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You chose how you will be reached

Re: Mountain's Stream
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When you are done with the Di-spence-r of SPIRIT I want you to throw it away, because there is no need of it once you are reached. This whole wild ride and how you reacted and misunderstood and presumed is what created for you exactly what you are going to get. And the judgments hidden are your own but the SPIRIT can start new with you if you allow it.  The purpose of this entire ride is complete once you know and trust SPIRIT. So don't interpret and theorize on what has no purpose past reaching you, just grow in the SPIRIT and do what is your purpose so all things can be new.

Again, Joseph had a dream and it made his brothers angry, but it was just a dream, it was not his fault, it was how the SPIRIT was going to reach "his own" to the heart. So just because he tells you that dream don't misunderstand.

You think he chose how you would be reached, but it was really you. You created exactly how you will be reached personally. The original intent of what Jesus said to them was exactly that, are you willing to experience what others experienced to gain such a knowing of SPIRIT? You can't say you want to be reached and then secretly say you want it to fail, guess whom it is that will experience what you secretly intend? So allow SPIRIT to reach you in the unique way that is meant for only You. Your story will be very powerful toward what is to come.

The thing is, every time I tried to interpret with my mind what the SPIRIT was doing through my own synchs I found my interpretation was wrong. And interpreting stopped the flow. That is the part that has to die.

We went to the Islamic Center today to reach across and enjoy their hospitality.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Command Responibility

Synch today with what is coming the prediction of the comparison between:

Command Responsibility such as in war trials but for those responsible such as using the office of the President in a manner it is not intended, by taking money from the NRA while children are dying and how the parents of those lost feel about it. How it will be said those on the right profiting from the NRA while these children are dying and how fast it would change if  their loved ones were the victims. Of course nobody should want this but perfect love can orchestrate what is better than a bullet that can reach these to the heart without violence and coincidentally would turn out to be perfect. This responsibility also encompasses all those under the hat.

Two synchs tonight one on pbs and the other on South Park in passing.

DEAD RECKONING: WAR & JUSTICE The General's Ghost | PBS ...

South Park Splatty Tomato quote "Answer for their crimes"

This is not just about the right as both sides are wrong without SPIRIT and both sides will be humbled. This is a prediction about the conversation coming.

Waiting on more synchs about this subject and about all leaders responsibility to this earth and to SPIRIT that they do not recognize.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter synchs at Montgomery State Park

I was reminded of my own experience with the SPIRIT in that without that baptism we are lost behind a veil of  interpretation that is characterized by splinters and divisions because we only see in part and prophecy in part without being completely guided by SPIRIT. For when we presume
(See the prediction of the end of the presumptuous woman) by means of interpretation of doctrine we are led to disputes and divisions. But to go through a baptism of the SPIRIT which cannot be understood by the carnal mind we then see as we also are seen and perceive the failings of interpretation. In fact all this becomes meaningless in the light of what is important which is KNOWING YOU SPIRIT.

Had a synchronicity with meeting a woman at Helen's restaurant as we began this day of adventure. Her father was 51 yrs old and was failing health and it was sure he only had a very few years left. We then met a woman whom we had seen at Popeyes in Dickson tn. but then ran into her at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Montgomery Bell State Park and she spoke of problems to which I immediately knew it was her husband we saw sitting there at the Popeye's. I knew it was her husband and that it was failing health and that he was 51 and now you too know how I knew. She was there with much on her mind that he was going to pass and only had a short time to live. I realized it was the SPIRIT that was telling her by my knowing he was 51 and about his health that the SPIRIT indeed knew "WHAT WAS ON HER HEART".  I told her of the synch earlier and she spoke of being there at that park to walk and meditate about such things.
As a told a friend John at Poet's Coffee tonight about the synch and related it to the time I felt I was going to fill the emtyness in someone through the SPIRIT once in Pensacola park. I walked upon a girl sitting before a blooming magnolia tree crying. Instantly I knew she had given up on god and was praying to this tree. I knew this and sat down and gave her my card "StephenTREE" saying the SPIRIT hears her prayer and comes to her not in the form that the world says but exactly as SHE BELIEVED.
    As I spoke to John tonight about this we began to have such wonderful synchs with one person after another. One was reading "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" and I spoke of the synch of such a JOLT in a powerful moment "on the edge" such as the master "SPIRIT" working in this moment.
_______________________________________Last I had to let go of the forums because those that secretly hate the SPIRIT and also "HATE MEN" all wanted to believe a lie and others secretly wanting to believe them, though the message of the SPIRIT was clear for years they want to block it and do not know what is coming that will lead to such great humiliation for each that took part whether it was to lift up themselves in the eyes of the women that hated men or those women that wanted to believe any woman over the "SPIRIT through a Man". For on each forum they wanted to humiliate and it lead to them humiliating themselves which increased their hate for SPIRIT making them want to cover up what the SPIRIT was to reach humans about. They cannot hear it, how the SPIRIT leads to perfect synch while separation leads to trauma and death. So many are having wonderful synchs along with me related to all this but the forums meant to reach the masses are where a SPIRIT keeps coming up to downplay the predictions of the SPIRIT which were so much more than any had seen, yet they wanted to make them foolish. All this will change and they will hide their faces as is the story of the synchs. They don't know what they have done and believe it is this guy they have shutout and rejected and intended to make foolish though no predictions have come close to the acuracy of the SPIRIT related to the past 15 years on the forums. When the truth of what happens revealed what they really look like, they will hide their faces. But there will be nowhere left to hide.RE: Prophecies, Oroborus, propheciesonlineThe synchs came out the way they did because of their own creation/reaction to each prediction even the one about Katrina one month prior. They intended to cover up what was not theirs to cover. Each involved will say you have misunderstood our intent, and that is what the SPIRIT will say to them.There have been no predictions that have come close to these yet the forums believed they knew better. http://www.stephentree.com/smalist.htm TRUMP, ORANGE, HUMILIATION,ANGERThe anger and chaos is due to the anger because they would not be reached.  But the SPIRIT WILL REACH BEYOND THESE!!!!!!!!!!
26years with the intent to reach them, Those hiding their true intent! Get OFF MY PLANET 
On another note many groups are experiencing a baptism of SPIRIT such as these would not allow on the forums. Four is this material plane and what we are here to experience in this dimension. If we refuse to allow it where else can it be experienced. The prediction in 2011 of

2001 Theologyforums dnatree
 "The synchs indicate another plan started after the bear synchs in my last post the very next day they began implementing it.  See previous post.  Oh, well,, come what may. I guess You want what happens to those that come against the SPIRIT that IS MY LIFE."

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Last Easter I was at my Lowest Point waiting for the SPIRIT to provide

Thinking about this post and the PASSOVER 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Passover fear and those that would manipulate 


Shout! and Landslide

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


March 27-28th       

As for the March Miracle I did a video out my door of the kind of pouring Rain that I have not seen since Florida.  :shock: 
Mud flows in Cali this week

A few of my synchs of late were in a PM from a friend on this forum 

The MUD synch
So the word MUD from the Mountain Stream is of course my synch this morning with the Movie Mud. My father always threatened to change our name to MUD. LOL

The Shout Synch
And I also wrote this about the word "Shout" two days ago on my table.

I like it when a storm RUMBLES in.  A Shout!

The unopened flower
Pam and I were listening to Pandora as we often do now and this Music called the Unopened Flower came on. And dreaming of the fragrance of the flower and the meaning I began to feel the poetry of the unopened flower.

Once we begin to hear from the SPIRIT and put aside the interpretations of men verses pop in our mind that make us realise the difference between what was to be presumptuously seen and what a verse really meant. Like the verse 


This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,

So it is thought that this means that those that believe he may not have really existed but what the SPIRIT says to me which is most important is that he came with fleshly desires and was also born of the SPIRIT, allowing only SPIRIT to speak through him. If he was not human like me, what use would his being even be, if he did not suffer from the same pains and shames?

Seeking today 3/27/18 for Vitality for Pam to keep her healthy through the years with me.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Born of SPIRIT

The Philosopher on the day of his death
Saw intellect as a tree with no fruit of leaves
Rumi's Secret

I usually don't read books as I like the purity of synchs as the SPIRIT gives them but I found this book about Rumi called Rumi's Secret by Brad Gooch and began to read it in the bookstore coffee shop while waiting on Pam.

Page 123 Rumi's Secret

When YOUR love inflamed my heart
All I had was burned to ashes, except YOUR love
I put logic and learning and books on the shelf

The "right" people love their interpretations more than they love each other
And when those interpretations have been taken from them, they will see what they truly possess  dnatree

Let the moment give you everything you need, let your heart unfold like an appleseed  dnatree

Like a tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas I waited for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved, until the painting took form
I had no idea  dnatree

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

The smallest of points will soon alter the largest of equations
And render all the interpretations meaningless
Thus fulfilling all scribbling by scribes   dnatree

Love indeed fulfills all scribbling by scribes

___________________________________________________________ You don't understand
Then the eyes of both of them (men and women) were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

Let there  be enough blame for everyone for it is through women that first use shame and find they have overlooked the smallest of points trying to blame instead of loving and forgiving what they misunderstood. If you love to shame men (men with true intent of heart) then you will live with shame forever when the smallest of points overlooked is revealed. But blessed is she who nails a man with true intent to the tree of life.

Brisk Storm Coming, Good Friday

Brisk Storm Coming http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2017/03/brisk-storm-coming.html

Stormy-Shame and blame-  

Hurricane by D'elle - Stephentree.com

DNATREE: Why the least of the brethren will be greatest/sex/men ...

Total Eclipse of the heart  http://www.stephentree.com/eclipse/

DNATREE: The synchs with Orange is Coming , GOP humiliation and ...

The End of Presumptuous Americans - Google Groups

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brisk, Storm, Coming!

A very powerful experience that happened wandering home from town today. We stopped by a river rock area and I felt the energy as soon as I stepped out of the car. And like such powerful experiences it was full of synchs that related to the ENERGY that the moment presented.
First here is the video of the experience
Three things were present 
Brisk, Rapid, Dead horse

This led me to feel over the years of my experience with SPIRIT and what came to mind was the following post
If you right click on this page you will realize that this was posted again as early as Aug 28th 2004, Aug 26th is the most powerful day in my reality. Not only was it the date of Katrina and Irene but also it was the date my father passed.   http://www.stephentree.com/whirlwind.htm

I posted this on a page when Pam and I found this tape by D'elle for $1 Posted on 1/10/2005 just 8 months before Katrina (Page originally posted in 2003)

Hurricane      by D’elle

Watching  clouds go by see the red-tail fly
Water kissin the shore
Life is fine, it’s true nothin’ much to do
You’re not lookin’ for more

Then from the south comes a wind so strong
Stirs the water so deep
Passion calls and the waters part
You know you’ve been asleep
Out of the blue comes a hurricane
Blowin’ away with your heart….

When the storm begins never mind who wins
It doesn’t matter somehow
Let go of yesterday and all your future ways
All you got is now

Then the moment comes you hear the distant drums
Pounding deep in your soul
You wake up to find a fire in your mind
Burnin’ out of control
What made me feel this page was not the song Hurricane but the writing on my table from 1993
: I feel a huge wave come and sweep me off my feet as a knight lifts a princess and takes her to her dream. Again, I see as the spirit coming with white raiment to clothe me.

” Come on big wave Rapture!!!Speedy resurrection o glory

Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can’t call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today
You can listen to the song from the tape on youtube
We are one

The other songs on that tape also feel like they are related to You and I and what is to beginning
We are one
Over the Edge

While driving to this river rock site we were listening to NPR and they were talking about this present time of darkness and how

There's the way that light shows in darkness and it is extremely beautiful.   NPR today
Speaking of “the powerful magic that comes in dangerous times."
Another quote from the NPR program
Everyone is someone else's monster
Meaning like every being is like another being's monster

The Dead Horse part of the synch we stayed upwind from it as the dream meaning of dead horse is
Dead Horse – A dead horse in your dreams can be the death of the strength you once found someone’s friendship or a situation gave you. This may be the end of a relationship, friendship, career, (family) or situation. Have you heard the saying ‘flogging a dead horse’? It may be time to give up on someone or something that is no longer useful for the function or situation intended.

These words match my post and my intention to let go after 20 years of trying to reach You, internet forums, family that has no fruit and put my energies toward those relationships that are showing fruit which there are many. I have been saying this for a while and now the SPIRIT is going to make it happen. Wash away my sorrow!

Thinking about the Aug 28th 2004 and how many things have been experienced with SPIRIT over the years and I likened these things to the seeds of the sower(being SPIRIT) that fell on good ground and how they grew!! Again the kingdom of heaven is like the smallest of seeds that when planted grew into the largest of trees.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Soul food

We began to intend to make our sanctuary more intimate with incense so we went and chose two. I picked Jasmine and Pam picked Rose. They were not the quality we would like but we decided to start with what we had. We began to have synchs with Jasmine and Rose right away. During one of Pam's appointments I chose to go to the bookstore. I usually don't read books as I like the purity of synchs as the SPIRIT gives them but I found this book about Rumi called Rumi's Secret by Brad Gooch and began to read it in the bookstore coffee shop while waiting on Pam. I began to have so many synchs that I decided to buy the purchase the book. I was reading a section on page 103 about Rumi's time in Damascus and it was synching with the Jasimine and Rose as well as a Yahoo article that morning also did.

The link between your gut health and autoimmune diseases

I was led by the SPIRIT as I had been years before to eat some flowers when my stomach felt out of balance and the microbes associated with the flowers seemed to immediately help. But the research led to the words Jasmine and Rose again and then again in the Rumi book. However, the synch was not about eating Jasmine but in the manna that you feed your soul.

Quote from page 103

Don't eat straw and barley, like Donkeys:
Graze on flowers of the Judas Tree, like musk deer in KhotanOnly graze on clove, Jasmine, or Roses,
In Khotan with your beloved companion (what a synch this was)
The stomach of the body pulls toward the straw barn (tv, and what the world pays attention to is the synch)
The Spiritual stomach pulls toward fields of sweet basil.

I was also getting messages from Johnathan about his attention to a dog in the yard that he did not like and about his otter play which is his synch. So I sent him a picture of the page and also the post about attention to what we love.  I see worship, and attention and love as very much related. I feel like Jimmy Carter in that I feel worse about losing my companion that losing my own life. 

The next poem led me to deal with what is spiritual food for me. And reflected what the SPIRIT thought about the manipulators playing like they are spiritual. I looked up the words and the name meanings which led to other synchs but I don't care to go their even though it was my old experience.

During the chelle, a certain man
dreamed he saw a pregnant dog on the road
suddenly he heard the cries of her puppies
Though they were in the womb, invisible...
Puppies howling in a womb, he thought
"Has anyone ever heard such a thing?...
When he woke from his dream and came to himself,
His astonishment grew greater at every moment
During the chelle there is no other solution to the problems
Except for being present to God almighty
At that moment he heard an mysterious voice
saying, that is a symbol of the yelping of the ignorant,
Those that have not pierced the veil and curtain,
But with blind eyes are speaking aimlessly

I looked up Chelle and found the urban dictionary meaning 
and though it may be true it is an example of where not to put attention

Page 109
God showed the prophet a narrow and hidden way to refine himself, and that was the path of marrying women, and enduring their tyranny, and listening to their complaints, and letting them order him around....Character would only become purer through such patient forbearance.
In other moods, he could be more sympathetic, as in his ode in the Masnavi to women:

A woman is a ray of God, heavenly and beloved
She is a creator, uncreated, from above

So I went to another March 25th post and it was similar
There is a reason I predicted the three fires that 1-1993, 2-Dutch and 3-Trump
and how they are meant to reach myself, my family, and America


While speaking to Pam about the fellow that died on Dick Cavett about the guest who died during his talk show and I said that the fellow gave credit to the wrong thing for keeping him alive. Like the man that made a lot of money and said now I can rest and live off the money 

And I'll say to myself, "You have plenty of grain laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry." "But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?'

Friday, March 23, 2018

Nobody wins

What is happening to men is great, because the illusion is for those seeking SPIRIT about women is being turned to reality and they will not be swayed by pretty, but wait on the SPIRIT to bring someone unveiled and uninhibited with true intention of heart toward men. Blessed is she who nailed me to this tree, how the SPIRIT uses those without true intent to reach a man to the heart.

Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fetch a pail of water. (Understanding)
Jack fell down (first) and broken his crown but Jill came tumbling after

All who punish will be punished, like in divorce nobody wins

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Religion interprets GOD as a Hard Man

If you believe you should be hard toward others because of your interpretation, then the FATHER is going to be hard toward you.

The masses that interpret say "by their harshness toward those they judge" that God is a hard man, therefore because you got that from interpretation LIFE will be unto you that way. Especially to those that do not forgive 70X7.  (Let them judge themselves. By your own hand it will be unto you )  But those in the SPIRIT know the true intentions of the heart and the smallest of points overlooked teaches them to judge with love. (Don't use love as a weapon like a harlot) I wanted to reach you, that the SPIRIT might help many, but you chose to intentionally misunderstand for profit.

DNATREE: Once Again all who believe in Punishment Scheduled to ...

Queen Victoria PBS and the episode s2e7 Comfort and Joy

"I have a particular affinity to this tree"
He placed the tree in the center and put the gifts all around it. (The Gifts are ON THE TREE)

The Cameo, Victoria and my synchs in 1993. These were meant for my children, but "he came unto his own but his own did not receive him." So my children will be those that are drawn to me.

Should not love between two people be what covers a multitude of sins for each other?

To make what is love a sin is a sin by the accuser who does not forgive 70X7. Therefore, who will forgive you. You have accused Jesus because tenderness is love which you have made shame.

"I am just a soul who's intentions are good, please don't let me be misunderstood"

 Respond to EVERY call that excites your Spirit
Ignore those that make you fearful and sad
They degrade you back to disease and death  Rumi

I belong to no religion
My religion is Love
Every heart is my temple

The form of every religion is manna
But the SPIRIT alone is the teacher
The SPIRIT alone reveals the true intentions
It was the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus
 saying "I am the way, the truth and the life"
All interpretations without SPIRIT
become as stumbling blocks when the SPIRIT appears
Loose your religion   dnatree

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Leave the Struggle, Sheep being led to Slaughter

Engage in the world but only see YOU/SPIRIT

Shiva and Shams of Tabriz saw only YOU/LIFE

Shams of Tabris and LoveDrunk
The Lover is ever drunk with love;
He is free, he is mad,
He dances with ecstasy and delight.
Caught by our own thoughts,
we worry about every little thing,
But once we get drunk on that love,
Whatever will be, will be.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

We left longing like two "thirsty jackels" for experience with SPIRIT.


Having a synch with our Indian friend and weddings and the back and forth like in the Shiva video above.

Enjoying sanctuary with Pam and the healing of love, Getting into the joy of the new life growing for those that remain and the joys of synchronicity with SPIRIT. The Manna, the Freshness of the synchs with YOU/MY LIFE.
The Lover is ever drunk with Love.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Unable to perceive the SHAPE OF YOU!

If the SPIRIT wanted to reveal to us about the luck that my synchs with St. Patrick's Day could produce it was perfect yesterday. As a mistake Pam made with her medicine caused Pam to degrade for a few days and that led to her fear and intention to hear from SPIRIT and she began to draw many things that were perfect and I felt that my love for this person also made it work so well. The medical mishap which she never would have had during the 20- yrs in California because she had gotten off all medications and used a minute amount of Marijuana to get her out of her fearful place that exacerbated the symptoms of MS. (Multiple Sclerosis) It is so crazy here in Tennessee with all the medicines they want her on while being so self righteous about Marijuana. All because there is this Tennessee playbook everyone seems to have read that says what is good and righteous and it is bunch of crap that is killing people. Pam was in such danger and so close to the edge because of these medicines now twice that this time because of my love for this person I had asked the SPIRIT that my body take on this problem and the moment my body began to have symptoms Pam returned to normal. She is on a catheter but only for a couple days as it is helping her get the sleep she needs to repair. But the good that came out of this was Pam having experience with her own ability to draw what she needed from SPIRIT in THIS MOMENT. Pam still felt weak but wanted to go out and celebrate because the SPIRIT indicated that it was what we should do. She of course did not drink anything except V8 and water but enjoyed the ritual of Corned Beef and Cabbage and so did I. That JOLT out away from her attention to the problem also seemed to be the turning point which gave her relief from her symptoms. My love for Pam seems to be how the world responds to the SPIRIT as those first to be reached are experiencing such things as reach them to the heart at this moment. They don't even need to know about this or my intentions as I hear it is happening on every level.

And CBS Sunday Morning is all about such things as we have been talking about this week such as ESP and Remote Viewing but then this Science worshiper cracked me up trying to get people to believe such things don't exist or we would be able to monitor it outside their body of DNA but he does not realize that the inside mirrors the outside and you do not need to send out a signal because the smallest of points you have overlooked is inside of you.

Women who accuse never knew the true intentions of the heart and such as these are presumptuous and really revealing the true intentions of their heart especially in high money and power situations as will be revealed. They think they are getting something but what they really are doing will lead to losing an aspect of the illusion we all developed to make life seem worth living (without SPIRIT) but this aspect is how men's passion lent to the dance that led to self esteem. You stifle the engine of passion and it is leading to a great lose.  What creates what appears to be life in human interaction itself is related to an illusion that keeps things going for humans, but only NEW CREATURES will go on now as will be revealed. Oh, well, tomorrow was overrated anyway right? The snake and the woman wanted to do the good and evil thing which is believing the word of GOD is written and not what comes in THIS MOMENT and is found in your mouth and in your heart. The LETTER of scripture separates while finding the true intentions of the heart of such as Jesus is the truth that is found by going to the SPIRIT as was written in scripture. BY THE WAY, the word scripture means scribbling of scribes, and is nothing but an idol when we interpret without SPIRIT. Good and evil which is used by the "whore witch" and the snake is a separation from SPIRIT and leads to death. (Do not eat from a tree/man teaching good and evil) The SPIRIT makes all things pure when seeing them from the original intention of the heart. Without SPIRIT everything is separation/sin which means even what such as preach without the SPIRIT in TRUTH is separation which is why the religious right are being caught in a bubble net. It is all an illusion anyway, are you all enjoying your role? What this leads to is learning to trust SPIRIT instead of women or men as they liars without SPIRIT. The dream of YOU, leads to worshiping SPIRIT after being broken by the illusion. And the power women think they have will diminish as they use their "power" as their is no real power but SPIRIT. This is why Trump's power to lie and manipulate like both women and men without SPIRIT so is actually following after the beast. The only true romance is first with SPIRIT and all the others are liars and lead to separation as the experiment has proven. We can keep the joy and passion that we seek only through SPIRIT.

Get some real decency and UN-F%$K this mess!

Life really begins after the SHIPWRECK OF OUR PLANS!

Unable to perceive the Shape of YOU
Pam and I enjoyed watching the Shape of You and found it one of our synchs related to communicating with animals, (birds, horses) which continued from this program just yesterday we listened to on New Dimensions Radio. https://newdimensions.org/intelligence-consciousness-octopuses-sy-montgomery/

"Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere

She, she is my life, she is my wife
She came out from me in the beginning 
we were one in the beginning
She is my dream and I am the dreamer
She comes to me in many forms
and it is like poetry, like synchronicity 
and when he and she meet they KNOW IT IS RIGHT   DNATREE (This is about Romance with SPIRIT and a physical woman is a reflection of many of the aspects of that)


Lover me, cave me,
the sweet burn of Love me.
Lover you, cave you,
Shams protect me.
Noah you, soul you,
conqueror and the conquered you
the awakened heart you.
Why hold me at that gate of your secret?
Light you, celebration you,
the victorious land you
the bird of Mount Sinai you.
You carry me on your tired beak.
Drop you, ocean you,
compassion and rage you,
sugar you, poison you.
Please don’t continue to hurt me.
The orb of the Sun you,
the house of Venus you,
the sliver of hope you.
Open up the way for me.
Day you, night you,
fasting and the crumbs of a beggar you,
water and a pitcher you.
Quench my thirst, Beloved.
Bait you, trap you,
wine you, cup you,
baked and raw you.
Please don’t let me be unbaked.
If you don’t run my body too hard,
if you don’t cut my way too much,
if you try to help rather than make my life more difficult.
Oh, all these words of mine.
Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Born new of SPIRIT

You with true intention of heart I am reaching to you that  you might hear from SPIRIT as my closest of friends is drawing to herself what she needs because she had a old belief(s) about MS and about most people past 65 with MS  and so she has to forget all old beliefs and believe YOU/SPIRIT only (Born New of SPIRIT)  and because of her belief in SPIRIT has been drawing to herself what she needs in this moment. I saw that I needed to get out of the way of SPIRIT reaching her but that my love for her and her true intent was really working. Each of you that I intended to reach are also having such experiences I am sure. Let those that have true intent toward each other and SPIRIT get to a place of peace, joy and creativity while the rest of the world is still being reached. Let go of a place of fear. You are doing great baby!! This is great, the SPIRIT knows how to reach you because I want you to overcome. YOU have done this for me SPIRIT!

Sanctuary, joy peace and love is when I am alone with YOU.

To YOU/You that loved me, March 20, 2014

The Stone/Trump (see excerpt below) place in the way that cannot be removed without the SPIRIT doing this is leading astray and to great humiliation for the United States but if SPIRIT reaches you we can avert desolation and transmute the whole end time beliefs. I want to forgive those that cannot be reached because they do not know what they are doing and this is leading to such pain for so many. I am asking the SPIRIT to transmute the whole story by the smallest of points overlooked. If only it can be that they taste this and not receive the full fury of their presumption. How can this be done? 
With YOU all things are possible and my own are being reached. Let those who are the greatest manipulators against the SPIRIT that use their own power in their own strength, let them receive with by their own hand what they want for those they hate and what will reach the others. Like those intentionally lying in this administration, Perfect Love is so much better than a bullet as it will reach others where a bullet would just embolden their base of hate. And with love those following after the lie in religion will be revealed. Their hearts must be broken in order to reach them and so they were allowed to follow a lie and are under the Trump hat.

True Americans in the CIA need to have true intention to see all the connections here as the Russians are reading this blog at a rate more than Americans and the reason is because there is something to it.

Stone in Path
The Event
There is a point coming where those caught in the bubble net will not be able to escape as they have made their choice based on hate and interpretations they loved more than life itself. Such as those that believe a man or woman was so smart and did not need the SPIRIT!
The Coming Crime of Following a LeaderQuote
I will send them a deluding influence so that those that follow the letter without knowing the spirit will be revealed. A stone will be placed in the path of mankind that they will not be able to pass without true Spirit.