Thursday, February 28, 2019


The power of laughter at these "l e a d e r s" that think that they are in charge that cannot see what the SPIRIT is growing around them. (see predictions) They think that they can manipulate and make things appear this or that way but the smallest of points overlooked is they are being led to desolation.

The most powerful thing that can happen is for free men to lift up their hearts in joy to SPIRIT with joy looking at these clowns in particular Trump and Kim Jong-Un about their inability to manipulate and make things appear as they want them to appear. If free men in the world were to celebrate what the SPIRIT is doing then this would reveal these leaders are just leading astray and their constituents also are being "caught in a net".

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mockery of the Right "Laughing Isaac"

We don't need divisive leaders anymore, we need true servants

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It's Going Down for Real

It's going down for real
The road ahead like a road in Laos
Unexpected Surprise
 explosions (diversion) He is a master at manipulation, but would he hurt himself?
If the owner of the house knew when the thief was to come
stephentree.com/orange "Hearts and Minds"
Shock and Awe but what 
does 3 percent gain if the division comes home to roost

The Day the Drones came Back

Orange wants you to be afraid, Predicted 2007 then it is easier to get you to submit
Profit,,it's not just money, it is peace, and synchronicity with others
That is the secret to creating the garden, mutual desire for peace, love, and Joy. Over eons, it created the sanctuaries we destroy in a day $for the sign of the beast.$ What profits make men do.
We defile the sanctuary for what?
But there is peace, if we follow the trail within (dna)
it's those who went before us
without SPIRIT our best is never enough
we always overlook the smallest of points
and all fail, leaders lead astray
Hearts Break!
You are drawing it
Your going through it
You don't have a choice
But it will reach you to the heart
Nobody to blame, you have created this for yourselves
Your making jokes right now
So a Million Die
Court Cases and Funerals

So Be It! https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/02/so-be-it.html
Look, See, It is all happening!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

MI6 and MS13

Today I found people calling me and asking for me to help them and when I fix whatever it was they needed help with each of the parties gave me food. Very strange because it synchs with my post yesterday and my intentions about getting what you need and not necessarily with money.

MS13 was on my mind yesterday and I began to have the intention about what is truth and what is hype about them. I had a feeling that governments do horrible things in secret and that other people that live on the edge are often doing what they must to survive.  This morning Pam decided to watch a PBS program about MI6. I began to realize that everything that one country fighting to survive is what every Military Intelligence organisation has had to do. I am not saying that they don't do horrible things but that all have done such things and of course each had their reasons. It is our governments that place the sign of the beast on whom disagree with them and those do not cooperate with their wishes when there really is no difference. So it is with everyone as everyone has sinned and everyone has failed. These aspects of reality are meant to reach all of us to the heart and make us better understand the other guy. But because of the belief in competing interpretations about good and evil everyone is not paying attention to their selves but rather trying to appear good when no one is good but the SPIRIT of God is the point of attention to make you a fountain of good.

Seems to me the real evil is those that believe so much that there is evil while doing evil and manipulate and accuse others in order to make themselves look better politically or in their little circle. These seem to be motivated by money or power and do not care if their version is true just if they win or not. This is evil, these are they that do not possess the truth and fight to keep anyone else from it in order to possess what the world believes is important to possess.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Once again, why desolation is coming in waves and redemption also in waves

Simplified SPIRIT
Modern Christianity Drawing their own Desolation

When I went through the door in order to understand the true intentions of the heart related to "the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus" I was amazed at the fact that SPIRIT led to no shame or blame for those that reach for SPIRIT and unveiled and uninhibited experience, but for those that demand a law and "would" reject SPIRIT they were given a law. This law was NEVER for them to use against others but given to these that said "just tell us what to do and we will do it" because they could not reach SPIRIT for some reason or did not have the true intention of heart to. The snake and the woman through "interpretation" such as at the tree of the fruit of good and evil wanted to use the law and felt that they could use it but they misunderstood the use of it. These always do misunderstand and often intentionally as many can attest. So many even now that hear of the SPIRIT will reject it because they don't seem to experience SPIRIT as any shame or blame is like a veil to such experience.

One of the greatest "sins" against the SPIRIT is to not be able to "enter in" because they would not accept the truth because they already believe that they are right, therefore having their cup filled they would never allow the humiliation that is required which is to have your heart broken following the SPIRIT by someone who really did not have true intention of heart but rather wanted to use you in a manner that they have manipulated to do so as this is what is the experience of all who went before us. Jesus spoke of that humiliation and how he could not reach them, but in order to give them a way to enter into if they have true intention of heart they would allow the SPIRIT to grow within them until they realized why the letter of the law was given and why they demanded it. This is why it was spoken that "they" who followed the book and never knew the SPIRIT would kill you and do all manner of things against you believing they are doing the will of God.The SPIRIT accepts those that have gone through the law with great passion to keep it and were honest with themselves that they cannot do it and needed the SPIRIT. Unlike the fake crap that calls themselves Christian that use the law against others such as those that accuse men without knowing their true intent and manipulate to appear as though they ever knew the wild heart named Jesus. They are liars and thieves just as Jesus also said.  And with a broken heart having tried their hearts become open to the believing the SPIRIT and if their hearts are seen to be able to go to the end....... then to do as Christianity demands and that is to "suffer" as he suffered and go through by the SPIRIT leading what is needed to experience to know what the reality ot all it is. The true baptism of the SPIRIT reveals in him those hiding behind a veil of interpretation called religion and  how they never knew the SPIRIT.

Those hiding are being exposed as was the intention given to the SPIRIT in 1993 even as she who was the false bride used everything she could to manipulate and destroy him while secretly doing much worse without true intent and seeking only money. She would be blessed if she would turn to SPIRIT as she saw and knew his true intent but because she won't she seals her fate even as the SPIRIT spoke giving her time to turn from her hateful true intent.  So it is the true church is those persecuted by the organisation that believes themselves righteous without ever seeking to know the SPIRIT.

So it is that everyone that manipulates and thinks it is their power or being smart such as American leaders on both sides are being led to desolation and need to study the synchs over 30 yrs to see what the true intention of the heart is before they are swept away.

30 yrs of predictions about what all is happening right now reveal the true intentions of the heart but those already self right by interpretation will never accept what the SPIRIT has to say as "they never knew me says THE SPIRIT THAT SPOKE THROUGH SUCH AS JESUS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All was predicted

Trump was predicted so that the self right on the right would follow a lie

The end of the presumptuous woman (she is who demands you worship her interpretation (not from SPIRIT) and will not be taught) She is being led to desolation by her own hand. The SPIRIT leads a man to his dream which is a woman with true intent toward men and not secretly looking to use shame and blame to control him.

I need to add those like Russia and Putin as the manipulators that are caught in this net and their intentions are to return to themselves many fold.

Synchs with political Murder, Poison, Manipulation,

These are some of the synchs from last night

"Murder of Political Opponent"

Poison Synch

This may also relate to earlier poison synchs like in this one where my name was Cherokee Tree

We are writing from Tahoe

Nothing in my experience to date has been about this fearful subject except for the Monsanto a couple times this week. But I am sure the SPIRIT will reveal our hearts soon so that we will know what this is about. Let's see in the morning.

I found when I first began having synchs that they reflected my fears, or agreed with my fears. They were not about showing the world what they were drawing to themselves for first I had to come to know YOU INTIMATELY. It was when I came to know YOUR/SPIRIT that is MY LIFE's true nature that I began to learn how the poison is turned into the medicine.

Well I got that they poisoned the dish and gave it to whom the cat would trust and are waiting for the cat to eat it. And if that is so then there are several that said they now liked the cat but really are still trying to trick the cat. Wow.. If so the exact same thing appears to be happening with several people both within this board and elsewhere. Well probably just fears right? Night, gotta get some sleep

Also have had synchs lately with
Mice, Rats, Human Fears and how to kill them

Also getting this synch where a leader would even allow themselves to be shot in a staged situation to gain the sympathy of their base and be shot in such a way that they recover but it is all a ruse to change the energy.
How is this possible?

Trump would fiddle while the country burned if it fulfilled the "true intentions of his heart".

It has become more and more obvious as the synchs declared that those following Trump are being closed in a net and that to back him will lead to desolation for them.

How the Christain religion  de-volved to be anti-Christ and do not know they are, the real reason folks were fed to the lions is the same reason as those accused now.

Our intention to travel and synergise with others to create a better outcome to the synchs

Needing the freshness of travel and finding the moment in new sanctuaries in order to draw the change needed to help this country. The things we need to travel is a better vehicle and travel home/camper. Situation that would allow travel like the business Pam and I did in California. Fixing the gig in California we had of technical repair.  I think the synergy with some group through synchronicity should appear. If we could agree with others and go and get synchs for those who want to let of interpretation and embrace the freshness of synchs through SPIRIT.


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Orkin Man Exterminator

Synchs today were the Orkin Man which indicates the energy I gave to the SPIRIT yesterday

Exterminator. To dream of an exterminator represents you or someone else that is fed up with an annoyance. You've put up with a person or situation that has been annoying you for long enough. Feeling that a problem has finally gone too far. An exterminator reflects an option or opportunity to totally clear out a problem.

Trump's Propaganda Minister,

Today started with a youtube video about Helga, the daughter of Hitler's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.
While watching this video I felt something about Joseph Goebbels and Stephen Miller so I looked up "Trump's Propaganda Minister". This picture came up

I have been having this synch about certain hearts that need to be broken to disconnect the power of money to make people lie and manipulate and how reaching them to the heart since words will not reach them is necessary. I have a feeling about what the SPIRIT intends but it is like the smallest of points overlooked. Horrible things are done by those possessed by money and power to make them lie and use propaganda to sway people with hate in their hearts. Reaching for what it is that is needed to reveal what is hidden here. Then this feels related.

Something about April 22

Exactly 15 minutes before Tsunami in India. 

But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.


Gamble everything for love if you are a true human being. Rumi

The SPIRIT is what leads to experience with LOVE JOY and Synchroncity with life and with each other. They who say Jesus, Jesus, never knew the SPIRIT that was speaking through him.

Whoever wants to go on must "Drop all dreams/interpretations and watch them shatter to find True Love.

Either Broken and Contrite hearts or dead masses is what is coming

Cannot reach them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Red Horse Synch, presumptuous begin to kill each other

Red Horse Synch, presumptuous begin to kill each other
In order to reach those that remain to the heart

It looks like the original intention of the heart to reach humans is not possible because of those who are in place to block it. The coming horror when the energy of those divided right now goes through the roof and they begin to kill each other. They loved shame and blame and did not want peace therefore their hearts will be broken! I think those that cannot be reached will have put in their hearts to kill their enemies and their enemies put in their hearts to kill them.  These self right will now draw to themselves the punishment they wished for others because they love their interpretation that blames everyone but themselves. Thus everyone that loves their interpretation of shame and blame more than they love each other will reach those remaining. It has been 30yrs and hardly one has thought to let go of their interpretation to seek the SPIRIT.

Forgive each other and let go of your interpretation that is not from SPIRIT as it will condemn you.
That other person may have greater true intent and your intentions will return to you

Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.

My synch wit the red horse seems to have been speaking of what is coming.
More synchs about the Red Horse
Also I have often had horse synchs related to lover, such as the relationship between the horse and rider also being the Spirit. The Victorian Grimoire on Enchantment Romance and Magic lists Horse in the dream symbol list as LOVER.
We had posted about the RED HORSE synchs we began to have the other day and I feel I need to post these even though it is late and we are now in Carson City Nv. One synch as we left Lone Pine to go into Death Valley and the other when we came back through and stopped in Bishop to make a cell phone call.

Before Death Valley

After Death Valley

We have had an average of two synchs with Red horse each day now.

Here is our post about the synch we had while near Coalinga
http://The Asylum.us/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1303238976/2#2
Also synchs with Red Horse
Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. To him was given a large sword.


This feels like starting in April and increasing through the summer until it peaks in around Aug 26th.

As I wrote the above I heard Drones and looked up my post about when the drones come back
The moment I looked this up and began to read it on tv came the Sub drone
Also feel a plan was in place to bring America to her knees, related to Putin and Trump but Trump may not have known he was being used because of his narcissistic personality.
But it is obvious that he does not have the best For America in his heart only for himself. But it must be seen that a plan has been in place and our enemies do not have America's best at Heart!

Other American leaders need to get serious about the synchs because without SPIRIT they will not be able to overcome what will happen.

Today in the news the girl that joined Isis and had her citizenship taken and cannot return is stuck in a refugee camp. If a leader is revealed to be an asset of Russia he could not pay for the damage he has done to this country and because of his lack of true intent toward those he disagrees with should he be found to be such an enemy of the people I think that taking his citizenship and assets and parachuting him into that same camp would reach him to the heart and help him to become more human.

synchs with this date


Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Synch from Feb 19 2017
Today was a funny synch with Dark and Stormy because we watched where Fallon was served this drink sort of "out of the blue" on his show. So I looked it up and coincidentally we had just gotten the two ingredients. And felt as though we should mix them.


A Dark 'N' Stormy is a highball cocktail made with dark rum and ginger beer served over ice and garnished with a slice of lime. In the United States, the name "Dark 'N Stormy" is a trademark of Gosling Brothers Ltd of Bermuda. Wikipedia

The way for Americans to come back together is to turn to SPIRIT and follow the lead of the music.

My life in California started in a field of flowers on the coast. Rumi poem about field of flowers.

Pam and I dream practicing Havana in New Orleans.

Trump's heart is nearly broken, and it must be, about reaching such a point to finally allow Spirit. I tried my best only to find out what I needed was Spirit. But without true intent there is no getting past the impassable way.  Both dreams and fears manifest.  You chose to live alone... Unless you go through this door.

I give my anger for my enemies to Spirit, that YOU might manifest perfect love.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Inheritance of the American People to Choose their leader

The Inheritance of the American People to Choose their leader given truthful facts
and the end of following a leader

The synch with the grifter that stole the family inheritance is in synch today with 60 minutes and how Trump used lies and those that wanted to believe a lie to steal the inheritance of the American people and that is the choice of who should be president.

On this date 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fake Presidency, synch leading up to revealing the lie

The synchronicity with my family and the man that manipulated and barefaced lied to take our inheritance was the prediction for this election and "fake presidency" that was predicted before Trump ever entered the race. Because of the synch with Orange is coming, leaders lead astray and the impassable way we have a special insight into what is going on and what is going to happen. The very action where the White House acts as though they are the victims is very much what our family experienced and why the obvious was not recognized by many in the family until it was too late and our nemesis had completed much of his plan. Barefaced lying kept everyone unsure in the town until he had accomplished what he had set out to do. All would have been lost for our family if I had not gotten them to see what was going on and turned it around before we lost the land as well. One similarity is the way Trump intimidates those seeking the truth and uses their responses against them. The fact is that much of what is America is being destroyed and the angry people that voted for him are being told everything is just as it was planned. But they don't know their nativity is being used against them. Sort of like out somewhat handicapped sister who was talked into BETRAYING her family for money and the sick intentions of an ego bent on showing power. What the synchs indicated about Russia and Trump is being exposed each day and the fact that Russia and Comey aided in letting a thief and a liar take over the office of our fathers which he will vacate to the humiliation of the party is becoming more obvious each day.



Money as the root of all lies used to steal truth

Tonight I am beginning to see why my intention in 1993 is causing this problem.

If this presidency is allowed to break your hearts by the SPIRIT and Trump believes because he is being aided by SPIRIT, but does not understand it is in order to reach you then unless you allow the SPIRIT you will not get by this impassable way. I need to speak to those that are dealing with this and finding it is an impassable way. Certainly all the synchs have been verified by now and you are beginning to see this. But do not be afraid that I am just a nobody because it is exactly such that is needed to reveal how the SPIRIT will do this. Get in touch.

Money Manna and Metaphor

When I was learning from SPIRIT about how to draw what is needed in the moment I found that in the landscape of our dna there is everything you can imagine to draw to yourself for an abundant life. But to concentrate on money to draw it to yourself there is little there. If you look at the landscape of layers of passion and intention over the eons you will find mountains related to finding home, and mountains related to fragrance leading to morsels of wonderful experience. But there is very little landscape in dna related to money. The real gold of dna is such as MANNA which is the root of wonder in saying,,,, Wow! "What is that?" or "What is it?" Which leads to wonder and wonder to the true intentions of the heart.

As for the Metaphor Part of Money,, and Manna let me just say

I have been searching through the past
Down the dna tree
I have been discovering what life has to offer us for free
I came upon the advent of poetry
It taught me, It rocked me down to my knees
I called upon that councelor inside of me
To ask about the things I found growing on this tree
She said the blood of billions had purchased this for me
It's the dna, dna, dnatree
Blessed is she who nailed me to this tree

She is my life,

Attention to money is what causes men to discard true intent and defile the sanctuary.  Those that have all these virtues and then discard them because of money are condemning themselves. If you have a belief about what is right and then discard it when everyone follows after Trump because of money then you have condemned yourself. So it is that the sign of the beast is "$" and everyone will condemn themselves over it. Even those that reject Trump over this or that will condemn themselves over money. When everyone says well his tactics worked though they were outside of the law, they will condemn themselves. The woman that used marriage for money and makes sex a sin condemns herself.

Just because Trump's technique of attention to money begins to work, do not do as the masses and follow after the money for it is because of this that desolation is coming.

Do not learn from knowledge, rather learn from your own moments and synchronicity with SPIRIT and you will have no competition and you will synergize with all that is good.

The smallest of points overlooked changes the whole equation and renders all the interpretations meaningless.

All has been predicted http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/09/all-has-been-predicted.html

With true intention of heart even money is sanctified for use by the SPIRIT

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Prediction from feb 16th 2017 about the Orange Emergency

Post from Feb 16th 2017 was about the Storm and the coming GOP Humiliation
 which points to another thread

Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!

This "Orange is Coming "28 july 2007 prediction and the prediction of You and I collide Aug 27, 2005 this summer are proving to be the most accurate [prediction that the mind could not conceive of without SPIRIT and synchronicity.


28 july 2007

Which points to the orange synch from 2007 which says about the emergency

Laugh as Your security is not found in those that create terror in order to control You (hearts and minds) but rather through coming to know the true Spirit that is Your life.
Joy in the face of danger.

The fearful lobby for laws that will help them feel safe, but the only safety was meant to be in walking with Spirit like a friend that has your back and teaches you to live free without fear. So the fearful should not block their fears through laws or family agreements but should be a "living sacrifice" in order to learn from YOU.(I will reach YOU through what You have created for Yourself,, hurricanes etc.) The cross is seeing that You create it for Yourself and that attention to the poetry of your moment takes your mind off of death and fear and grows to life without fear even when the whole world is changing around You. When one is truly reached to the heart by knowing what they put out is what they get they learn to stay focused, if not obsessed, with Spirit. Like a lover that meets his bride and cannot think of anything else. Such an experience leads to a choice to "relive the cross daily" or "die daily" in that when any thought occurs that would lead away from Spirit I let go and start over until I am with YOU fresh again in this garden. You see, I asked for that experience that I might know YOU. Neither do I say that You do it to me, but I created it and You are in service to my life when You did what You did.
Blessed is She who nailed me to this tree.

Epidemic, Dance, Morning Routine

So I have begun having synchs now with this picture

About the epidemic of smallpox and how much it devastated the indigenous population in Mexico and so I have been having synchs about the vaccinations and about such a problem as we are heading for. That is all I will say today about that.

Dance and Morning routine as a system that evolves through relationship with SPIRIT. Dance evolved out of routines that were learned from SPIRIT to create a life. Even like the coffee and the cup we were meant to be together.Da  Horse and Rider and relationship with SPIRIT. Wave and the worry and surfing related to attention to SPIRIT.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Coercion and the National Emergency


Dictionary result for coercion

  1. the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.
    synonyms:forcecompulsionconstraintduressoppressionenforcementharassmentintimidation, threats, insistencedemandarm-twistingpressure, pressurization, influence

    Such an Urgency is created in order to reach you to the heart

Anyone without true intention of heart toward the law can go around using the law in a manner it was not intended for a while, such as this national emergency.  Using the office of the president in a manner it was not intended. But what is the difference between saying soon your son will die if you do not do what I want I tell you needs to be done?  Or if like my synch last night, what if I told you that YELLOWSTONE would blow in order to reach Americans to the heart? You want an Emergency, the SPIRIT will show you how it is really done in order to reach those that remain. It will be something impossible to refute. That would be like Trump using the law not caring who he hurts, but what if the planet you have raped calls you on it, and treats the leader and his base the same way they treat those in their way? Be unto you as you do unto other's is what those doing this have been taught and "believe". That is what the storms and the synchs were saying as all was predicted. He was actually allowed to steal the office in order to reach humans to the heart. Well I tell you that these that have raped the earth and believe they "own power" let us say the 1% and lord it over those they used to get it.  I am telling you now that EVEN WHAT THEY BELIEVE THEY POSSESS WILL BE TAKEN FROM THEM. 

Time Traveler synch and the news about Trump and Time Travel

Today in past synchs

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Trump's Orange Emergency Event was predicted in 2007

Check out this post from 2007 about the Orange Emergency and all the links over the years that were associated with it. These are posts over the years pointing to this post from 2007


At last the world is safe!!!

While walking in Sacramento Pam and I found this peculiar box

As I began to write this story about security for my neighbors I also was watching Radioactive Man on the first CD.

At last the world is safe
(1 Thessalonians 5:3  For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them,
 as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.)
Laugh as Your security is not found in those that create terror in order to control You (hearts and minds) but rather through coming to know the true Spirit that is Your life.
Joy in the face of danger.

The Story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Last night they resurfaced our parking lot at the Apartments and everyone had to park on the street. They don’t like to park on the street cause it is not as safe so I slept in my van to help put the neighbors at ease. Well plus the star thingy looked official. HEHE


July 28,2007

The fearful lobby for laws that will help them feel safe, but the only safety was meant to be in walking with Spirit like a friend that has your back and teaches you to live free without fear. So the fearful should not block their fears through laws or family agreements but should be a "living sacrifice" in order to learn from YOU.(I will reach YOU through what You have created for Yourself,, hurricanes etc.) The cross is seeing that You create it for Yourself and that attention to the poetry of your moment takes your mind off of death and fear and grows to life without fear even when the whole world is changing around You. When one is truly reached to the heart by knowing what they put out is what they get they learn to stay focused, if not obsessed, with Spirit. Like a lover that meets his bride and cannot think of anything else. Such an experience leads to a choice to "relive the cross daily" or "die daily" in that when any thought occurs that would lead away from Spirit I let go and start over until I am with YOU fresh again in this garden. You see, I asked for that experience that I might know YOU. Neither do I say that You do it to me, but I created it and You are in service to my life when You did what You did.
Blessed is She who nailed me to this tree.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Precession, The Honeybee and synchs

Precession and the Honeybee

One of Bucky’s favorite stories regarding precession was the story of the honey-bee. Seemingly inadvertently, the honey-bee goes about his business of gathering honey. Precessionally, at ninety degree’s to his body and his flight path, his legs gather pollen from one flower and “accidentally “ take this pollen to the next flower, resulting in cross pollination. The outcome of this seemingly inadvertent accidental activity is that the bee contributes enormously to life on earth. Of the 100 crop species that provide 90 per cent of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.

This was one of the synchs in 1993 walking alone and having to do with the fragrance of the heart. As I go about my moments especially in wonder (attention to SPIRIT) I am taken by something liken to a burning bush or manna (What is IT?)

When I am in sanctuary I am like an apple tree that relies on the honeybee to show up. I am OFF IN WONDER and when something shows up that I recognize as a synch I treasure it. A honeybee follows it's path but 90 degrees to it's intention of the honey the SPIRIT is at work distributing at 90 degrees to the intent of the bee. Last night as I was in wonder, I heard these words in the background and felt them to be related to other things.

"They will need time to find out who is behind the attack" Medici

Thoughts: BBC Cameraman, Russian Asset

"Assassination Attempt".   Medici
Synch with Assassination and "his own people" 

To do good, you have to be good .  Medici
(led by SPIRIT)

words on TV :What is better than money
To have a future was the phrase I told someone once when they were sad and could not think about anything else than what they did not have.

"Struck deal with _______ (Melan)" and "I fear their terms were more dire than he said" Medici
The synch I felt about the Russian Asset and owing them money for what they did for him

Debt to be repaid and GOP humiliation

"This Game will Take everything from you" Survivor Edge of Extinction

Manipulators such as some those that misuse the trust of their constituents will begin to have their own manipulations take everything from them. Like manipulating women that work to setup others. Like the WH that lies and those in their base trusted them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentines and the breakup synch

Working on this synch today,,, under construction

Valentines and the breakup synch that started the other day.  You and I collide synch. The prediction of the LA Train Crash

These attacks that are inspired by Trump's rhetoric are no different than if  Trump doing it as the servant of Trump is no greater than their master and he whips them up to do things that are not love. Dogma Separates/ Love Integrates. Without the SPIRIT You Too will do the same because the SPIRIT is coming that will lead those such attention to LOVE to do what they think they wouldn't.

Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.

So today the synch with 444 came up again, definitely the end of something.

Valentines sync related to what is going on right now.

On this date

The haters voting for Trump just want to piss people off, the Christians just want to be right, many cause separation and accuse just for money and nothing short of a nuclear explosion will reach hearts and bring this country back together again. Well, whatever it is "Hearts will Break"!

The smallest of points overlooked by everyone will reveal to those that remain that Everyone is wrong and cannot see what is overlooked but everyone believes the other person deserves what everyone IS DRAWING TO THEMSELVES.

I just wanted to Reach You but nobody wants that.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Joy Flow, Money, VS Manipulation lies shame blame and desolation

Joy Flow, Money, VS Manipulation lies shame blame and desolation
I would like to say that for many years we put forth the energy of joy, synergy and mutual intention but this was rejected and the interaction with those that reacted led to the predictions, storms, 
stock failures etc.

Forgetting the past and the manipulators and placing my attention on the SPIRIT and JOY I found that flow increases. But I found that where there is no joy and not even the fake smiles that tricked me into joy I find no matter how much I want to improve their lives I am powerless and the SPIRIT says that this is our country at this moment and this is why it was predicted. You can only smile and lie and manipulate and hide your true intent so long before, suddenly in one moment, even what you believed was yours is taken from you. This is where we are heading and it is not only Trump's fault as he is the symptom to what hides in the hearts of so many on both sides. You don't understand what the synchs have been saying and intentionally misunderstand but the point of no return is upon us and the crying land is when both sides realize that if one side hides their true intent both sides fall down. I often liken it to the Jack and Jill song because the two sides of any democracy whether it is  God and Man or Man and Woman or Democrats and Republicans, if there is not love and true intention of heart then both sides will fall. 

I no longer care who feels they are right because both are wrong, this is the reason for desolation, prepare to have your heart broken as that is the only way to reach those that remain.

True intention of heart uses the experience to reach one to the heart and teach them to let go of the world and pay attention to SPIRIT/LIFE. The life where there was no Joy and Love but only separation continuously is washed away by attention to SPIRIT. Even if I wanted to help those across the CHASM of separation, to even look at it the years of "no joy" but only manipulation and separation leads to an inability to create flow in that direction. 

JOY and attention to SPIRIT leads to redemption of both sides

Often the blaming side is using their own interpretation of good and evil and thus shame and blame but do not realize that reality does not judge those they judge that way but by what that other person's connection with SPIRIT and therefore beliefs are. If the other side believes the same then they can destroy each other. They are not judged on their interpretation because a person with true intention of heart toward SPIRIT is judged by no man not even GOD

Those who love the taste of the tree of good and evil love shame and blame but the law was created for them because they demand it not to be used against others. Those who judge according to their own interpretation and do not have "true love" are those that will be judged by their own interpretations.

But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man/WOMAN

This is why religion never knew me, because they use shame and blame and never knew the SPIRIT because they secretly know the SPIRIT also does not agree with their interpretation.

In fact those that use the law in a manner it was not intended and love shame and blame and punishment are creating their own punishment

 The blood of billions slain by such that love shame and blame, they are given authority over all those that use it and even the accusers  without knowing the SPIRIT and will tell these to get off this planet!

This is why SEPARATION leads to death
Attention to SPIRIT and not MONEY
This is why money leads to death
This is the root of all evil
The birds do not toil, yet the SPIRIT gives to each of them
But the haters, who love shame and blame, and the money manipulators like women and politicians that make an oath for the purpose of shaming and using the law in a manner it was not intended
Even what they believe they possess will be taken from them.

Some have prayed to understand "why", therefore I wrote what the SPIRIT gave me to write
Breakup synch  and why continued last night with
Russian Doll on Netflix
How bad can it get
I have been feeling that something is about to change with Trump and an ending of sorts
But then the second beast will be worse and will enliven Trump's base of hate and self right separation after their shame. After their shame they will cover themselves with a new interpretation (Not from God) in order to make themselves right
But they will fail without SPIRIT and bring the abomination of interpretation
But they all have been caught in a net
JOY and LOVE through ATTENTION  to SPIRIT is the only hope for those that remain
after the whore that says she knows the Jesus gets done.

Pam and I are looking for some help to travel to fresh places and work on what can be done about the situation with what is coming. We would like to be sponsored and travel as we did in California. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fit the space, the emptiness, Manna

Today felt like being ministered to by Angels
Things will now proceed quickly 
Over the Edge, because words will not reach you

I did not know what I should ask for, but my heart knew the empty space that was the womb of what was to be created and she my life points to the place, the vacuum in space that drew all things to me. What would that thing be that would fill that space I am dreaming of? I cannot put it into words, therefore it came in the form of Manna which means "What is it?" YOU SPIRIT, know my heart
Tears flooded my eyes and I began to cry out Girl, Girl why have you forsaken me. I came up on a cave that was open on the top and went back in the cave. Again thoughts of Moses in the wilderness flooded my mind as I cried out Girl, Girl where are you girl. The sides of the cavern were layered and I began to feel the heart of girl. She was a blue layered pearl and her loneliness was a gift to me. Images of the proton and the electron and a love affair between them. This is my gift to you. Emptiness. Poetry I had never heard before flooded my mind ‹‚ You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall but you were in my heart the Vacuum which ‹‚drew you to me.

Red Tape and the Cupcake Camper, Red Tape on Motor Week and the Red RS.
Don't patch it, wait on the SPIRIT

Ok came back at 5pm to add don't want this kind of thing just following the synchs of what is being drawn.  Tried to reach you,,, Breakup synchs going off the charts!

father's against son's, mother will be divided against daughter jesus

The Plague spreads

This fire is kindled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, no has it been 42 months already, oh boy, stuff is going down!!!!!!

Love is fertility that another dimension fits so perfectly like the hand and the glove Shaking her tree 
i can't put it in words therefore I will call it Manna that comes and fills that emptiness

Fit search from today's synch and the one glove that fits

Dreaming in synch with SPIRITBut until it is right it is only a dream, there is no reason for anyone to fear or disallow what another desires as the SPIRIT will make everything perfect with only the one glove that fits the hand. Dreams are to be without shame, given to SPIRIT that YOU might join the two together. What the SPIRIT joins is not the snake or the woman's job to disallow. If there is something wrong with the dream, then SPIRIT will only lead into temptation in order to deliver you from evil/separation.

SPIRIT said to me concerning this "You will be my only"
Even if the sky is falling down