Saturday, September 28, 2019

Stuck, Redemption

What has been evolving is that you could not reach be reached "society", and desolation is inevitable, therefore we are stuck, and this reflects even in relationship between those under the law and the wildheart. Though desolation is looming the love such as between a man and a woman would reach this point and it is here that "He would lay down his life for another life and further intend to synergise with those under the law, thou they do not know what they do". For the law was for them to keep and not to use against whom they hated. But here it is also proper to say,   "For they will hate you, and they will kill you" even so that they reveal they never knew the SPIRIT even while saying Jesus, Jesus for this was the origin on Jesus as he and his cousin John were as the wild heart of the ram caught in the reeds that gave up their lives. For on the planet on the time was the wildheart among men but they would soon have no place to lay their head because of the misconception about the law and those that would interpret without the SPIRIT. Seeing that they would not be reached and their love was a lie even as they would gladly follow a lie so it is that the true son of man layed his life down because of her yet she did not reciprocate but used the law in a manner it was not intended against him. This was the story of the three betrayals and the manipulation and lies toward the law. For the men and priests that are being shamed are taking their shame, and they are the least of them who are greater than any of these who say Jesus, Jesus but never knew the SPIRIT. So we go in another direction and let go of those whose love is a lie, whom shield their own shame and what they have done while heaping upon whom they hate all their shame. In the end they will be the least while those they judged will be revealed to be those they persecute. Money leads astray, and causes many to be damned. Leading to all manner of lies and manipulation to take the birthright from those they intentionally misunderstood. So take refuge in Jesus and the law while misunderstanding the SPIRIT until the day you are enlightened by the SPIRIT to see whom you have pierced. Humans were to be destroyed because of interpretation of the snake which was as the original sin, but it was given to them this way that the wildheart lay down his life for another life that synergises with those under the law. (Knowing the SPIRIT reveals the fulfillment of the law in that "where two of three are in agreement" it is made right and does not offend those who are not at that point in their growth. But those who use the law in a manner it was not intended, play god by stepping between those whom something has been sanctified believing they know what they cannot know without growing in SPIRIT. The law was meant for "you" to gauge yourself, not to use in such a manner against a man. But the separations from SPIRIT are coming due and the planet and those who love their interpretation (they did not get from SPIRIT) will be led to reveal themselves and shame and blame will be given them to such a degree as 10 times what they used against those they manipulated, first for money and so on as the SPIRIT moves. So let it be!

Let those first according to humans reveal themselves to be last. And religion, let it be revealed they never knew whom they hated, whom they used the words of Jesus against is exactly whom Jesus said they would persecute and INTENTIONALLY misunderstand. Let the veil separating you and I on this planet be torn as was revealed by the death of all wildhearts that were abused by those USING THE LAW in a manner it was never intended. This was the poetry of Jesus and the wildheart John. let the shame break their hearts that they have done unto him whom they never knew exactly as was done to Jesus revealing their hearts. Let the SPIRIT reveal this mystery in humans, let the shame be returned to those that use the law as they do.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Manipulators Now Reveal Themselves

Manipulators Trip UP! Reveal Your Nature, Reveal Your Selves!

Ok so the synchs related to this time seem to be coming true such as those from the Lincoln Memorial where those hiding their true intent begin to reveal themselves. These that would manipulate and lie for profit and gain have overlooked the smallest of points Let those that love a lie, that manipulate and lie to give this beast power, let their right hand reveal their true intent, let all women that have left their nurturing position for profit by manipulation and lies reveal themselves. Let the religious right that has followed a lie now reveal themselves.

Related to the Lincoln Memorial Post that reveals what the synchs said about the true intent of Trump and those desiring to follow a lie.

Let all these who worship their carnal mind be revealed, and let them also as on the Lincoln Square reveal their lies before our fathers whose seat they have stolen.


Quote from 2018
Liars and manipulators all who judge by interpretation or ideal for they are really hiding behind their own interpretation and judging others according to their hate/own presumptions. You will not be able to lie to them much longer, that is why the SPIRIT chose Trump to lead all you liars to follow a lie. And even those on the left to follow and fight against each other and reveal themselves too. Enjoy this time of feeling righteous you Women and Snakes that judge others as you are being led to reveal your own nakedness and when that happens you will not be able to live with yourselves. You will reveal you never knew the SPIRIT and have been hiding and judging others when you are really naked.


 Get to know the SPIRIT and a man that knows SPIRIT, and you will no longer be so presumptuous and hate men as so many are coming to hate men to their own destruction. It is like birds that conspire against the tree. Such want to be greater than God and Men and will reveal themselves for what they really are. Nothing, at least those that fake love, seeking true love are greater than these.

Related in the News about women who have left their nurturing heart for money

You are under the law until the SPIRIT releases you because you allowed the SPIRIT to reveal in you what has been overlooked. Then you walk with true intent and love for those under the law yet you yourself are not judged by them but they are by their own words.

\To those who seek the SPIRIT beyond interpretation
Where to put the passion, let your heart smolder (without shame) for this component of love which is hated by those that seek profit is so much greater than fear.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Recurring 444 synch

Meaning an ending or death.

Today Pam and I have been having this synchronicity with 444 right on time with the prior synch
We're eating at Chipotle and noticed the sink next door then looked at the phone and it said that time for 444
also so I'm posting this from my phone.

I converted a hundred gallon tank I got a new wood stove by trading.

Also a synch with the name Chris

Monday, September 16, 2019

Dream Meanings

Interesting synch with dream symbols that started when my neighbor who has had a lot of luck lately related to our synchs and her retirement noticed a Virgin Mary with Child statue showed up in her back yard and mentioned it to me. I told her that it was connected to the old propane grill that she wanted me to take out of her yard and I found it attached to the grill. So I put the statue in a spot in her yard and she noticed it the next day. I told her how it got there and then looked up the dream meaning of the Virgin Mary with child and it said.

the Virgin Mary in a dream can mean a joyful event, basically having a new baby in your family. Mary also symbolizes the great happiness.

That was exactly what had just happened in her life and then Pam and I went to Netflix and this new series that the first episode was about dreams was exactly what was happening. Later more programs about dream meanings came on.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

They both believed in something everyone else said was impossible

They both believed in something everyone else said was impossible

From Bond 007 From Russia with Love, 

The journey to the heart, a passion so intense seeking to know the true intentions of the heart that walking writing about those who went before us he stumbled over the capstone of a pyramid among miles of rocks,  he happens upon this stone because he was seeking to know the true intentions of heart of those who went before us.

My family would really find this movie interesting as it was made in the same time we lived in Izmir Turkey and many of the words such as Goodbye, and Very Good and several others were in this movie. Also the Ferrys that we rode on and the windows rattled as the engine vibrated the whole ship and when the ship rocked from side to side the rattling would subside momentarily.,

Irene was predicted for the exact cause of revealing the presumption

Friday, September 13, 2019

Goldfinger, Gold Rush,

My intention now is to allow the SPIRIT to fulfill all my dreams even financial for travel and reaching the world about why the SPIRIT is overlooked. And to let go of those that do not see a man as the SPIRIT would see, as they see him only according to the snake and the woman's greed.

Not all men are snakes, not all women are whores, but if you had a smile on your face when you engaged with him only to change later when you are done and are looking to cash in then you are nothing but a whore. How many birds would drop from the branch if they were judged upon the true intentions of the heart rather than appearances? How many men would be redeemed if they were judged by the true intent rather than the appearances that are assigned them?

Hey, seek the SPIRIT first then all these things can be added unto you. There is a time for everything under the sun, when the time is right to have it all! Bring it ON!/MY LIFE!!!


Gold Rush
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Kansas, Offended, Orange Event,

So I have been having synchs with Kansas lately and today we went into a hairdresser and there was a magazine about Kansas and I did not like traveling in Kansas before in my life because of how flat it was and all the miles of corn fields, but this magazine seemed to show that Kansas was not all fields.

Offended, this was synch word within the whirlwind a few times. So I know when a manipulator is looking for a way to portray they are offended (when they really were not) if you looked into the "true intent" of this person you would find it is them offending. Perhaps politically this might be used, not sure which party or side starts this one but it seems to be a classic manipulator complaint.

Also I had the "Orange Event" synch yesterday at the local Ford Dealer.

The Coming Orange Event - DNATREE

The Predicted Orange Event and "both sides" synch - DNATREE

Synchs of late that like in the 2008 Stock Market Failure it turned out in the vibe so far that they are fleesing the flock and if they did it in 2008 and we have such a manipulating and lying leadership, do you really believe that the true intent of Trump being money will not end you horrible slaughter of the financial meat of the middle class flock.

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No One is Paying Attention/Stockman come and take it all away

Lemons to Lemonade synch just now which is related to September 20th "in 2014"

Monday, September 09, 2019

No One is Paying Attention/Stockman come and take it all away

Getting a synch with how trust of leaders and then what really is going on as in the movie
"The Big Short"

"No one is paying attention"

Post about "Stockman Come and take it all away"

Prediction about the Stockmarket Crash and housing synch

http://stephentree.com/stockman/ Posted on September  27, 2006

Check the dates of the stock failure


  • Also in 2015 it was revealed the restrictions that inhibited such financial manipulation that caused the failure were removed and we were on our way to the same thing happening and what is really going on.

So last night I had my synch with when reaching them about the SPIRIT I could not reach you then the SPIRIT would lead to financial synch which when they see how the SPIRIT channels money to change the world then they begin to get interested in the SPIRIT but the majority respond without the true intent of heart that is needed. I had the synch with 58 Billion to reach the earth about what has been overlooked and how we have been led astray by interpretations of the snake and how the Woman and the Snake use shame to control the world, but it will be unto them in the end.

Ok, we await what is going to happen with the synchs and money and the door for certain manipulators will be closing before they will come around.

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Tonight I "stumbled upon" the movie "Inside Job" but while looking at movies listed on CBS which is more of a synch with this post.

And the train crash synch for Sept 14th seems to be related to financial and what is discovered.

Here are the meltdown synchs related to Sept 20th

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Leave the Struggle

Ok, got the message the SPIRIT allowed that direct communication through the storm Dorian but the reaction the next day with Trump and Lou Dobbs where if you do not worship the beast you hate America well that pretty well spells out where we are at.
The only way is to die to human activity and let there be only YOU and I/SPIRIT and through love and synchronicity synergise with all that is and of course those around you, neighbors, family, fellow Americans. What they are demanding is opposite to what SPIRIT is about. Rather vote true servants and let go of the struggle that is these on the right demanding you worship their interpretation which will lead to desolation.

Knowing the true intentions of the heart is manipulation and money and all the synchs over the years about the subject of what was coming we can see through the lens of the SPIRIT what is really going on,

Classic lying manipulators say exactly what they are doing is what those they are manipulating are doing such as the Lou Dobbs and Trump saying the left hates America if they do not worship the Beast who is manipulating America right now. When really they are FLAT OUT using the hate of the far right Nazi's and haters of all sort including those that love their interpretation that DID NOT COME FROM SPIRIT more than they love their neighbors yet in a sound bite they make it like everyone else who does not agree with their ideologies and manipulations hate America.

So this is where the synch is sitting

 If the property does not exist anymore nor the island and it takes a bee line for that property then it may do the best to reach Americans about SPIRIT. So I have not had much more than that as a synch about this but I wait today for what the SPIRIT will give me about this.

So I see this as a reckoning because of the 'Apocalyptic’ devastation in Bahamas that this is saying something different than what is being presumed. 

The Answer is the SPIRIT

When I found I was being manipulated and used for money by someone that had planned to use the presumptions of others against a man, I was broken hearted and fled human existence and because of following the synchs to that point I knew that from that moment on there was only YOU and I, MY LIFE and that everything was now just YOU coming to me in the form of that day. This ATTENTION/WORSHIP led to a very wonderful existence where anything was possible and so it became so. As I came to see ONLY YOU MY LIFE then I began to see the good in everything that came into my world and after years alone everyone that came into my world. So the end of these leaders which lead astray is desolation and the new world that will be born will be only servants of one another and this money that causes so much manipulation and making use of the law in a manner it was not intended will be revealed through what they are doing and no one will say follow him or this group for everyone will know that GOD is within and never outside of us.

I died already to the struggle with humans, In that moment the SPIRIT reached me I left the world
Now there is only YOU and I, MY LIFE
In other words the real experience of being Crucified with Christ where you allow the experience in order to see past the interpretation
Yet now I live, yet not I but the SPIRIT lives through me.
There is no way to reach the world/masses
Only to reach You!
A cripple must not dream to make his legs work again, rather he should dream to do the true intentions of his heart that he might dance with YOU. Then healing can come without attention to the problem.
There is coming a reality where the only light will be reflected as through the moon
Stand by Me!
If your desire is to calm the water
Dream that day new!

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Synch developing with three movies

Due Date
Of Mice and Men

I am in the middle of the synch now so I will post more later as the SPIRIT gives it to me

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