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Romance with SPIRIT original writings from 1993 to 2002


Fill the Emptiness with SPIRIT before your presumptions draw what is coming

So we are waiting on the SPIRIT to complete the process which was started through the SYNCHS but while we do we must now reach to the SPIRIT for something fresh and new to fill the emptiness. It is important to have this connection to SPIRIT because without it the fears and emotions of those not connected to SPIRIT draw to them something that is designed to reach them to the heart. So like those thrown in the fire who sang with JOY we reach to the SPIRIT for something new. In order to reach the SPIRIT their is a death caused by surrender during such as we believe and draw to ourselves such as from our interpretations. But when we reach the SPIRIT and are given roses

“I will soothe you and heal you,
I will bring you roses.
I too have been covered with thorns.”

― Rumi

And like the rose, the fragrance of the heart begins to draw to us according to that new heart we are given by SPIRIT. Like the fragrance rising up from the altar which is what is on my heart. You cannot learn your way to this romance with SPIRIT, but you can allow your heart to be reached and then the poetry between the two lovers begins. What humans called caring becomes like hate in the light of this love. But the joy that could not be found because of those that will spitefully use you for money or whatever like they do everything on earth without love, the real love becomes the very money of SPIRIT, for when you tell me what I need is coming it appears without money.

Up until this last century a person could set out and build from nothing (making love, out of nothing at all) a home which may start out as very little, but with joy and freshness each day a home is created. What you need like the birds comes to you. Not that money is a bad thing, but the attention to money like leaders teach leads to desolation due to the devouring creature that is the mind with the symbol of the dollar imprinted on it causes a person to loose perspective and devour while not seeing the separation and evil that lies in the wake of such deals. The synergy of a little money and creativity guided by SPIRIT leads to a life of joy and all the things needed are added unto you without the prison of a life working to make payments for rent and food while really having nothing should the money dry up.

So without SPIRIT, we draw to ourselves such as will reach us to the hearts, and if we cannot be reached by SPIRIT our SEPARATION leads to death, so it is that we are to be guided by the smallest of points the mind and eyes overlook.

Everyone will find out they are wrong, both sides of every fight have overlooked the SPIRIT. Just like the synch with Hurricane Irene revealed.

It is so important to have time in sanctuary reaching for freshness/life that you might be filled rather than letting the default of presumption come and crush you like an avalanche that was not expected, or a thief in the night that takes everything you thought you possessed.

The time is coming when I will reach you to the heart and as this chart shows that time is drawing near with 90,000 hits this this blog. This was taken from this blog and the peaks are  to the right are over 3000 each

The message of direct communicaton with SPIRIT and how interpretation of writings are useless without actually reaching to the SPIRIT and that is what this time in history was meant to reveal at a time when everyone on earth will see it and not follow a person or the money, but the SPIRIT without words from outside the person's being. The SPIRIT will reveal these things as society learns from what they have overlooked as was predicted.

Everyone who interprets without SPIRIT will find themselves drawing the shock of their lives.

DNATREE: Syllables of the name SPIRIT spoke through

Oldest book from Stephentree.com

Someone has corrupted the original romance in SPIRIT book at http://www.stephentree.com/ris.htm
so download the document instead
The keys to what are happening right now were dreamed back in 1993 and posted as early as 2001 while the document of the book romance with SPIRIT was added in 2005

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The Coming Fire so Hot

Posted Jan 11th 2002

The Coming Fire between You and I/Us and them
Over who is right
The coming fire that will melt the veil and leave her with nowhere to hide.

Is the Camp Fire a sign of the energy that was predicted in 2002 that is playing out in this Trump Presidency between YOU and I in this country


DNATREE: Help Stem the Tide of desolation that is coming

Ashes, Assassination synch,

Up from the Ashes is the synch right now because of my intention to use the ashes to insulate exposed water pipes and our friend called spreading a friends ashes which made me look at the synch but the most important to my life is how Pam has come back from the edge and how well she is doing and feeling like herself again. I was consulting the nurses about perhaps how the medication was causing a lot of the symptoms that seemed to be MS and so I asked to discontinue one through the medical portal and sure enough it turned out that most all the symptoms went away and she is really back to normal. This also brings to light the American Left and winning the house also as everything that they believed in was being trampled rather spitefully for two years.

So it looks like the assassination synch may have been pointing to unknown aspects of the story the public was not privy to related to Jamal. 1,

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Making Love out of Nothing at all

So I am looking at what is coming to me and the things that I am inspired to build and after building a shop for next to nothing and creating a trolley system and several other systems I realized that the way the SPIRIT wanted from me exactly what I wanted and wanted to give it to me in that manner especially after I let go of the veil of interpretation that humans have and let my moment teach me and allowed myself to go through experiences that reveal why reality is the way it is related to why the truth must be revealed by SPIRIT as the world would not allow it as has been witnessed. I began to hum a song that I used to sing related to how attention and giving back to SPIRIT what it has shown me caused the CREATION of experiences and things without money or very little money as was my experience when learning from SPIRIT. If the world changes and all those that have SERVED MONEY find that it becomes worthless the ability to pay attention to SPIRIT and draw what you need without money may be the difference between life and death. As I was writing this my friend Mark from Florida called with an amazing experience where he said if he had done to a woman what this woman that came up to him today that he had never met did to him that he would feel that it would have been sexual assault but being a single older man he of course did not feel the way that so many women of course would and we talked about the fact that attraction and such flirting does not feel as good to women as it does to a man even though they continue to smile and act at the time as though it does and then later so many men find out they had misread the person. So I told him that that is the way it is in the universe, that what you dream you do attract, but when going through the door to understanding the true intention of heart you can be spitefully used in a manner that does not seem fair, but actually it is a gift from SPIRIT to get you to learn the subtle signs that she may have a poker face and is planning to use it against you after the fact, or that she was raised to believe it is shameful and that does not feel good. So it is very important to learn to recognize when it is your dream coming to you or it is a lesson coming to you to do you good in the end. I mean, in my experience of looking for life and love I have been manipulated an used in a manner that if it was the other way around the world would find me to have abused the law and beliefs of the world to take advantage so really what is being forced on so many right now is a manipulation but the SPIRIT has a reason for all of it as will be shown. I mean it is not true that so many men are evil and women are not, but the way a woman is brought up compared to a man makes it so that the allowances that men give to women such as opening doors and giving them the benefit of the doubt perhaps being treated like a lady and what Jesus said about loving her is not about the masses of women as we would never trust men in the way we are taught to treat women, but perhaps it is that women will also have to earn that respect and not rely on appearances for their righteousness as much as it is because in my experience I have been used and misused by many while trying to learn from having a true intention of heart. And the judgments against men seem to be like a hate, while passion makes a man see a woman even when she is a snake and a whore much better than she would see him. So I don't think those hating men have won anything as the tables are turning and the hidden things of the heart which are counted upon by those pulling the wool over everyone's eyes are to be revealed and those seemingly righteous according to the appearances and interpretations of the world will be revealed to be haters and manipulators as anyone without true intent toward SPIRIT are.

I began the passion to reach Americans about the coming fire such as Jesus spoke that he wished it was already kindled in his time, but they cannot see the message past their own interpretations about rejecting every man that does not match their ideals that were not given them from SPIRIT,,, therefore they would have rejected Jesus especially if they knew what was washed from the story in history that caused so many to be fed to lions because they learned from their lives rather than worshiping the interpretations of the snake and the woman that is not all men and not all women.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Make room for those broken hearted

I remember in 1993 as I went through a broken heart that I had intended that IF I COULD NOT REACH YOU that such as person/leader as Trump would come and give you what you think you want but that only the SPIRIT can save you from what will happen as it was planned this way that leaders would lead astray and the need for the SPIRIT become evident and you would be reached. This is the smallest of points overlooked by everyone that interprets that without SPIRIT they would overlook what is really being said.

I was hoping against all hope that these could be reached but their only intention is to "intentionally misunderstand" so it looks like so many that will never come to KNOW SPIRIT and really never cared to look at what has happened will NEVER allow themselves to be reached so according to their own interpretation toward those they hate because of an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT they would condemn others anyway it is time to begin what needs to happen to reach "THOSE THAT REMAIN" to the heart so that some eyes can be opened by first having their hearts opened. I can a see coming to those that are like arrogant animals, seeking and worshiping money and not caring about the division they cause need to have what happens to them be what reaches the rest. 

Let those that love to punish others while overlooking their sins draw to themselves their punishment because of what they have overlooked.

Let those that use shame while hiding their true intentions also draw to themselves what they demand for others according to their beliefs about "good and evil" and their true intent of heart revealed that they might live in shame eternally since they love using shame so much.

Let those seeking 3 or 5 percent added gdp over what happens to nature and their fellow humans  find themselves conflicted and separated even unto desolation that many might see the smallest of points overlooked which is of the SPIRIT and not the mind.

What really needs to happen is those without true intention of heart but only want to worship money and the hell with the division it causes need to draw to themselves what such thinking will cause everyone to experience soon...even desolation and make room for a "CARAVAN" of broken hearted people "meek" and ready to cooperate in love with any energy that will give them half a chance. It is not me saying it but the SPIRIT saying,,, "Get off this planet workers of iniquity". 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Will You be Implicated in what is coming?

Will You be Implicated in what is coming?

As the predictions reveal the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has caused those that put money first to become lawless and reveal their true intent to put money over the law and what with all the lies and manipulation it is obvious that the synchs that were intended for the religious right and those on the right (under the hat) that love their ideologies more than they love others would reveal that they are complicit. And like with the man named Hitler those that are just following along and not speaking up about this will be put in a position in the times to come of accounting for their complicity  being guilty (drawing their own punishment) as they have caused so much shame for others without ever knowing the true intention of the heart of the SPIRIT or others while using the book/bible/law in a manner it was never intended. Indeed in such a way that the abomination of interpretation will cause desolation if something is not done to stop this growing trend. Those that have used the law in this manner are just as GUILTY as their leaders who have and this is why the future (for those that remain) will be as if it were a crime to follow a leader as leaders are to become true servants that keep the system operating without guiding the flow of ideas. That job will be the SPIRIT through the synergy of YOU and I. Now it is said that the lying, lawless anti-Christ would lift up another leader/beast and the whole world would follow after this lawlessness. I realize that the eyes of those that WANT to be right more than they love others will not be able to see what isplain sight because it  does not match their interpretation which makes them first and those they hate last.

The wedding of the SPIRIT with the true bridegroom is supposed to result in the drinking of wine (true experience that leads to truth) that goes beyond the veil of interpretation of those just hiding behind a veil of interpretation called religion. What is happening is revealing the true intentions of the heart of all those that aremasquerading as the bride.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hypocrisy drawing desolation, anger from under the altar, wiles of women

The "Right People" have always loved their interpretation more than they love others, but this was never the righteousness of God and the first according to this rightness will become the last
So the energy has to increase on this wild ride and the theme is related to the hypocrisy of the interpretation that they worship while never knowing SPIRIT. What I am speaking about is those unfortunate that are seeking better lives "caravan" as all those who came to the new world had in centuries past. But those who have so much have been led astray by a snake such as the one in the garden that "interpreted" the word of the SPIRIT in such a way that the woman went with it. So it is that what these are drawing to themselves is that they will be "taken out" in order to make room for more meek people seeking a better life. What begins to happen is a message from SPIRIT that those who have and do not share "even what they believe they possess will be taken from them". When you see the opulence of the average person that is hating others in this way you will understand the "whore of Babylon" that will agree with anything for money such as those speaking for the Whitehouse, and if you take away the money their tune would change. Some because of the power of the lie the snake uses causes such as the Press Secretary lie to themselves believe lying is necessary to do God's will. Ooooh that snake in the tree, he was a liar from the start and it is obvious as the synchs indicate from before his name was known that this man speaks his native language. And everyone that follows him for profit, hate or to fulfill a religious interpretation without SPIRIT are implemented in his lies. So the anger of the blood of billions proceeding from under the altar because of this hypocrisy is the smallest of points overlooked. Snakes in the tree like Limbaugh, Hannon and the Whitehouse itself need to have their hearts broken or be removed in order to clearly see this hypocrisy. So real power being a very gentle thing which opens the way to walk through a sea on dry ground,, this power of the SPIRIT is what will speak without words.

Samson is a lesson of how to learn from the "true intentions of the heart of a woman" when some women "and men" who are seeking power and money you can be spitefully used and any lie is justified. But appearance has slain the son of man from the beginning.  Men also, who overlook the law and hate the true intentions of the heart to get wealth use such as this also, these even what they believe they possess, I ask SPIRIT to take it from them. Or for a woman learning from a snake and following an interpretation that seems right but is really politically motivated, in such cases they become the power of the snake against the son of man. There are as many sinners, "separate from SPIRIT" who are women as are men but the true intentions of the heart are very disguised even from themselves.

Wiles are clever tricks that people, especially women, use to persuade other people to do something. He was seduced by the wiles of a woman.

Often such as these use wiles to "make it appear" as though it is a man doing something wrong but the true word of the SPIRIT is able to reveal this in this end time as it was written the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. The religion of the whore of Babylon is based on appearances but when my wave passes over you, you will be swept into wonder and nothing will be hidden to you. And what appeared as righteousness will be revealed to be the greatest separation, and those before hated as being reprobate will be shown to have their attention closer to God than those who judge them.

So let me know who you are that is downloading my blog the last few nights.

Friday, August 25, 2017

spitefully-used by those believing they already

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pres, Mistakes, Division, whores

Last night after writing "Making Stupid Mistakes" one of my own who had no idea of the post said to me "I made a stupid mistake and can't get rid of it. So I went to the thing they made by answering a question on facebook and found a way to get rid of it. I also explained that without the SPIRIT who watches your back the mind will overlook many things and cause you to make stupid mistakes. But when you believe the SPIRIT and nurture and grow that relationship ABOVE all things then SPIRIT will MAKE YOU RIGHT. And the leader or person that lifts up their own self saying they are wise such as a president that does not know that the SPIRIT is using his intent and giving him the power to reach those such as the fire that caused such division in the time of Jesus. His true intentions will fail horribly as the synchs since 2001 have SPELLED OUT. And the intention was that all those following their interpretations they did not get from SPIRIT would get what they believed they wanted only to have their hearts reached deeply.

Those that believe in shame and blame and use it especially for profit will find they cannot reach the SPIRIT as with the dream of passion  you must learn to be unveiled without Shame and though many of those using shame seem to be blameless they are hiding the greatest shame as to why they cannot reach SPIRIT. That was the true story of Jesus. So in this way they will be overcome, all those who fain love for God yet believe in shame and unforgiveness. For the least among men are greater than these who use shame and blame because with true intention of heart they are not SEPARATED from SPIRIT and they are much closer to know the secret though those who INTENTIONALLY MISUNDERSTAND would as in the times of Jesus vote to feed these to the lions because they do not worship the snake and the woman who use shame and blame to control others yet their own hearts are as whores who have done without true intention of heart far worse than those they shame.

DNATREE: Prediction for the 14th exact related to ..........

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Making Stupid Mistakes

People such as leaders and those that love their interpretation more than they love each other on the left and the right will begin to make "Stupid Mistakes" as a gift to make help them realize they need SPIRIT and not an interpretation which cannot save you from yourself. If those that have this information and the predictions can help share them it will help folks to understand and speed them to what is needed. Nothing else needs to change yet as SPIRIT will make all the changes through you and much of what you already are doing the SPIRIT wants to assist you with.

Those believing they are so smart in their own power and not giving this to the SPIRIT will be shown they are nothing without the SPIRIT and without the synergy, synchronicity, love and help of the SPIRIT. What is called victims do not really exist as everyone draws to themselves what they need to reach them to the heart and snakes have helped them to believe a lie and so victims will begin revealing through their experience that they are actually the ones to "blame" for everything they get. And those that reject SPIRIT in order to keep the power of being victimized will have happen to them what will reach others to the heart and reveal they are the ones making STUPID MISTAKES and blaming everyone else but themselves. In reality their is no blame and shame and to have such blocks your ability to hear SPIRIT as you have filled your own cup.


Whom is given much, a lot is required so those with money and influence such as the princes of this world who have much begin to have much problems since according to the meaning of those who are given much, much is required of them.

Monday, November 12, 2018

My Gift to You


I could not stop crying as I wandered the emptiness. Tears flooded my eyes and I began to cry out Girl, Girl why have you forsaken me. I came up on a cave that was open on the top and went back in the cave. Again thoughts of Moses in the wilderness flooded my mind as I cried out Girl, Girl where are you girl. The sides of the cavern were layered and I began to feel the heart of girl. She was a blue layered pearl and her loneliness was a gift to me. Images of the proton and the electron and a love affair between them. This is my gift to you. Emptiness. Poetry I had never heard before flooded my mind ‹‚ You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall but you were in my heart the Vacuum which ‹‚drew you to me. The heart is a layered rose and the fragrance can draw the love you seek. Here, dig here for the treasure you seek. So I began to dig in the ground, up popped the ugliest small stone I had ever seen. Where is the treasure, I ask my heart. This is it, as this stone appears to be formless and void so is the beginning of a pearl. You will see, my love will come in waves, to layer this pearl.  Dnatree

Division will reach you to the heart

It is the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus that led to division and ultimately desolation now read the synchs leading to the end of this world
Synchs with "YOU and I collide"
Synchs with "Coming Fire, that will melt the veil separating YOU and I"


49 “I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning! 50 I have a terrible baptism of suffering ahead of me, and I am under a heavy burden until it is accomplished. 51 Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I have come to divide people against each other! 52 From now on families will be split apart, three in favor of me, and two against—or two in favor and three against.
53 ‘Father will be divided against son
    and son against father;
mother against daughter
    and daughter against mother;
and mother-in-law against daughter-in-law
    and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.’[a]
54 Then Jesus turned to the crowd and said, “When you see clouds beginning to form in the west, you say, ‘Here comes a shower.’ And you are right. 55 When the south wind blows, you say, ‘Today will be a scorcher.’ And it is. 56 You fools! You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the present times.

Fifty Men of Valor

I thought for Veteran's Day I would post this synch from 2007

Aug 2007

It was perfect
While I was there I noticed something about folks in the military as I came up to people and had to get out my meter and help them figure out why the breaker in their camper was tripping. But that got me looking at our military. The emphasis is on how we look, but not on the actual abilities. You see I looked rather rag-tag compared to the officers there but I was (through the Spirit) able to actually fix several electronic and tactical situations while I was there that they would not have attempted. I began to think about how fifty Might men of valor (guided by synchronicity) could be used by the Spirit to reach into a situation and change it, such as Iraq.
Instead of having the emphasis on throwing money and equipment at a region to strong hand them. For the smallest of points overlooked defeats money and might. Instead this country will turn to Spirit to find solutions after the great Whirlwind.

Click on the link for the blue star synchs

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I sat by the pot belly stove listening to the fire
I heard the stove make a burping sound
It came to mind about Tai Chi and the fire in the belly
and that process of burning

That Rumi Poem then came to me
  You’ve gotten drunk on so many kinds of wine. Taste this. It won’t make you wild. It’s fire. Give up, if you don’t understand by this time that your living is firewood.

I began to look at the idea of fire on different levels and what my life through the synchs had said about it
and about creating energy and a controlled combustion such as in the body

My father the inventor and how he taught me extrapolate

He would sit out on the deck by the helm smoking his pipe and speak to me about the glass of the window, saying
"Don't think about glass or anything in the same way you were taught, rather that it was sand and how it can be formed into so many things."

The synergy of YOU and I of Hillary and Trump

Controlled combustion like fox news loading the kindling into the stove

But what of the SPARK?

Where this is all heading you will not be able to say, because the mind cannot fathom the smallest of points overlooked.

That smallest of points like a spark

And what of the synchs of

Change Posted 2003
A coming Fire so hot it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet and leave those hiding behind some interpretation that does not come from SPIRIT with nowhere left to hide!


The explosion of Passion 

Anger synch growing and the Hulk

The EVENT, landslide, politics, whirlwind, gas

Where the fire is headed will not be determined by thinking

But by the SPIRIT through that smallest of points the mind overlooks

Who is safe except he who walks with SPIRIT and does not LEAN ON THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING.

The end of the presumptuous woman


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Grief synch, The Prick,

The synch with the coming Grief that will grip Americans and the world also. But for the sake of the true intentions of the heart of Jesus and the lie that the interpretation has become that will cause desolation because they love their interpretation more than they loved the bridegroom/SPIRIT. Those saying they love Jesus love their interpretation but would hate who Jesus really was and that was his point in saying many things that were said. It is because they would reject the SPIRIT because they cannot let go of their beliefs in shame and blame to experience the "true intentions of the heart".

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Two Loved Ones

Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrongdoing there is a field. I will meet you there.

Two loved ones misunderstood and began to speak what their side of the argument had to say and were quickly becoming angry toward each other. Each one of them thought the other side and not necessarily the other person was deluded and I had to remind each of them of the 20yrs of the SPIRIT saying that such a division was coming and that the whole problem is that the interpretations each side are BEING FED are not the truth because each did not come from the SPIRIT. But that the energy was intended to lead to separation and lead BOTH SIDES TO DESOLATION. Those following the two feeds are like Adam and Eve in the garden following snakes and the SPIRIT says
"Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me"

So the synchs for 20 yrs spelled out the growing division and the fires and collisions that would result and that this is a natural process designed to break your hearts in order to reach you. What is from SPIRIT is Love and Synchronicity

Friday, November 09, 2018

Pam is planning to peel a pomegranate

Well Paradise is no more,,, the town in California was wiped out. But come what may I have found that the SPIRIT is able and makes it right and so as the song on the radio just said by Eva Cassidy It's a wonderful world come what may watch how the SPIRIT confounds them all. Now many may think it is terrible what leaders are doing but I know how it will be used to reach you as the SPIRIT has said. All those leaders and manipulators with money and power which is used in a manner it is not intended cannot undo what the SPIRIT has said will happen which will reveal the true intentions of the heart. So it was when I lost my life, only the SPIRIT could do what needed to get done and no amount of manipulation or spiteful use of the law can keep these liars from ending in desolation. I don't send it, but they draw it themselves even now.

So yesterday I had many great meetings, one guy looked like Jack Nicholson and then today Jack Nicholson was imitated on tv by comedians. Then in Harbor Freight I walk into a guy and we began to talk and then I find he lived on the end of Hammer Lane just three blocks from our Apartment in Stockton. He also was totally in synch with the SPIRIT and we had great rapport.

Time in sanctuary last night and this post about part of it but also how wonderful the SPIRIT worked out what was really going on with Pam's health by me being led to ask questions of her doctor through messages online where I went with a feeling about a medication and it led to finding out that it was causing most of Pam's problems due to adverse reactions and now Pam has made a remarkable recovery and has had such joy over this of late.

Then I had the synch about those represented by Pam which are my own and how I pray for them related to last night's post. For many won't let the words reach them but the SPIRIT will.

Tonight the Joy was "Pam is fixing to peel a pomegranate."

I began to feel a need to have a drill press in my shop I just built and began to think about building one but then I could not believe the price at Harbor Freight where I met that guy yesterday. And now my life has led me to do what was needed with Pam and a rash and so many other things of late.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

http://www.stephentree.com/etanda/anger.htm   Nov 10, 2008 6:43 pm    Post subject: Anger synch growing and the Hulk

When I heard about the bear attack in Alaska and then the name was Snowden my connection between bears and Russians was evident in the story. Snowden Russians... hmmmmm

Now relate this to

The fact that Russia cannot get Snowden to talk may cause them to turn on him. If this is true he is a better American than those seeking to destroy him because of what they are hiding.

So the connection between Snowden and Russians attacking may be used by Government to press a case against Snowden, this is also eluded to in the news.

Found this in the news today

The bigger the military the greater the SPIRIT is able to destroy them with what they have overlooked. Putin, Power and the smallest of points he has overlooked.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

The synchs show it is all finished, how it will end

Was listening to the lyrics of  "I have left to find my ain true love" and thinking about this fire we dreamed about through the synchs

You'll walk unscathed through musket fire
No ploughman's blade will cut thee down
No cutlass wound will mark thy face
And you will be my ain true love
And you will be my ain true love
And as you walk through death's dark veil
The cannon's thunder can't prevail
And those who hunt thee down will fail
And you will be my ain true love
And you will be my ain true love
Asleep inside the cannon's mouth
The captain cries, 'here comes the rout!'
They'll seek to find me north and south
I've gone to find my ain true love
The field is cut and bleeds to red
The cannon balls fly 'round my head
The infirmary man may count me dead
When I've gone to find my ain true love
I've gone to find my ain true love
Songwriters: Gordon Sumner

Brought back the passion of my own experience http://www.stephentree.com/wav.htm

And So I go Away Again 
Struggle ended by Wonder 

When I was with you, you might remember I left from time to time and went wandering. I never left you, I only left the struggle. I took you with me in my heart. I went and reached for “YOU” in the spirit. Even when you left me, and broke my heart, I did not leave you. I built a room (sanctuary) where I could dream of you day and night. In the room I placed a table where I could put “what is on my heart,” for it was YOU on my heart. I dreamed of you day and night. A veil was placed separating you from me. But still I dreamed of you day and night. I knew you were there I was speaking to, yet without words. There really has only been YOU and I, my life. And now I stand at the door between our two worlds, (houses) until the MOMENT, you join me and leave the struggle and wonder, that you might come to know me. Wonder I give you here where I am, no facts except I have always loved you. Now when you leave the struggle and come to the place I am, and you find me there and you speak to others about your experience you will be misinterpreted and you will come back to the door between “YOU and I” and I will again comfort you. And then you will have shared in my joy and in my pain. And you will know there has always only been you and I. 
I wait for you here where I am, my children, my family, my lover, my neighbor. I wait for you. 
Remember the struggle at the end of relationship, that you might keep relationship from it. The tribulation, the struggle, the door. Get ready for the wild ride. When the veil is torn. My heart will forever be true to you. Your leaders will all abandon you, but I will never leave you. My heart will forever be true to you. But my struggle is over, that is why I went away to this place where I am now. It is finished! I am not your interpretations, I am that I am. Come, let us be neighbors under the sun. I have prepared a way for you to know me, love this beggar. 

What will it matter who’s words are right when it is only the words of the spirit that create all things? 

I let your wave encompass me, like sand on the shore I welcome your thunder. Answer me, my life! 

Landslide ….I and my house are upheld by the word of spirit. 
It always starts this way at the beginning of true relationship…she is never sure if she recognizes him. 

Making all her dreams come true, Oh! You thought they were your dreams, but they are mine! 

Lone Cherry 

News flash! Washington cut down the Cherry Tree today, Joy is now forbidden. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 

Pink and white blossoms 

You may be reading the words that I have written, or the words of the two witnesses the fathers and the son, new and old testaments. But I tell you truly, you are not to interpret my writings, neither the old or the new testaments, FOR IT IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN THAT IS IMPORTANT AS WHAT THE SPIRIT DOES WITH IT. For I do not baptize with facts but with the water of wonder. But when the spirit comes and baptizes you, it will be eternally written on your heart and it will be a seal of an eternal life. 
I am your fathers 
I am one spirit 
I am life eternal 

For many do not know me yet they use written words against their neighbor. For as in the times of Noah all have misinterpreted and what is written has become a veil over their eyes. 

Freedom comes in the moment, a kiss (synchronicity) from the father. Moments spent in wonder as a tree growing. 

The dream that spawned this, 

I had to die, I had to leave the pain and struggle, and find YOU, my life, in a wilderness. 

In a moment, something right, invites you to begin a New Day. 

Since finding YOU, my life I now start each day with 
Something fresh, something new, something like YOU. 
I’m in love, I’m all shook up, shiver me timbers captain.