Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Smart, knowledge, vs the right information at the right moment.

 Education vs the right information in the right moment

So I was having synchs with the following last night 

Which is greater?

A man that may not have the answer but recieves the right answer for the right moment


A man that portrays he is smart and seems to have a lot of answers/lies that may or may not work but when the smallest of points overlooked shows up it is revealed he fails.

(Pam got the last plum from the fridge and I told her it may have more bruises as it is the last piece)

I then got the image of fruit being saved such as in verses in the bible of real things that happened but that this fruit has lost its savor and become different than when it was freshly picked from the vine and that is the point the word of God is said to be eternal but that meant the fruit as it is taken from the tree/vine,,,, not so much those that religion has interpretted away the True SPIRIT to.

The best interpretations are to only become stumbling blocks now as you must let go of that and seek the word fresh from the SPIRIT.

Trump and  his base is also meant to reveal how these presumptions based on interpretations overlook the SPIRIT and thus the smallest of points that changes the whole equation and renders all the interpretations meaningless.

The SPIRIT knows all the points in the equation, while the smart man can only approximate to create the conditions and duplicate phenomenon. You must let the brain die and become utterly reliant on SPIRIT in your life as all those that presume are drawing to themselves what they have overlooked.

Surprise I do love Trump as through the SPIRIT even a manipulator is used by the SPIRIT to reveal "perfect love" while his intent may be something else the SPIRIT 's intent is to allow anything while it may not turn out as the manipulator intends.

By not using my presumption about what should happen to Trump I must let the SPIRIT do it's perfect work while I can say what the SPIRIT gives in the moment.

Tesla on Hulu

To allow the SPIRIT to work without thinking but rather observing and wondering, waiting without filling the cup, like an inventor that observes lightning and sees something that causes wonder,,, holding that question without letting past beliefs/learning to presume,, then something fresh and new has room to grow and be created into your reality.

Like food, large portions hurt the body and things are similar, lots of things hurt the soul, having what we need in this moment is the way the body stays healthy.

Too much information clogs the wonder

I have always said even in electronics everyday understanding about nature helps to give us a similtude from which life can bring the right answer to our mind in the right moment.

If you have all the information in the world but must use your brain to filter through to a close enough answer to fit a new moment then you will come up short at the moment you most need it. You must nurture another kind of wisdom that is of the SPIRIT.

The world is changing, and the salvation you look for will not be from an interpretation but worked out between YOU and I, the SPIRIT and the individual.  There is some things I don't want to remain and there is so many that are a part of what I want to remain but if you are stubborn to what I am saying about presumption then we go all the way to if those days were not shortened.....

do not be presumptuous as what we know is presumtion in Trump and base will not help those presuming their interpretation will save them either as this thing is now set in motion.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

A man asked ANYTHING of the father believing

 If a man was to ask anything of the father and in his passion to know truth he drew/dreamed through  interaction with the SPIRIT those people that fit that dream to know YOU/SPIRIT.

Another with true intention was on the same path but felt more comfortable while seeking the SPIRIT to be more conservative so that while waiting on the SPIRIT he would give his best to grow as a child of God and he drew to himself such as would fit. 

The SPIRIT being love knew how to make each of these realities, though they be as different as an elephant from a donkey, to be able to live and have what they need so long as they have true intention of heart to seek the SPIRIT and love their neighbor the SPIRIT is able to synergise them in love with whom they fit with. Now if the SPIRIT joins two or more together let no man judge them or presume to stop what they together are made happy to dream together.

We don't need a leader to tell us to live under the law, nor a leader to misunderstand and tell us we who have struggled to keep the law with true intent, that such should not follow the SPIRIT into what would be temptation for one weaker not weaned as yet from the milk but for this one the SPIRIT reveals even to the least of them according to the perception of the law that we cannot judge what is not ours to do so.

We can also come to see that even our enemy that seems to be completely wrong from the interpretations of men may be greater than the one believing themselves perfect under the law as such a one may be guided by the SPIRIT and the the greatest of those under the law has not begun to know the SPIRIT. But a leader that divides is himself/separated and cannot lead but only cause division and destruction how can we follow what that when the SPIRIT is leading us to what we are creating for ourselves? Leaders only lead astray, true servants create a system that encourages peace, and synergy and flow.

The left does not need judging by the right and the right also does not need to be judged but rather we let their own beliefs draw to them what is needed some have bore the cross and are past the presumptions of those that would seek to control them. And with the SPIRIT none that we think are scary can hurt us as our ATTENTION is drawing what is perfect to fit OUR dream though we live across the street from the opposite of temperments. The different species live in harmony within the sanctuary. This is actually the understanding of the circumcised and the uncircumcised given by those who went before us but things get corrupted when they are only interpretations and not of the SPIRIT.

Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

 I had to get up and fill the water filter last night and when I walked out in the kitchen it was dark and I stepped on something. It turned out to be a green bean and it had fallen and had not been/bean seen. Today Pam wanted to make a grean bean casorole for dinner and we had six cans of french style while they were on special. After dinner Pam looked at a 4600yr old Bristlecone Pine and said that it looked like a green bean in it's shape. 

So I remembered looking up the dream meaning of mashed potatoes and gravy today to answer this tweet today and thought for sure the grean bean would be interesting to look up.

To dream of green beans represents unpleasant experiences or choices that you know are in your best interest. Choosing to be responsible when don't have to be. Something unpleasant happening in your life that you know is good for you. It may also reflect an unexciting long-term decision that is good for you.

My body has been having problems as the world gets closer to desolation and it turned out that one problem which is known for sure is gluten is effecting my body.

What is best for me is to give up certain things. Often what happens in my life like getting stuck is related to the synchs about what is going on at the moment.


I posted what I knew needed to happen to keep the desolation that was headed our way


Green beans... Unpleasant choices that you know are in your best interest. Trump, Choose to be responsible because anything else will end badly, maybe it will make you feel better for a minute but then kaboom, and the end of the world won't end the shame. @gop @realDonaldTrump

Giving up some things and eating/doing what needs to be done can save us from desolation as it is inevitable but the whole point is that anything is possible if someone with true intent connected and believing the SPIRIT is able intended the miracle that was needed.

Sure it would be humiliating at this point for Trump to do the right thing but what is coming promises to be so much worse for them and the whole world if he doesn't do the right thing.

Cheat at any cost is not Winning Trump it is triggering horror to start

The Horror Trump is creating for himself and his base by his misuse of the office of the President will not be as he plans and he will not be able to be manipulate his way out of it as the SPIRIT knew before all this started the smallest of points he has overlooked. 

This morning I went to post on godlikeproductions.com and was blown away when I posted a link I went to check it the next moment after posting it and it had been changed


I need others to save that page before it gets changed again as all the old posts that came true on godlikeproductions had all the crap posted by everyone of the Trump supporters was gone when I returned there.

The link that I tried to post and was changed 




I was told that when someone else owns the forum you have to deal with that kind of stuff

So I copied the page and went for a walk

Edited to add: I forgot to post the video of my walk where I was feeling hurt but then realised what it was saying, that this is exactly what happens with Trump as he lies and it is blatant for the whole world to see that Trump and base love his lies and his cheating. So the walk turned to knowing this as the SPIRIT often leads, so here is the beginning of the walk and what was on my mind


It was so blatant and then I realized anyone that wants to know if Trump is lying the information is all out there and it is obvious.

They don't care if you know even and I feel that what happened there is what is about to happen with Trump and the repooblican states in that they won't care if it is undemocratic they think that cheating, lying and using the office of the President in a manner it is not intended is all part of win at any cost but I feel the JOLT that will happen will be like everyone crying peace peace and then what happens to a country so badly divided happens suddenly and nobody wins.

If it has to be that way and everyone rejects the SPIRIT for their interpretations then this country is already destroyed and an actual horror like some Nuke would only reach those remaining to the heart and help bring this country back together. 

Turns out it is a prediction also about the win at any cost lie till you die, cheat on an election and say it is the other guy like Trump and those that love his lies. 

Here are the screenshots of what happened

Edit to add Sunday 22nd:These were left blank because I tried to post but they kept manipulating it because they own the site I was told that they could do that. Also this feels like it applies to what is coming as Trump will say we own the presidency so I can do what I want if/when he manipulates the  "Peoples Vote"

So if the vote gets stole it will probably be blatant so everyone can see and if you don't like it Trump calls such cheating, lying, manipulation, and using the highest office on the planet in that manner is what Trump calls winning. FILTH but if you say that they will about what they do they won't care but further use the lies and office to stop whom gets in their way of greed and self rightness. But the SPIRIT holds the smallest of points they have overlooked.

Christians if they believed the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus who said ASK ANYTHING OF THE FATHER AND IT WOULD BE GIVEN TO THEM, would they not have sought the SPIRIT over interpretation until they reached and altared via the smallest of points overlooked and saved whom they supposedly loved? Instead they used it against the least of them on this SPIRIT therefore because they did not have the faith to follow the SPIRIT into all truth don't you know that the SPIRIT that spoke thorugh Jesus knew they would pull this and give unto them according to how they have judged others? In other words these so called Christians that love the lies of Trump and hate their neighbor it is unto them all these things that they interpretted rather than seeking the SPIRIT and that is what is about to be revealed through all this so we can all see what has been separating us. So don't worry about their interpretation of Revealation as it will be closer to this after their rebellion against what is democratic.




Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray,GOP humiliation 2016 twitter.com/dnatree/status The Coming Great American Desolation and Humiliation June 2017 twitter.com/dnatree/status Everything was predicted including Epidemic Feb 2019 twitter.com/dnatree/status

PS, if two groups have to fight let the SPIRIT cause the right to be enflamed and let each tribe on the right against the other and let it ensnare them. That is my wish as those unveiled by presumptions that are the least of them on the planet are closer to the SPIRIT than any of these.

Ask anything of the father: so let the tribulation be thwarted and let fire be transmuted to passion for life and let the right be revealed as they never knew me says the SPIRIT. Do not follow a man, nor me but seek the SPIRIT with all your heart and soul! I lift up no man, even Jesus lifted up the SPIRIT and not himself.

I copied the whole page from glp and will make it available if they change any more on that page

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Rebellion Doomed, Hate must be carefully taught

You've got to be carefully taught to hate and the Teachings/lies of Trump, Limbaugh, Hannity, Mitch, Jordan and the prediction of following a lie/person

The SPIRIT speaking through Jesus was not about following an interpretation of the book but he that has an ear that hears the SPIRIT let him hear

Hands across Hills



 Lightning synchs

The rebellion such as Trump and base that loves a lie is coming, let us ask the SPIRIT that this be the pre Tribulation in order to come to understand what the SPIRIT is saying about the interpretations of men that separate us.

Rebellion Doomed

Attention is another word for WORSHIP do not give Trump another thought


Many Trump Supporters don't believe in Coronavirus even when they are dying of it they believe it has to be something else because Trump said it was a hoax and then when he got it they used the fact that he recovered to say it was overblown. But Trump intentionally lies to manipulate the truth of what he went through because it is politically expedient. But after a while the truth comes out and then it is murder what his lies are doing.




Let the Hell :Puitin Intended return on him like a whirlwind

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Juliet Trump America Desolation! Self Preservation


Juliet Trump America Desolation! Self Preservation

If Trump knows he lost I can only see one reason for these moves and it is not good if it is a plan before Biden takes office and if not all these must be let go on day one. I and a synch with Juliet which led to this


Google Trump Juliet 

Trump mindset because of the trouble he is in.

If I cannot have my love/vision for HER/America I will destroy her and myself because they will ruin my life anyway (arrested)

Democrats must get ahead of Trump as it is not unlike him to destroy everything given the "pickle" he is in.

From all we have seen and reports of how he acts when he loses it is important to stop any action he might be planning as this is obviously not in the nations interest only in his and it is SELF PRESERVATION.

Given what you now know about Trump then anything he would do in the time remaining seeing the great "Pickle" he is in, would be self preservation at the expense of the country. If you do not want horror to come or near desolation of the financial engine, you would remove him immediately. 

https://www.businessinsider.com/mary-trump-president-trump-will-lash-out-during-transition-period-2020-11   I would take this more seriously that Mary Trump even knows

I do not believe Donald Trump won in 2016 but rather a machine that manipulated and that machine/algorythum takes in all known (believed pertinent) points but Trump was created by another dream which is the smallest of points his brain overlooked. For that reason and all the things that he would do in self preservation someone better override the system because you do not have a president that was really elected in the Whitehouse so somebody better stop the BEAST from destroying something big because he is in SELF PRESERVATION MODE, and he knows what else he is hiding. Like the El Faro the captain set the course for the center of a storm and then told everyone not to bother him.

Investigate for America's sake, America is on the edge of desolation and does not know it.

Related story  El Faro




Notice: If you are unaware of all the synchs and what they have said and how it all came to be then DO NOT overlook this message, go investigate!


I go to wait for more synchs related to Juliet


Next just found my @JoeBiden account on twitter had been muted and I did not do it.

7:25Pm I have been outside because of the tv I needed to keep my attention so I walked around the truck like a sufi dancer keeping my attention on YOU in the form of what my synch is about 

Ok, so we were talking about the Donald being in SELF PRESERVATION mode and from all we can gather from how this ride has faired so far what happens in SELF PRESERVATION MODE would not benefit Country or Christians but Donald Trump.

Walking around the truck and attention,,,, same way you create an ear so you can hear, all things YOU created through attention to SPIRIT

I need whatever creates division in the body removed as it is a cancer and not the SPIRIT of Love

the movement of Russia on our west coast see bear synchs

Neither You or I want it to be said I told you so

thoughts about Trump's intent tonight

If I cannot have it I will destroy it for everyone

The Trial at the end of relationship

Self Preservation mode and money Judas and the Russians

Once an "interpretation" that evolved away to gather flies or like salt which has lost it's savor then what do we do with it.

then walking around the truck like Moses and the burning bush or like a Sufi and the lover I began to see the beast and he had the Christians and the proud in themselves and those they hated in the pot whom they blamed for everything they did but wanted to cast their blame on them and he was tellin the them how he the Leviathon or one head thereof planned to boiwwl whom they hated and how the temperture was rising and they liked what the beast said but they did not see the smallest of intents and that was they too were in the pot.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Synch with Themes related to why they proceed from the seed that was planted/ Covid19

 Theme Synch about following a thread of synchronicity into wonder. I should say that all my synchs grow from one initial intent that was similar to a conversion to "KNOW YOU MY LIFE" that started in wanting to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus in 1979 which gradually changed to knowing the SPIRIT that Jesus knew that spoke through him which lead to the storehouse of ancestrial memory known to be in the dna-tree.

I am swept into wonder when I find a sanctuary or a place to walk and wonder. Usually a theme shows up related to "spirit of place" that my councelor/ancestors who are as one speak through. 

the example of common themes of synchronicity is as what I felt related to the dancers in these two videos that came into my reality today



Once I feel a synch through what is showing up I may also connect it with similar synchs in the past like the one that predicted the Epidemic on feb 2019


This also will show up in another synch today but first

 Last night and the two comedy themes that used a set or "spirit of place" to write the comedy themes.



I noticed that both these two comedy skits had something in common where they picked a particular theme like the boxing club or the desert wreck scene and something inside me wanted me to see the connection.

Then this morning the news was about why Covid19 effects some people more than others but the reason I interacted with the SPIRIT in 1993 about the epidemic and what it would say was related to those hiding behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from the SPIRIT as a marker similar to the marker synch related to dna in that it is related to wether you took on an interpretation from like or like Adam and Eve "clothed yourself" from your nakedness when it was the SPIRIT that was meant to clothe you. So the intention was to reveal hearts and those HIDING BEHIND A VEIL OF INTERPRETATION CALLED RELIGION without True Intention of Heart, especially such as judge others with that veil over their eyes. We are meant to live unveiled before the SPIRIT while getting our life from our connection to SPIRIT and this makes the least of them greater than those veiled by beliefs who are not themselves.

Here is the article related to my thoughts about what I intended 

Here are related synchs with this theme and how I must reach you in order to stop the virus and the division






Your presumptions will get you killed especially if you love lies, conspiracies and sowing such and it won't necessarily be your enemies for as you intend separation you create it in your body.

There are those that are meant to recieve this message at this time as we all intended to meet at this point but it is the SPIRIT that will make this happen and make you realize who you are in "Christ"

It was intended that what you believe was going to happen would be transmuted by one person's true intention of heart toward the SPIRIT as in "ask anything of the father and it WILL BE DONE FOR YOU" for if you found that everyone had overlooked the SPIRIT and loved ones that had misunderstood "interpretations" were in danger what would you ask of the SPIRIT?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Con Trump dreaming up false charges,Crushing Expectations

In progress

 Cat fight synch

Kung Fu Grasshopper hit my hand

Crushing expectations broken hearts initially one side but then it turns

. Necessary to reunite America. Humiliation of the cross

CON man Trump working with all his might to use the law in a manner it is not intended dreaming up false charges against his political opponents

One of Trump's lies leads to an attempt on his life which he initially tries to make appear unsuccessful but indeed is the cause...

I think if disrespect for the liar Trump were to go off the charts his imbalance would reveal a lot. He showed to the wind he is to reap a whirlwind of disrespect. 

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Lady Liberty stood up and through the American People

I wrote the words below in anger but then Biden's Speech tonight came on and as I listended I felt an intention within me as if

  Lady Liberty stood up and through the American People (undivided) came the Wind of the SPIRIT's breath  blowing away what came before

standing up and living by the SPIRIT instead of presumption and interpretations that were not given to us by the SPIRIT 

 If the lies and manipulation have not stopped and it takes the SPIRIT drawing from the depths to obliterate the ( )house that has been sullied by so many lies over the past four years that now there is only separation and division continuously we don't need that desk filled if only to manipulate and it leads only to further division

We need true servants

More I got tonight

Don't worry about what they speak, those under Trump's hat, for they are being caught in the SPIRIT's net. Keep your attention on the SPIRIT that is leading to newness and unity as we operate in synchronicity with each other in love

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

The synchronicity of Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem

 Day after the Election,

Pam was reading tonight on her phone "Do not go to the nearest polling place, go to your polling place" and straight away came the thought

Joseph and Mary had to go to Bethlehem in order for "to be counted" and  I heard "in order so their vote will be counted"

I thought then about the fact this story how it was a synchronicity that they happened to be there when she went into LABOR. As it was a fulfillment  of a prophecy.

Then the thought about the LABOR as related to another time in reality where we would travail as a women in labor in periodic painful events birthing the world that is to come as it is the end of the old world and a new dream is being birthed. Each person will be as a new creature. No Fear just relax there is a lot of wonderful things about each of us. If you could ask anything of the father,, what would it be and from what true intention of heart would be best to access memory in our dna. Joy to the World I have found is very effective. Not like those that demand you worship their interpretation when the attention we all seek is a wonderful meeting. Like being in sanctuary with YOU/MY LIFE.

So the Control Freak sent out three of his most wise ass polititians to find out if the SPIRIT had been born in the house of bread or the dispenser of what was to eat. "Provision"/ Bethlehem and why Herod REALLY wanted to know this.

Then I thought about them taking him to the land of Egypt and how the Jealosy of Herod and of David's brothers and about hiding in Egypt during such periods.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Election Night... Emotionally Bumpy and The Veil of interpretation Separating YOU and I in America

 The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I in this country/world

We should never have believed in shame and blame

Remember the pain in the garden

You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears

And like a veil You have hidden yourself from each other/ME

Remember the covenant we share

Remember "WE created the sunrise to remind ourselves to start new"

So the SPIRIT showed how it makes my liberal reality/life "right" through coordinating to make it work in love with those around me.

As in "I can do all things through Christ the SPIRIT who strenthens me though I be different than such as concervative like Trump. Let's say that Trump was being made right by the SPIRIT but ONLY if it is the SPIRIT coordinating through him. If he overlooks the SPIRIT I don't care how smart he is,,, he has overlooked the smallest of points which the SPIRIT can then reveal that. But the SPIRIT can make your intentions right but the fruit of the SPIRIT was not evident so I would project that the SPIRIT has overtaken him and reveal this.  Following the SPIRIT to learn from YOU I found that the SPIRIT could/ would strenthen you to make your intentions work... Forget who is right, knowing the SPIRIT everyone is right and never seeking the SPIRIT to fulfill your interpretation then  your rightness is dependent on the law you profess. Both sides are wrong,,, cooperate in love,,,, no your interpretation for others is not right,,,

Emotionally   Bumpy election for many people

Anyway,, right,, You misunderstand Love

Watch the SPIRIT make me right!

You know Pam does not understand but she is open to the SPIRIT. I think that is what is important because really I pretty much want everyone in my world,, but I want them to let go of the veil of interpretation given them by those that never knew the SPIRIT. Start New! Or be born of the SPIRIT and the book,,,, but even without the book you can be born of the SPIRIT. I think that is the real cruelty  of the right that I intended to reach them about anyway. Can't reach anyone that does not love me,,, they cannot begin to understand the least ot them, nor how the SPIRIT can connect the two through love. Not our love,,, silly,, the SPIRIT's Anyway,, not this republican party,, but closer to the true intentions of the heart of Jesus. Neither are right without the SPIRIT,,, but the SPIRIT can join the two perfectly. The liberal and the concervative. This is why I went from concervative to liberal. That does not make me a liberal,,,, it makes me both.. as the SPIRIT coordinates the two in love.

Edited to add:

Remember Jesus was counted among theives and robbers by the "right people" at the time. They never knew the true intentions of his heart and they believed their interpretation which was not of the SPIRIT saved them just like the "right people" now do. These are they that climbed over the fence and did not enter by the door which was the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus. You cannot understand the difference without seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart and soul. These such as Trump's base that believe themselves right because of "might" or their interpretation have overlooked the smallest of points which is the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus. Do not resist them but seek the SPIRIT with all your heart and do not follow this leader.

Only the SPIRIT can make this right between YOU and I on this planet


Republicans sin in one way which offends the left and the Democrats sin in another way. Both fall short and need the SPIRIT which they both reject and both are then condemned by their own beliefs.

edited to add: Desolation is inevitable, I intended at this point that you would see the smallest of points overlooked which only comes from the SPIRIT and let go of trying to win and let the SPIRIT do it through you. But at what cost will it take to reach America? The abomination of interpretation based on winning is desolation. They falsely believed it was interpretation when it was seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart and strength. They want you dead in order to be right according to interpretation, but faith without love is nothing. Smart people will fail, only finding the SPIRIT allows the path to go on past the end.

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

Desolation is inevitable, your going to die anyway, offer up your body to the SPIRIT and allow them to draw their desolation. The path will then go on after death as Christ also rose from the dead. They are not winning, they are dying without the SPIRIT. I have given what I found from SPIRIT and my body will fail but through the SPIRIT I will live on. There is no other way, there is no other life, except you be led by the SPIRIT and not follow the lie of the wolf in sheep's clothing which is the interpretation without the SPIRIT. This was the message of the humiliation of the cross. It is very clear to the SPIRIT which of those have true intention of heart as they would not follow after such a monsterous interpretation.  

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

what does it matter if you lie cheat and gain the whole world deceptively yet lose your soul?
Faith without the SPIRIT that IS LOVE IS death. 

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Trump knew exactly who he was getting into bed with

God will not tell those that desire a lie the truth until the moment they are swept away.


 Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night." 


I don't plan things like this but the synch of the election related to Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 10 tonight and the gencidal plotting and the prediction of the GOP humiliation.

Trump knew exactly who he was getting into bed with


Either Trump leaves the whitehouse or the financial system will be brought to her knees. I believe the SPIRIT means BUSINESS!

Between Designated Survivor and The Crown the last few days the synchs are saying how greed will tell you any lie(from post/prediction about greed/microbes) to accomplish what it intends even using your fragile sister to manipulate.

PBS The Crown and the Deadly Fog as related to the Pandemic and why power lies about it.

Quote "It's fog. Fog is fog. It comes and it goes away"

Whatever it takes to reach the American People, that is what is going to happen. Understand the true intention of the heart while you can. Time is Short! This process was intended to reveal those hiding behind a veil of interpretation as the synchs reveal since 2001



Let the SPIRIT manipulate the manipulator and shove his self rightness up......


Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray,GOP humiliation 2016 twitter.com/dnatree/status The Coming Great American Desolation and Humiliation June 2017 twitter.com/dnatree/status Everything was predicted including Epidemic Feb 2019 twitter.com/dnatree/status