Sunday, March 31, 2019

SPIRIT's power is not learning, Guatemala synchs again

The power of the SPIRIT to JOLT my attention away from trying to fix a problem was provided by such a situation that was so overwhelming and such a huge stone in my path that it was impossible to fix it and made me realize what it meant to trust SPIRIT. I have documented how I wanted my own family to realize what I was talking about having to do with the freedom of SPIRIT and how we are redeemed from the pain of life by learning that the SPIRIT is always there to do it and through working with the energy through attention to it (mis conscrued definition of worship) causes us to slowly, gradually learn to let go and let the SPIRIT do each step that we learned from SPIRIT. This brings me to the predictions that led to Trump and what is going on now. It is not as important that we live a life and have everything if we don't grow this connection. The very people that believe they are first related to God are actually inhibited by a veil of interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT and as I found this needed to be laid aside and let the SPIRIT through Synchronicity lead into all truth. Those that use the law against others rather than realizing it was given to them to keep will be revealed to have never actually given their lives to the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus, which is the same SPIRIT that speaks through everything to which it was said even the stones will speak out if we do not allow the SPIRIT to speak through us. Learning an interpretation is the way of human learning but not the way of SPIRIT. The way of SPIRIT is giving the lover of God what is needed in "this moment". And it will be revealed that those of the interpretation actually do not believe enough in the power of SPIRIT to live the ecstatic SPIRITUAL existence. This is why Trump was put in place, because he uses the law in a manner it was not intended and leads you to reach to the SPIRIT as life gets more on the edge. Trump will end in desolation because he trusts in money and human ideas of power but the SPIRIT has put you like Joseph in this well that you might be led to SPIRIT.

Guatemala Synchs again

We went to the Serenity Thrift Store on Saturday and took our friend from England named Kay. After leaving their Pam wanted to go to the Shoe store nearby and I decided to check out the

Tienda General El Gallo 502 where I related to the Guatemalan workers and spent a little time remembering some of the things about similar stores I had visited in California. 

   We then went to Habitat for Humanity and as I walked around I saw a person that I realized was related to my old Guatemalan synchs where I had met several Guatemalans in one day that related to the storm coming at the border where YOU and I would collide in similar fashion as predicted during the California posting Years. So I knew because of being full of the SPIRIT in the matter that I could ask her if she was Guatemalan and sure enough she was. She realized something about the SPIRIT and got very interested in our connection and asked for my phone info so her family that spoke better English could contact me if they had more questions. Kay also interacted with her and related to her about her experience with my synchs and helped her with her pain. This synch with Guatemala made me look up what was going on today with them and found that Trump stopped all aid to them and that their is another Caravan/Storm brewing.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The SPIRIT will lead and the synch with SHOUT!!!

Cool synch meeting an Annabel working at Walmart as last time I picked up a tire at Walmart I had the synch with Gabriella. This time the second Annabel came while watching Mary Poppins.

The Reed Flute and finding home

This line struck me as it reminded me of how the feeling of experiencing what Jesus experienced and how being treated that way makes you see others different. When you are treated like Joseph must have felt being manipulated by his brothers and left for dead in a well.

I don`t get tired of You.
Don`t grow weary of being compassionate toward me!
All this thirst-equipment
must surely be tired of me,
the waterjar, the water-carrier.
Show me the way to the Ocean!
Break these half-measures,
these snall containers.
All this fantasy
and grief.
Let my house be drowned in the wave
that rose last night out of the courtyard
hidden in the center of my chest .
Joseph fell like the moon into my well.
The Harvest i expected was washed away.
But no matter.
A fire has risen above my tombstone hat.
I don`t want learning, or dignity,
or respectability.
I want this music and this dawn
and the warmth of your cheek against mine.
The grief-armies assemble ,
but I`m not going with them.
This is how it always is
when I finish a poem.
A Great Silence overcomes me,
and I wonder why I ever thought
to use language. 

And this reminds me of moments where everything is reflecting YOU/SPIRIT

by Rumi
The Moon has become a dancer
at this Festival of Love.
This Dance of Light,
this Sacred Blessing,
this Divine Love,
beckons us
to a World beyond
only Lovers can see
with their eyes of Fiery Passion.
They are the Chosen Ones
who have surrendered.
Once they were particles of Light
now they are the radiant Sun.
They have left behind
the world of deceitful games.
They are the Privileged Lovers
who create a new world
with their eyes of Fiery Passion.

The SPIRIT knows how to JOLT you to where you will pat attention to the heart, seeing it like the altar from which fragrance rises. But you must ask for it as Jesus portrayed for you to do. He did not lift up an interpretation but said "The SPIRIT will guide you into all truth"

Oh and this was the SPIRIT with you sis and how the SPIRIT knew what I was trying to say to you.

Synchs with this date

Oh, and Sarcastic in the face of the method that the right has begun to follow Trump in. But they don't know that many know the true intentions of the heart and are waiting for the SPIRIT to do reveal their hearts.
Trains Collision Imminant
Trains collision yet meeting people each day is different. Do you ride a train with the sign in the front says headed to collide with another train that's what these political parties are saying "we are heading to intentionally collide. You think it was your idea but it was programmed into you. I tell you you are caught in a net. DID THE SPIRIT TELL YOU WHAT WAS RIGHT OR MAN'S INTERPRETATIONS?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thoughts last night, Father, Mother, SPIRIT and intentions

I have found that this world is against me.

The SPIRIT will lead you to know what is weighty and what is not, making low what was formally taught to be important and raising what is important that is overlooked. Giving you the attention needed to lead to life.

I am fulfilling my father's intentions through the SPIRIT

My mother gave me the most important part of my life and that was true intention of heart toward knowing Jesus which turned into knowing the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus.

Tesla and a JOLT of lightning

Tesla and my father

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sowing Division

Those on the right that have been sowing division will reap the whirlwind of division among themselves while those that they hate will see it and laugh. Let all those that sow division against fathers and their children likewise reap such as they sow ever increasingly. Republicans believe in dividing Americans but this will lead to their own infighting while democrats stand and laugh.

Synchronicity with others in love leads to only experiences that build up both parties, you can tell that someone is following an interpretation as that interpretation will ever become more their stumbling block.

Trump's Mental State where he begins to fight even with himself.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Quote March 19,2017

LOL So don't hand me anything less than PIE as the SPIRIT is above anything that is not joy.

Been waking up singing this song

Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round

And this words

 "Gather Rain"

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Mob Boss, Trump and "out of the blue" synch

Mob Boss, Trump and "out of the blue" synch

Aug 2-10th Emotion Travels as posted here shows that these things grow in the heart until it manifests as if "out of the blue". Nothing can be hidden.

The Mob boss slaying was the energy I felt when I said it would come from a direction that was not expected. Because a manipulator wants those they are trying to manipulate to respond to a threat so that they can use the response against them, and in my recent post I had written that giving the energy and anger to the SPIRIT and not responding because they intend you to respond so they can manipulate the outcome, but if you give it to the SPIRIT then from the SPIRIT will come the



Edited to add
I posted the above and then went to watch Sunday Morning Clips on CBS all access with Pam. On came Nat King Cole and "unforgettable" so I looked up Nat King Cole in my posts and found exactly what the synch this morning was about


Nat King Cole and the Orange event 

I was walking along, minding my business, When out of an orange-colored sky, Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Wonderful you came by. 
I was humming a tune, drinking in sunshine, When out of that orange-colored view Flash! Bam! Alakazam! I got a look at you. 
One look and I yelled "Timber" "Watch out for flying glass" Cause the ceiling fell in and the bottom fell out, I went into a spin and I started to shout, "I've been hit, This is it, This is it!" 
I was walking along, minding my business, When love came and hit me in the eye, Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Out of an orange-colored sky. 
(Musical Interlude) 
One look and I yelled "Timber" "Watch out for flying glass" Cause the ceiling fell in and the bottom fell out, I went into a spin and I started to shout, "I've been hit, this is it, this is it!" 
I was walking along, minding my business, When love came and hit me in the eye Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Out of an orange-colored, purple-striped, pretty green polka-dot sky Flash! Bam! Alakazam! and goodbye 

LINK from synch Mar 18, 2018
 Life really begins after the SHIPWRECK OF OUR PLANS!

From my synch Mar 17,2018
Sanctuary, joy peace and love is when I am alone with YOU.

To YOU/You that loved me, March 20, 2014

The Stone/Trump (see excerpt below) place in the way that cannot be removed without the SPIRIT doing this is leading astray and to great humiliation for the United States but if SPIRIT reaches you we can avert desolation and transmute the whole end time beliefs. I want to forgive those that cannot be reached because they do not know what they are doing and this is leading to such pain for so many. I am asking the SPIRIT to transmute the whole story by the smallest of points overlooked. If only it can be that they taste this and not receive the full fury of their presumption. How can this be done? 
With YOU all things are possible and my own are being reached. Let those who are the greatest manipulators against the SPIRIT that use their own power in their own strength, let them receive with by their own hand what they want for those they hate and what will reach the others. Like those intentionally lying in this administration, Perfect Love is so much better than a bullet as it will reach others where a bullet would just embolden their base of hate. And with love those following after the lie in religion will be revealed. Their hearts must be broken in order to reach them and so they were allowed to follow a lie and are under the Trump hat.

True Americans in the CIA need to have true intention to see all the connections here as the Russians are reading this blog at a rate more than Americans and the reason is because there is something to it.

Stone in Path

The Event
There is a point coming where those caught in the bubble net will not be able to escape as they have made their choice based on hate and interpretations they loved more than life itself. Such as those that believe a man or woman was so smart and did not need the SPIRIT!
The Coming Crime of Following a LeaderQuote

I will send them a deluding influence so that those that follow the letter without knowing the spirit will be revealed. A stone will be placed in the path of mankind that they will not be able to pass without true Spirit.
The Anti-Christ and the SUBMIT SYNCH
AND  the coming storm, which became ever so possible by the Trump Threats
LOL So don't hand me anything less than PIE as the SPIRIT is above anything that is not joy.
 Recent posts about the intention that they draw their own end and all be caught in a net.
Finally the end all intention is SPIRIT

Monday, March 17, 2014

The SPIRIT spoke through Jesus saying "Enter through the DOOR" I (SPIRIT) am the door

I have been having this synch with "The DOOR/Threshold" in that it was not Jesus but the SPIRIT that spoke through him saying. 


So this is presumption, that a person interprets or believes an interpretation that is presumption and did not get their truth from SPIRIT. SPIRIT IS THE DOOR. [url]It was known that all who love interpretation would hate the SPIRIT[/url] and enter in through interpretation. 

The synch with 11:11 is often an indication of a calling to the door from SPIRIT as it was written "many are called but few are chosen".

It is hard to see why at first that an interpretation that our flesh/brain thinks is correct will lead astray but as intention grow like a tree, so an interpretation or belief born of interpretation grows until it goes awry. Only the SPIRIT can give You truth and keep the intention from going awry.

Next thought in the synch is The SPIRIT again spoke through Jesus saying. All who hate me, hate the father. 

The SPIRIT will reveal the hidden intentions of the hearts involved. The SPIRIT says,

Everyone that speaks for themselves does not speak for the SPIRIT. Everyone that interprets through their own ability is not speaking for the SPIRIT. Therefore it is the the SPIRIT that "MUST SPEAK THROUGH YOU" in order for your interpretation to be valid.

Again Jesus spoke of the SPIRIT

By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear (the SPIRIT speak), and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him (The SPIRIT of the father) who sent me.
If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true

Like the interpretation given by the snake in the tree to the woman that began the separation between the man and his wife. (Speaking of the snake in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil/shame and blame) Everyone that seeks to separate does not know the SPIRIT for even though they may be able to speak all prophecy but do not have love they are nothing. They are secretly a worker of iniquity.And their purpose is to trample the pearls given by SPIRIT to You because they hate You.

Those that would hate the SPIRIT love interpretation without SPIRIT and therefore they were sent a deluding influence so that they would believe a lie and be caught in a net. But to those that overcome, they are given eternal life. The world will hate You. (You cannot overcome except the SPIRIT does it through You)

All that believe they can interpret the book never knew the SPIRIT, for it is these that the presumption of self rightness leads to death.

I just could not imagine why I was so lucky today. Everything I touched today worked and things I needed showed up. Then I realized all the intention toward SPIRIT related to St. Patrick's Day in those years alone and realized that I was "Always after Me lucky Charms" YOU/SPIRIT come to me in many forms.


Synch last night
Ancient Idols found in peoples homes were there like you would put  a picture that reminds you of where to keep your attention as attention was actually the same thing as worship. Idols, altars and temples are all related to the intention of attention/worship. 

As it was written

Isaiah 26:3 (ASV) Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]; because he trusteth in thee.

Altar and Forms (StephenTree)

The table/altar- the altar itself is a form and has much meaning. As most of the forms that are placed on the table it represents heart. Poem :
What words does this table wish to speak? When four legs and a flat you be form dictates so much of thee This is what this table says to me. like, what is on my heart or, what is on my table. Like an altar from long ago, conveying the things my heart wishes to know. (Stephen Tree)

Friday, March 15, 2019

Wind, change, emotion, Maga Hats

Two odd synchs today

We saw a video about a woman in an RV that had wind problems and emotion problems. Seemed to be a correlation between the wind and her emotions about her situation and her mother. I then went to take the dog for a walk and got out of the car and could not keep the hat on my head for the wind. The synch the whole day felt related to Maga Hats and the wind that is coming and/or the hat of the president. Hats flying off because the Maga hats seem to represent a negative thing of separation and hate, but the maga should go away as the humiliation increases.

Wind in your dream symbolizes life changes you'll experience very soon. It is important to remember how strong the wind was in your dream. ... If in yourdream wind is blowing from the north, it denotes that a person is better to get ready to difficulties in his/her career or domestic life.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The coming Crime of following this leader, It would be very bad if.........

You don't understand, when you say

'It would be very bad' if his militarypolice and biker supporters got 'tough' 

But this statement actually sets in motion his own troubles for these reasons.

The way things work is YOU DRAW TO YOURSELF your own punishment according to your own beliefs, and as Trump who says he sides with the religious right but obviously never knew the true intention of the heart of what that means, he is drawing to himself according to his own judgement. It is one thing to tell others what they are drawing to themselves but to put out such an intention which is to incite violence" When what Christians believe is "do unto others as you would have them do to you" well this is what you would have them do to you. But let it not come from those he hopes will fight him on the left but rather from a meteor of which he could never expect!

Everything is going to be alright,, what could go wrong,  on the TV right now "The Good Fight"

You have sown to the wind and you will reap the whirlwind

Let those on the right know that if you follow a lie and you know it is a crime you will want to sing before it is too late. 

You need to study the predictions as they reveal there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming. Any action to do so will be revealed to hasten this.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Better than a bullet and Kim Jong II

There is an intent to cover up what they believe is against their interpretation of what they expect but there is the increasing reality that those liars and manipulators first will begin to drop dead. (especially those motivated by money)

Let it be as a stumble, that they do it to themselves, unable to see the enemy is themselves but revealing themselves the true enemies of this country.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Fruit of the Trump Tree and why....

The Fruit of the Trump Tree and why everything will lead to desolation
The fruit of a tree tells you what to expect. Without True Intention of Heart the lies that are being told by this administration will lead to desolation especially of the image of America around the world. 

Understand this, every intention of the heart of the con man will result in more and more desolation because they worship the sign of the dollar and lies, manipulation, and trickery are seen as good for an apparent 3 percent increase, but the losses that are building like a huge angry mass will shove money up money's ass! Trump and his cohorts are blinded by what they see as profit, intentionally blinded and working to blind all others to the devastation that their true intentions are drawing. Those thinking in terms of money and power are being intentionally blinded in order to catch them all in a net. But what it will lead to is, the very of idea of a leader is synonymous with selling your soul.

Synchs with SNL as I write this "One mistake and we will kill you" "I sense it was a trap" "I can't play that"

Hey, it is a prediction, I mean just because all of these came true

The best thing to do is Party with the SPIRIT as the synch of late has revealed, because the SPIRIT is catching them all in a net as predicted and there is nothing that needs to be done except "Get ready for the wild ride".

When my wave Passes over you, you will be swept into wonder

For this reason it was written by such that would manipulate and lie for money but then asked what can I do to be saved

Go sell all that you have and give it to the poor and you will have treasure on the level that really matters.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Drop Dead synch those motivated by money over true intent

I found this prayer request walking at the lake written on a piece of paper

And then I got home and began to dream and this came on

Sending out an SOS

Message in a bottle

The problem with interpreting scripture such as religion without the process of coming to know the SPIRIT and growing in the SPIRIT is the flagrant disregard of the rule, not to add anything or subtract anything from what the SPIRIT gives. And one of the major edicts of scripture is the "SPIRIT is to lead you into all truth".
"It's time to clean house Jerry"  I heard this in a commercial so I went to look up my housecleaning synch , the Drop Dead synch and the Conspiracy against the Tree synch and all those under the hat

Also the synch with being saved from death on thanksgiving only to find "the bitch is back" and then this synch today with "toss that conniving whore back into the sewer she crawled out of." Let those that love their interpretation of hate for money take heed.

And shake out her bag too.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=the-collection-2016&episode=s01e07
Searching for this synch brought up the "Drop Dead" synchs which are related and so I will post a few of those synchs as this felt like what SPIRIT was talking about.

My problem is some of my own’s experiences are getting increasingly more difficult as they do not respond to the True intention of the Spirit through the father but keep looking for the evils and looking for someone to blame. And, it may be seen that the world itself also will increase in increasing turmoil and tribulation until they respond to the message. There is an intent to cover up what they believe is against their interpretation of what they expect but there is the increasing reality that those liars and manipulators first will begin to drop dead. (especially those motivated by money) My own family story is actually testimony to the Authority of the Spirit through the father. 

Friday, March 09, 2018

World on fire

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Position wanted Ambassadors

The word last night was Ambassadors. This is what I want for Pam and I. Like our experience in California where life gave us the opportunity to travel to wonderful sanctuaries to pick up the synchs that led to all the predictions Pam and I would like to be sponsored somehow to travel both in the states and internationally to continue this but in a direction for those that want good to come out of all this. It is plain that the synchs revealed that those under the hat such as the Christian Church in America that backs Trump were to be reached by the synchs eventually and the Bubble Net is designed to reach all these to the heart that love ideology via interpretations of men. Looking for a sponsor via some like minded group. We have our own home and income but it does not allow us to travel and experience all we need to as we would like to continue the synchs in a more positive direction by co-creating with like minded people. As those who have actually taken the time to see what the synchs are saying nothing is going to go the way the interpretations believe and we have a magnificent opportunity to influence the world to come. So those actually following the synchs that might see a mutual intent here I intend that we synergize in great way! steven@stephentree.com

Pam needs to be jolted out into such fresh experience to keep her MS at bay also.

Friday, March 08, 2019

444 synch again today

The energy is to Party On and Enjoy, to Play passionately
We knew it would be a hard fought race

Those that went before us lived passionately and their lives layered the cameo of life's dna. They knew the pitfalls that humans do not now allow themselves to see being so "ummm learn-ned" they have placed pillars in the river of our dna as a sign on the path so that when the SPIRIT parts the water "rightly divides what is before you then you will see, but those loving their interpretation will find it ever more a stumbling block to keep them dead. The manipulators and those that use shame and blame who appear first will be last.

Once again woke up at 444 as two days ago

Woke up exactly last night at 444 which is a message of death or end of someone or something

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Dream of Home

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'"
So it is that the time is come that those that will not let the SPIRIT reach his children are to be washed away. Because they have lifted up themselves above the SPIRIT presumptuously. The SPIRIT says they will know such a great sorrow that reaches to the heart and stops them in their tracks.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Cohen, Trump, assassination , Stroke, Juvenile Court

Cohen, Trump, assassination, Will Trump try to Fix the Fixer
I thought about how knowing what I know about the synchs and who Trump really is that he would very much do such as kill someone if it got in the way of his narcissistic intent. When Cohen said that Trump said that he could stand in the middle of 5th Ave and shoot someone he was serious and Cohen is also talking about himself especially if something happens to him and the synch is that Trump is also thinking of doing this to stop this loud mouth. The synch is that he would do such a thing because he does not believe in SPIRIT, but believes in money and power and lies.  Loyalty over truth is now the norm in the party. Nobody needs to kill anyone if they trust SPIRIT, just give your pain and hurt and anger to SPIRIT and be very patient. True Love is better than a bullet! If you were to grow with SPIRIT you do not need to defend yourself against such as you know the SPIRIT knows who is really the manipulating beast and who does not believe in SPIRIT such as most who say Jesus, Jesus would never believe it was the SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus and not the man. All of religion sees him according to the flesh because they never really knew him.

The Stroke synch evolved to People in the 50's

My synchs today are
juvenile court,

So whatever Agency just read 416 posts from my blog in the United States did not get this one yet.

Wrote this last night about man (kind) and each person was there in Adam at the time.

I walked with You in the garden

Why have you hidden yourself from me   (shame AND blame)

The letter without the SPIRIT is death as the enemy ALWAYS comes in and sows tares the old testament was to be seen as full of holes because it was so convoluted by tares is what Jesus intended therefore he started over new. Keep the old but know this. So it is now with the what we have been given 2000yrs ago much was covered up in the book burnings such as 150ad to 350ad. When the canon was made it became a lie and without SPIRIT you are following a manipulation and contortion of words to take away the original meaning of SPIRIT.

The reason she was created was because you would choose to be alone
I use this product to start my wood stove and would like to recommend it as it is far cheaper than any other brand I have found. I get it from Sav a Lot

Synch with the word "Kindle" and Jesus

“I came to cast fire on the earth, and would that it were already kindled

Tear Tuesday

You don't want to play ball with this administration as it means you too will be caught in a net. If you are asked to the best thing to do is let the American People know .......