ME SAYS THE SPIRIT. And like Jesus, the fearful woman "Jerusalem" would turn and kill the son of man over and over and over because of the law and interpretation that was DEMANDED.

Let's make them pay for what You drew to yourselves
We Crucify Christ all over again using the self rightness of the law.
Because We Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the vote of the masses of fearful/women and men that hide and the multitudes that YELL CRUCIFY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, You can't stand up for the right's of those we hate and crucify with the law, freedom of speech is only for those interpretations sanctioned by the snake. 

Lastly, those that have been despitefully used by those hiding behind the law, remember LOVE will fulfill their interpretation according to the SPIRIT through You as being good as they demand is being a hypocrite so intend out of LOVE FOR THE SPIRIT to fulfill the requirements of the law but through "true intentions of the law" rather than how the hypocrites that are completely appearance but inside they are dead bones.


"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Threats and Fears and the Apocalypse

Now with regards to the terror in Boston, how do we get to being doves on a branch calling to each other with true intent.
I heard the interview this morning with Mayor Menino. All I heard was the same energy as the terrorists and that was "You hit us, we will hit You harder" instead of saying things like. The 19 yr old boy loved his brother and for that reason he is dying. Yes, we love each other and don't want our fellow citizens killed by anger but is the answer anger or what needs to happen in ALL OUR HEARTS? I mean the terrorist and those that think they can terrorize (authorities) to keep humans in line. I mean only the SPIRIT through mutual intent can reach the heart perfectly and not cause it to get more callous and retaliating. (Synch with a fearful loved one that I felt betrayed me, who has not said otherwise.) Faith in the SPIRIT can stop "our two hearts" as there is only YOU and I (whether it be here on the board or authorities and terrorists) on this planet from retaliating which is the same thing the terrorists do. Should we kill the kid, or should we give it to the SPIRIT to answer and then perhaps through the smallest of points overlooked we can say something to the world. All I hear is terrorists on both sides. Like You and I feeling vulnerable but we need something different. I felt like I opened to that person and they intentionally used it against me. Now they feel fear of reprisal, but I only give it to the SPIRIT and would never hurt anyone, (you fear your own punishment) but the very intentions I felt by the betrayal is that they are bent on escalation and show of power not trust in SPIRIT. Rather than seeing I am just here and speaking what the SPIRIT says and when I say what is being drawn they see it as a threat. As though I am doing it to them, but it is their very reflection of what they are doing and when they don't trust it is because they can't be trusted. Like the acorn that hit the head of the fellow who was angry at the person that violated them it only leads to more violations by them. So it really is that that person was looking for a fight and my intent was to comfort. That person feels threatened because of their anger and their true intent to threaten, perhaps the intent of power of our voice was because of feeling powerless, and wanted to show power, not of the SPIRIT. You don't make yourself safer by threatening them, that only reveals fear. The only way to love a person you can't trust is to leave them, but marriage is an failure not of real love but of money. Love needs to be free to leave when one of the two does not trust in SPIRIT. Humans need their hearts broken and need to turn to trust SPIRIT to save them from such. (this statement is natural to all human experience, not a threat) I never hurt anyone, I only say what You create for yourself. I just want to let go of the person that does not have true intent toward men and SPIRIT and go to the company of those that love me back in the garden. Because it is probably fear from all that has happened I know that You feel the same way. Mayors and board administrators if they use their power in the wrong way to try to control and show that person "their power" (not of SPIRIT) there only comes another terrorist just like them that will up the stakes. The world needs to see it is the SPIRIT through their own intentions that is what is drawing their own experiences. A beast is a assembly of members of a body and if they remember the beast they are a threat in their cooperation, that is why both sides are terrorist. If the law/rule is terror, they it creates terrorists and will never have peace. Punishment will only lead to their punishment and though it may be a terrorist trying to be heard it is really civilizations own hearts creating what they overlook about themselves. 

A broken heart is not weakness, it is the power of the SPIRIT to change things.

When You think You are being harassed, look at what you really did and how it turned out for "them" and you will see it is like going out and beating a man with your purse and running to the cops and saying he is trying to hit me. The tool of many is "yes I did something wrong according but he did something worse so he is to blame. Such is the reasoning by all who are really criminals. Reasoning that they are better because they did not do "that". Same thing as the media and authority and the false belief that all are not guilty and sentenced to death already.

Oops! I just found a hair in my breakfast, but you know, I know who's it is and I know she loves me and so I don't feel at all bad about finding it there. I just removed it and let go of it. I trust this person and she would not use that word love to betray me because that love IS SPIRIT. 

Consider how many times I have been manipulated on these boards after a real prediction came true. Who was "MistyRain", was it You? Or the wolf pack after Katrina. Or the countless times on Oro that have been covered up, like the one leading to Aug 20th 2011 (Who does he think he is)I opened to You though it was taking a chance. I cannot trust You, we can only part ways and I feel you will draw what You need to show You that you do it to yourself.

I write, because I have to, but I do not interact with such anymore. I was hurt by betrayal and when You do that to someone You will hear their pain for a time. But I will never hurt anyone, I only say "Look, what is drawing near to reach You" but for You I am done and only the SPIRIT can convince me otherwise.

Escalation comes from the presumptions of authority believing they can make a bigger threat than the opposition. It makes them feel less vulnerable when they put a gun in the hands of their neighbors and are united against "them" but then the neighbor gets mad because you now threatened them and kaboom. Aug 29th happens. Without the SPIRIT the escalation will not stop and the biggest culprit is the presumption of authority without the SPIRIT. (that includes all being both presidents and moderators and women that want to punish a man, who is she really punishing?)


I asked the SPIRIT for help because a woman had acted like she loved the SPIRIT only to lead me into what I FELT was a trap and then when it did not go right she escalated the threats and I also said what I saw she was drawing. Now it is at an impasse like North Korea and the West and only a miracle can save them both from each other's fears. Marriage overlooks what happens when a man having to stay there tries to comfort an angry woman, he becomes the problem.

When I put out "help", YOU said "ALWAYS" and "EVERY DAY" and yes, YOU ARE ABLE.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wow, No wonder Jesus said go to the SPIRIT for truth, those hiding behind appearance will KILL YOU as they did him

The headline on Yahoo says this morning. 
'What's going on?": America hit by wave of tragedies
Strange week precisely after posting why,,, but Americans will never hear what is going on here because most on the forum are here to keep them from hearing this. That is why prophecies.us shut down, to hide this. That is why it will escalate so much further. I am not doing this, but You are by hiding. Hiding behind the official explanation. :oIn fact those that have known since 2005 would rather millions die than to believe what the SPIRIT revealed on these forums the past few years.

I said the other day exactly why this is and will happen because words cannot reach You America.
But America will rise again!!

If the FATHER must, he will reach her by her enemies

Was laughing at the whole experience with my Mom about how originally I thought everyone would love to know the truth about how we draw to ourselves exactly what we get but then I found that there are those hiding a great pain that REQUIRES them to blame someone even though on the way to creating the problem they danced with that person or folks like that person and the energy rose in concert until "POW" they got hurt and now they WILL NOT SEE that they had any part in the creation and VEHEMENTLY have to blame that person back there in their lives and feel none of the responsibility even if denial means they are powerless and "this could happen to me". And then mother and I were able to put into words why Jesus said it was that humiliation of trying to reach them as to why he said "love thy neighbor" and that they could not fulfill the law "those that blame and do not take responsibility for what happens to them" and even go so far as to set people up to try to prove they are more evil as their ego MUST do this. So that is why Jesus said "For now we see partial but when the SPIRIT leads you to the truth through experience such as Jesus had what with the shame and blame when all you were trying to do was reach them. LOL Yes, You can continue in this belief but it was said that for this reason it will end in desolation as that separation leads to death. Gotta love them, even if it means You stay over there and live your life and I will stay here in this sanctuary with SPIRIT and those that TRULY LOVE ME and there is room enough and we do not need to meet. So let those that need to blame depart and live and blame someone all their lives but we shall stay in the garden with the wonderful things of SPIRIT and those that have also drank that cup and wait for the coming promise that "those that remain will be reached to the heart and not blame even as SPIRIT does not blame for we all are responsible for everything that we create. " No wonder Jesus said to love them and all these things that that means and no one in their own power can do these things so those with "true intention of heart" seek the SPIRIT to live through me and fulfill the meaning of this and that is how we come to know the truth hidden to those that hide and blame. For they say "what I did was not as bad as what he did so I can blame him" but SPIRIT reveals that all are guilty because of this shame and blame that came about like between the first man and woman at the tree of the knowledge of what they demanded which was some are good (well better that that terrible person over there that I stepped on his toe but then he punched me so what I did was not as bad as what he did, therefore I can blame him for all my sins) LOL,,,, that is exactly what those that hate men and the SPIRIT are doing. :D Now the words of Jesus make such sense, especially where those considered the least by the self right are greater than the greatest according to human appearance. Wow! and that is what it meant to be Crucifiied with Christ.. And all did deny me, and for the sin of trying to show why they are powerless in the SPIRIT we constantly get setup and despitefully used by those that enter into the forums to trap "Who was that MistyRain anyway, or so many other times right after a prediction like Katrina or Irene came true or the energy of presumption... boy some probably just blew their top and YOU and I collided and well all the predictions came true... It is so funny. (that is why your husband laughs when you are so mad, so that he does not also get mad and things escalate) But some secretly want to lead those they want to blame to such an escalation, but there is no law against the true intentions of the heart of these, only a law against those THEY hate, like their husband. In other words these are lawless beasts that use the law against whom they hate, like the man they married so he would take care of them but they don't have to really love them just fake it for appearances. Oh, my is that why Jesus spoke of love as the fulfillment of the law, cause so many are just hating and using the law to manipulate and cover their sins/true intent to take what he has. (Indian say white man speak with fork tongue and stockman come take it all away. You complain they kill you, you speak truth in forum they kill you cause you expose true heart) Hey, just kill Jesus again in your heart cause that is what that blame and intent really is) The predictions of the SPIRIT all came true through him but I think we made him look like we wanted him to appear, yes, they are good at manipulating appearances those that sit in front of the mirror working on the outer veil with hearts full of devious intention they believe no one sees) 

Yes, thanks be to Jesus for the truth, yes they can believe shame and blame for a time and then desolation comes as promised. That is what Christianity is really saying. The SPIRIT says, I will reach You,, but my job is done and it is such a relief!

Friday, April 19, 2013

So be it!

If money and power truly is an enemy of the people and trying to manipulate then let the SPIRIT reveal the smallest of points they overlooked and let what needs to happen free us from the enemy within and reach the hearts of the people that they have been led astray by interpretations of men and religion and never knew the SPIRIT. So be it!

Return to the Garden alone with YOU/ MY LIFE

And so I go away and leave the struggle. LOL Gotta laugh

I have left the frey, and will let Americans draw to themselves what they need to reach them. (That is what is happening)

Yesterday we went to walk at the bird sanctuary and I began to feel what turned out to be a very wonderful message about the original intention to return to the garden with YOU/MY LIFE. Like the bird sanctuary being there with YOU and YOU in Pam was a very wonderful experience. As I walked I did audios about the feelings and then I heard a bird calling and did an audio about the what the bird might be feeling. Just a moment after the call Pam called from the tree that was a place we share together and spoke of the calls from a turkey and some other birds. We realized that what we were experiencing was a synch with each other because we loved each other. I could not reach those on the net because there was no mutual love, only suspicion and manipulation by those that wanted to change a passion to reach you to a gender competition. When I spoke of those trying to humiliate the man with the message and many got humiliated by the SPIRIT they still only saw a man and not the SPIRIT, therefore like on "The View" where they spoke of a woman humiliated is a very vindictive thing and I find this to be all they are about. So, why hang around and let them scheme how to set up a man. The manipulations by those that hate the SPIRIT has been unceasing over the years starting with "Theology forums" where the predictions started as early as 2001. Then, after the prediction of Hurricane Katrina, there was the wolf pack of eight women that just wanted to start a problem with a man so the board would see the man and not the women starting it. I called them the wolf pack. Then over and over like the manipulations of "MistyRain" and those on prophecies and each board. It was perfect even though I could not reach them. Like art, what I needed to say to those lost behind a veil of interpretation has been said and those that see the man and hate men revealed their hearts but the true message of the SPIRIT reveals the world has been duped by those with such a desire to manipulate appearance. 

I will post the audio of the synch with Pam and I having the same thought and what it was saying to us about the call from the bird and what we both were feeling from each other. I want to remain in the garden and dwell in the SPIRIT and write and love and live and let these manipulators and those that are looking for someone to blame for their shame just be washed away like in the song Rain. "Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain, Your love is coming down like rain."

Here is the audio of the synch with Pam 
What do birds feel when they call, and immediately Pam called and spoke of the same energy
My audio of what Pam and I shared,,
Thanks to the SPIRIT I can be done with those haters on the net

The story of Artist Wayne White was so much my experience with these folks on the net.  Wayne was from the same era/area in North Alabama as I lived when I went to school on Redstone Aersonal. It had all the parts. Like the van called dna, and the "who does he think he is".. LOL That is so funny and they stopped talking as hurricane Irene was coming in.There was no reaching a bunch of women that were hiding such hate for all men. Of course their leader just erases her sins and manipulates your posts to say what she wants them to say. I am sure she manipulated that man to go to prison years ago. Victims, what criminals they really are just hiding. I need to just banish such crap from my reality and only see the SPIRIT as they are hungry to blame someone for their failures. Time to let life wash that from me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

North Korea demands Apology

North Korea Demands Apology From the South for 'Hostile Acts'

I am having a synch with North Korea about mutual respect. For a very long time they have felt that the west seems very arrogant in their beliefs about how things should be done in order to be respected as a nation and the threats have been going back and forth like a woman and a man that both believe what they were taught is the truth when both of them are full of it. But they now feel because of the bomb they can demand respect and get it. Demanding an apology is exactly what a woman would do that feels she is not being respected because of her rightness. But in truth they both have overlooked truth and replaced it with self rightness that only leads to death. Truth comes from the SPIRIT and is the smallest of points everyone has overlooked as portrayed by the end of the PRESUMPTUOUS WOMAN that was the prediction that led to the synch with my father's death being predicted as the date of the only storm of 2011,,, hurricane Irene. The Presumption of Authority without the SPIRIT is the problem with humans and the only salvation is the truth from the SPIRIT that the Christian Church is actually apostate because it rejects the true SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. For it was not Jesus that said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" but the SPIRIT humans reject speaking through him. Therefore, both North Korea and the West are like to people fighting over meaningless self rightness.

There has always only been
YOU and I
Though now YOU and I are called
US and THEM, or husband and wife, or
North Korea and the West
But when the veil is lifted or even torn, You will see that in all of the universe there has always only been YOU and I, my love.

Each beast or country should dissolve to the individual as ISRAEL was to be one man and one SPIRIT (impossible without the SPIRIT doing it through us) and let go of the veil of interpretation given them by those that never knew me (says the SPIRIT that IS LIFE) They love their interpretation which like North Korea and South only leads to death, because they love their (lie) interpretation more than they love each other. For such a cooperation that is not sanctioned by SPIRIT is just a presumption of Authority and all the missiles built cannot save from the smallest of points overlooked which IS SPIRIT.  But the self right will never hear this though their intent leads to desolation.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The inevitable conspiracy against the tree

The SPIRIT prompts change to a new and heightened tone
Near the EDGE of the Ocean
The place to start new
The old thoughts are passed away

How will Your sins be forgotten when your whole world is wrapped up in remembering the sins of your husband or wife and shame and blame. I came showing how to see only the SPIRIT and forget the law of sin and death and shame and blame, but they only considered how to manipulate appearances for more shame and blame. Therefore they will draw to themselves as they have sown and be remembered only for that manipulation/betrayal of love.

We are going up to Jerusalem (She, forum), and the Son of Man (or the least of them that know SPIRIT) will be delivered over to the moderators and the controllers of the law. They will condemn him (by using love to trap him over ) and will hand him over to the women in the forum to be mocked and flogged with insults when they know they had planned it just like in 2011. On the third day he will be raised to life and leave those liars and manipulators to their fate.

She said she loved me only to use that sacred intent to trap me and use it against me. But when the SPIRIT revealed her heart at the moment she was setting the trap she then left for a few days only to return as with a knife to get rid of him another way. Every chance she got she punished him because he would not let her trap him. If he answered a synch in a thread she was in she continuously complained to the moderator in order to get him banned again. If he mentioned what really happened the women (every last one of them again denied the man) in the forum of course only saw it as a man causing the problem, not one would look to see if what he said was true. Therefore they are all part of an age old conspiracy against the tree. (June 15, 2011 prophecy before the storm on my fathers' death) To appear right to a forum as a woman yet devious in the heart and manipulating then we find how foolish such appearances really are. I tried to warn them since 2003, but they only want to drag the man over to the playing field of western women where they have been given power by the snake over men. For a man to say what really happened they will just deny him again, what is there to do in a world/society that hates men but to end that world/society such was the intent of Jesus, he was Israel.   Therefore, I am America, SHE will only rise again after she is reached to the heart. The storms of this decade that were predicted as early as 2001 were only poetry of the storm that will come on them because they mock the SPIRIT and play the man manipulation game of western women. Therefore they bring it on themselves, as the woman could not tell the truth/manipulation in her heart if her children's lives relied on it. And all the snakes only want to please the beast therefore they too would deny him.

Of course the woman and the snake will say I did this to them, but it was already done by the SPIRIT because it knew their hearts.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

America Will Rise Again!!

The SPIRIT gave me this last night

America will rise again!!

America is down, has been for a long time, but her heart is not reached yet

But America will rise again!!

If the FATHER must, he will reach her by her enemies

But America will rise again!!

Like the TRUE KING of this Christian Nation (SPIRIT) AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN!!

We who do not follow a leader but follow the SPIRIT know that


Those without true intention of heart will be THROWN OUT OF THE WAY 


After You are all Reached to the Heart


No more talk about what We can Do better than other nations as We learn the SPIRIT will do it through us. We will respect and learn from our enemies.


AMERICA will learn from her mistakes of interpretation and the SPIRIT will rise AGAIN in her


Though the LORD (SPIRIT to those under the SPIRIT, true and terrible LORD and sanctifier of the law to those whose lawless hearts demand the law.) Though the LORD, even now, will reach her to the heart like grapes being stomped at the crush AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN!!

She will not rise again from her own power, but through the SPIRIT AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN!!

GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! "Make straight the way of the LORD!!" Leaders, snakes,profiteers, women without true intent that intentionally misunderstand.


Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back From the Brink


Back from the Brink

I was dreaming about the passionate intent of Jesus to show how SPIRIT has power over death and his intention to show this to all men. 

I felt that as he was on the cross how he was waiting for the SPIRIT to reveal this, BUT that he was feeling like he was dying and this is when he said "Father, why have YOU forsaken Me?". Immediately upon thinking about this passionate intention of Jesus I was taken to his temptation in the wilderness where it was his fantasy/intention to show this and he was tempted by the devil/reasoning mind to just throw himself down off a cliff in front of the assembly of Israel for as the SPIRIT always had saved him from death would not the angels come because of this relationship/experience and save him and this would show them. Or prove that he was the/a son of GOD.

"If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence: For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone." (Luke 4:9-13) citing Psalms 91:12

But the intention that manifests is the one that coincides with the mutual intention of the SPIRIT.

I then went in to say goodnight to Pam and as I went to kiss her an electric shock transmitted from my nose to her face and immediately I thought of my sister Robin. For I had had this playful experience with her about her sharp nose as though it was a sword when she approached me. I began to feel I wanted a new paradymn with my sister that revealed the love I really had for my sister. But also I must tell You that for many years my sister would misunderstand the intent in my heart and ask me in a condescending manner "how my relationship with Jesus was" and I felt that it should be the other way around with me asking her if she really knew the SPIRIT. Later I realized we both were looking wanting Mutual Respect, she for her interpretation of passion for Jesus and I wanted respect and her understanding that it is all meaningless without true experience with SPIRIT.

If the SPIRIT does not build the house/grow the tree, we labor in vain.

I wanted to share with her this intention for a better mutual respect but when I called I again felt that it was condescending in that my call was at the wrong time continuously and I was asked to call that evening which I did but it was not answered or returned. I have always felt as though she needed to feel like the parent and therefore treat me like that. 

Back from the Brink was a synch related to reaching my EX, in that even though she hid from me and I could not trust her as her intention was to manipulate throughout our relationship still it was love through the SPIRIT that woke her from the coma on Thanksgiving day 2011. In relationship with someone that is really using You "love" puts the responsibility back on them when they were always trying to put it on You that You must do this or that and that they can manipulate the audience of condescending women against the man. I am so happy for the ONE person that understands me enough to not try to manipulate in that way. The rest of those that are really hiding will need to really search their hearts for the love that is all that will save them from the BRINK that will reveal the hearts of all humans. For this reason we are here!

The FAITH that results in Salvation from Death is not reflected in the lie that is Christianity, but rather Modern Christianity is a lie or veil those that would deny Christ Hide behind that rejects the experience with SPIRIT that would lead to true salvation which is to be saved today from the wiles of the devil such as the despiteful usage of those that manipulate.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Once Again all who believe in Punishment Scheduled to be Punished (Yes, You too public Servant!)


Sunday, April 07, 2013
The Synch with Those that Believe in Punishment will Themselves be Punished (And their dismissal of the predictions of the SPIRIT will be THEIR humiliation.)
Folks have a tendency when they are most absorbed in the interpretations of men to forget that all are damned without the SPIRIT and that without following the SPIRIT all Your self rightness cannot save you from what you have overlooked. This means that all are CRIMINALS not just those hated and setup by religion and law enforcement. That means that many hiding behind law enforcement really are haters and CRIMINALS no better than those wild beasts that "never knew the SPIRIT" and do all manner of hateful crime against those they "hate". 

Here is what has been overlooked as predicted and played out in the "End of the Presumptuous woman (Religion)" and the subsequent prediction by the SPIRIT of hurricane Irene because of human presumption. 


The recent tendency of many prosecutors and law enforcement to meet their end should not be met with the same knee jerk reaction of the self righteous in government as what is coming will reach all to the heart and reveal the hearts of men. It will reveal those called "US and THEM" are both criminals and lost in their hate and self rightness and when the law is not "OFF THE SPIRIT" it is really just a tool by money and those feeling self righteous to perpetrate their hate. Those that believe themselves innocent and draw to themselves a powerful lesson related to the belief in good and evil such as being raped, but do not have the humility of SPIRIT that leads to real healing is really just another criminal themselves and will go on to hurt and devour their partners.

Humility of SPIRIT is coming and those going after the ones they BLAME is really just the same thing as those beasts they hate because they do not have the true SPIRIT of mutual love that is the basis of life. They are really just hiding behind a veil of interpretation in order to appear righteous according to the community which is their god. Appearance within the community is the greatest lie, following a veil of interpretation that did not come from the SPIRIT is the rampant lie of this age. This was the smallest of points overlooked that the SPIRIT through my life was to reveal. 

Public Servants are to HUMBLE themselves before all hell cuts loose which according to the rejection of SPIRIT in these last years since the passion to reach You began in 1993 is even NOW AT THE DOOR.