Thursday, April 30, 2020

Message to those on the forums over the years

This is a message that I am adamant gets to all those related to Oroborusforum, Prophecies.us and now even Clubhouse11

Sunday, December 01, 2019 

Deer died, synchs, series of unfortunate events

This was one of the posts leading up to the recent events which I want those familiar with the synchronicities to be aware of because of a message contained therein.

But it was a message related to the "Series of Unfortunate Events that is very important that I convey myself to you. It relates to one of the original posts on the subject of Unfortunate Events and I will use this post though it was posted much earlier to convey this.

So anyway the synch was wonderfully laid out to let us know that... well let me illustrate it this way.
Dear Children,In spite of the "Series of unfortunate events" know that you are loved and it was necessary to break your heart that you might be reached and truly know that you are loved. And I want you to know that everything is going to work out exactly as it has been spoken by the SPIRIT. Just wait and see! http://www.stephentree.com/prophvat/two.htm Search "ctrl F" wait and see what the message is

444 again, Lust for money, The True Wealth of Having a Future at all, Landslide

444 Off the Charts
The 444 synchs are off the charts for a certain spectrum of society, in their own circles. Greed and money will tell you any lie even if it causes death. The technology of Adam/Earth will reach up through the dna tree and EAT THE GREEDY MANIPULATORS and IT IS FINISHED. This is so exciting watching how the SPIRIT will do this!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden if you feel you are being manipulated about sex by those who lust money

The Wealth of even Having a Future

So I have left the struggle on Twitter for a while, as those that OWN AMERICANS have to have their clocks cleaned first by the SPIRIT. So they will not allow this message to reach others, but after what is coming and after their "right hand" betrays them they are taken out by Adam/Earth SPIRIT will be the ONLY WEALTH that counts. GoldRush
There is no greater gift than to have a future - Hogfather

They stole your retirement because they think they OWN You. But Adam/Earth is going to take it now from them. Because the only real wealth IS TO HAVE A FUTURE. HOGFATHER

Predicted exactly on the day two year prior and related to this time
Oh, Gofundme who told you my little bitty gofundme should go away? That is alright means the SPIRIT will help me another way
The True Stockman is Adam/Earth


Adam and the Landslide
Landslide May 3rd, 2006 and PBS Water Molecule ep2
They will put you out of their synagogues and the landslide 
May 1st synchs

Start here to understand the tree of synchs.

Tell the Christians the truth
You used them to manipulate and lie and steal,
Actually don't need to tell them because the Earth Will soon

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Trump's Ego causing him to draw getting Blindsided again

Trump's Ego is causing himself and his Base to draw to themselves another experience of getting Blindsided again because I will reach you to the heart.

Were you just looking for a Shortcut Home Trump

Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption 2012
It is what it is

Let's make this a win win
You had enough passion to trip the threshold
and reveal what you have overlooked

Same thing happened to me in 1993 when I dreamed you up and it is meant to be

If it was true intent to know the SPIRIT that would work. Hint!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Were not Broken just Bent

The original intent of the heart of YOU and I, democrat and republican
like the coffee and the cup we were meant to be together

You don't understand your going to lose one way or another Trump especially if you lie and manipulate more. You need to see what is really going on. Cause a man can get vaporized blaspheming the SPIRIT. I am telling you there will be plenty of bounty if you cooperate with life and not try to use your office in a manner it is not intended anymore. Your just hurting yourself, oh and your base and everyone under your hat.

Start here to understand the tree of synchs.
And how rude Adam (Earth) will get if you don't get your shoe off the least of them.
Get ready for the Wild Ride!!

Ok going to the SPIRIT about the smallest of points everyone overlooks about Biden's accuser.

The dnatree epidemic prediction and the exacerbation of the problem with antivirus

The dnatree epidemic prediction one year prior and the exacerbation of the problem with antivirus

The last few days I have been having synchs with the line in the prediction of the epidemic one year before it happened.

Specifically the words

"About the epidemic of smallpox and how much it devastated the indigenous population in Mexico and so I have been having synchs about the vaccinations and about such a problem as we are heading for."
Today NPR was talking about the grouping of Corona Virus's and how the vaccine often exacerbates the illness. I also make note of the "right wing" intention under Trump to eradicate such as the indigenous and Mexican/brown skinned peoples whom they believe are inferior and how things that GO AROUND COME AROUND. I feel this will ever more increase without reaching them about the presumption without SPIRIT. I would advise the "right people" to include everyone and say they were wrong in order to get to where 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Epidemic, Dance, Morning Routine

So I have begun having synchs now with this picture
About the epidemic of smallpox and how much it devastated the indigenous population in Mexico and so I have been having synchs about the vaccinations and about such a problem as we are heading for. That is all I will say today about that.

Dance and Morning routine as a system that evolves through relationship with SPIRIT. Dance evolved out of routines that were learned from SPIRIT to create a life. Even like the coffee and the cup we were meant to be together.   Horse and Rider and relationship with SPIRIT. Wave and the worry and surfing related to attention to SPIRIT.


The End of Presumption, Trump and his Base and the CLIFF ahead

Spiritually weak Trump rejects the SPIRIT

Since the Trump base have given their power up to a "6LEADER6BRAIN6" and rejected the "7SPIRIT7" it is now given to them to follow this leader who is BLIND without SPIRIT off a cliff.

This exacerbation is intended for all who follow a leader that openly rejects SPIRIT and lifts up his PRESUMPTION as his PRESUMPTION is now his base's PRESUMPTION.

She loves her "leader" let her be led to desolation

She has chosen her husband to follow therefore they both go off the cliff
she worships an interpretation of 66books written by man whose number is 6
while rejecting the SPIRIT so let her follow him and their interpretation to the
end of that world

have I said yet
Trump and his base do not care so I want to hear now only humiliation for Trump and those under his hat and the crying of his base. So Be It!
They won't let me reach America so the horror will be on them.
When my heart was broken I could not even make the bed
I tried THREE TIMES with the bottom sheet
every time it turned out to be off
we shared a moment
child's play
I put presumption aside
of what value is this struggle until I find YOU/MY LIFE
If she only wants to break you to follow presumption
then Jack WILL fall down and break his crown
but Jill will come tumbling soon after

I wanted to create a very simple system so that I could spend my time with YOU/SPIRIT
The world rejects that so I had to be alone

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Adam and the Code

In progress... This was Monday night's synchs

So I am getting more on the Adam Synch
Adam meaning earth being the electromagnetic DNA in the earth and eve meaning life is just the visible life and then the idea that every Adam is also an Eve so every Eve is also an Adam like if I represent Adam then the one who's veil is lifted is baptized by hearing but then baptized by the SPIRIT becoming another Adam. Now the poetry of the rib/dna sequence that life was made from and human was made from then woman was made from was created like a dream you came out from me. SPIRIT connection to the greater life holds the key to the twin trees/dna strand healing. If I created you then I can heal you because I retain the code. I am getting "descends"  After writing this last night the tv said (Adam has a piece of the code to make the soulmate app.) God Friended Me finale

The poetry of healing in the stories of Jesus was really telling you how being washed in the water/understanding  of the word that comes from above (Jordan=water that descends from above) is cleansing through attention to SPIRIT. And to stick with it such as seven years begins to grow a tree/form that becomes visible to the creature. For you it will be fresh and new not as the word baptism of the one that introduces you to the concept but fresh and new and completely different from any other creature. Another aspect of healing such as he that saw men walking around as trees is seeing how SPIRIT grows a tree. This was my experience, tree, water etc.  These synchs grew since 1980 and required sticking with it over a lifetime to see the picture grow in form. This is the abundant life.
Why was it we were not just told these thing was we chose in the beginning to do it on our own because of thinking and words believing we could keep the original story but that did not pan out as snakes entered in to "interpret" away the simplicity of the SPIRIT until the "interpretation" became a veil over our eyes. As the veil grew thicker the pain of childbirth grew so as such an EVENT is needed while seeking the SPIRIT with all your heart to allow the veil to be penetrated. (Experience the cross for the SPIRIT's sake) I promised you in the beginning that unless you draw me in I would not tear the veil, the illusion that YOU and I are separated.

So I want to reveal redemption for even such as Trump but he does not seem to allow it.

As the smallest of points overlooked changed everything and renders all the "interpretations" without the SPIRIT meaningless so whatever you "interpret" me to be is changed by reaching to the SPIRIT. As you learn from a person but then you follow the SPIRIT.  The problem is that the old "interpretations" that are believed so passionately are drawing as you believe and when you find out you overlooked the SPIRIT and then that you are wrong your interpretation condemns you, therefore you need the smallest of points overlooked which is the SPIRIT.
Most of the scriptures are after the event but the synchs are the story before "the event" which reveal the unseen dimension.
Ok so there is more but it would be misunderstood so I will wait for better explanation through synchs.

Best way to understand self is to understand SPIRIT from your unique experience with life. The synchs are telling you what you draw to yourselves but if you can be reached by SPIRIT then that can all change for You. The synchs grew out of interaction with such as you in forums where their rejection helped to create the outcome. Your rejection now is also creating more of the same. Once the heart is reached love is what grows the better outcome. Therefore without love you are as good as nothing. Why should a life that never began even be remembered. Life does not begin at physical birth, it begins at spiritual birth.


I do see that CBS is putting out a message very close to the synchs and the talent is great

My Pet synch and health synch this morning and Wink

I have been trying to communicate with my dog and the SPIRIT about his health. I wrote this on my table the other day.
My synch today about my dog's health started with a bug in my sink when I woke up and how I used hot water to "flush it" down the drain.  Then I turned and noticed my dog licking a sore on his leg. I had just gone through a communication with my dog about his food. He was rejecting his dog food and wanting "people food". But I knew I needed to do something different so I got real meat and began to make him meals with that and mixing only a small amount of his dog food.  I also placed the bottle of hydrogen peroxide where he sat licking his sore in order to communicate with him. He got the message and hid from me. LOL So later I got him to stand still and let me clean that sore with the peroxide.  After cleaning his sore I went to yahoo and in the very top of my list was this article.

It turned out to be about my own and American's diet as well and from the synchs of late also about shadrach meshach abednego
So the synergistic help for my dog and my self is  related to both spiritual and our physical food and related to what they don't want you to know about cancers and dogs and Americans.
 Greed seems to not want you to know this and another synch was that my computer was attacked at the moment I was listening to the video. I also notice the synchs with cancer, and other disease and coronavirus. Everything seems to be about selling now and about hiding the truth and with the constant barrage of cancer ads on the net tv now there seems to be no escaping keeping your attention in a bad place by big money.

Oh, I appreciate the video and information and the synch but I will follow the info and not necessarily buy their product unless Pam wants to do it once.


video of the Hydrogen Peroxide moment

They don't seem to like you to tell people such information unless it is a product or packaged in a product so I could use help making this information more appealing to Americans by others working synergistically to produce content using their skills. Start here to understand the tree of synchs.

One of my new contacts related to synchronicity on Twitter sent me a winking raccoon called Rocket Raccoon and that made me go to my wink synch and wow there is was what the synch was about for me and I also feel some of what he was alluding to and the connotations are endless. I feel the SPIRIT is at work between this new friend and myself and what the SPIRIT is also saying about our mutual intent.

Monday, April 27, 2020

The Right information is needed

Because I am trying to communicate with American think tanks so that they can have the details about all that has been going on for 26yrs. Start here

So you probably noticed that one of my passionate intentions did not come about by the next day in the way I wanted it to. Yea I know, but I need to look at Trump a little different and vice versa in order to cooperate.

It has to do with the

To Whom it Concerns, What your Presumptions have Wrought

I too wondered why I was so passionate that day about that line and I know it is because I really want to get to the promise and You really want to find the answer to the covid19 problem and I know the answer and really was passionate about having it happen and that you respond. But you didn't, but what I came to last night was I did not want to leave anyone behind even Trump though he lies and manipulates and hates so many that I love. His "hard man" stance is only leading to him receiving the same thing he puts out if not even more harsh. So I asked the SPIRIT about this and what I said about "I did not want to even leave Trump behind" even if he is not what he portrays to his base because like when I said "blessed is she who nailed me to this tree" I meant the one that broke my heart was doing at the time what she perceived to be right as I am sure Trump is doing and really never knew the True intentions of the heart. But like in the synch from May 1st 2019 exactly what is needed to save lives is clear right there but not one person cares and boy that gets a person that has sought to reach you for 26yrs about this very exasperated. And so then I leave the struggle and once again I am ok. And my joy over reaching one person that I had spent a lot of time as a friend on the internet with is more important to me than reaching those that will never be reached. 

Some "knowledge" that they tell you is "smart" will not lead to the expected outcome and the need for the right information at the right moment is needed. You have heard that knowledge is power but knowledge not guided by SPIRIT overlooks the smallest of points and will lead to death. Attention to SPIRIT is not learning a method, it is ever changing like the wind revealing the human knowledge as foolishness.

So what I was feeling did happen, in that many used "information" and died recently and our country finds that the right information at the right moment is needed.

But the right's ideology will not deliver it without the SPIRIT and the left's science also will overlook the smallest of points without SPIRIT but what they "try" can even lead to worse situations. Many of the things that it would be so important to have, the SPIRIT says "it can deliver." But first I guess you will have to break your own hearts by "drawing" more deaths before you begin to take the tree of synchs seriously. The synch with Pam sitting doing the crossword being put in the blog for that date one year ago May 1st 2019 is saying the SPIRIT is "Right on Time". And that was the intention I have to reach you is that the SPIRIT will give me that information when we get to the point we need to get to with all this. That is exactly what the moment with this synch occuring right now is saying and YOU and I need to come to an agreement.

Now if I had been given this type of evidence for my FBI or NSA or some other think tanks to look at, I would believe that even from a scientific point of view the  measure of proof is there.

Someone needs to get in touch now and work me and I am also asking the SPIRIT to shake your tree, (those that need this information) so you will take notice or be led to understand what is really being said. And if we can begin to move toward cooperation then I would like to let up on the "hard man" if Trump can be also reined in for a while as we work with this information to help come to an answer for America.

I will place here some of the links showing how all the synchs from past years lined up with what has been happening each day in 2020 meaning this is the moment of something of utmost importance.

Place links here....
Ok this Twitter link is a great place to start with all the synchs having to do with the SPRING of 2020

In 1993 when I asked the SPIRIT to change this smallest of points about what was going to happen so that I could reach America first I asked that the answer come through me, and the synchs for 26 yrs were meant to reveal this is so. Ok don't let history show you died because you overlooked this smallest of points, get in touch with me.

You think you have time but you may find out that is a presumption I mean the synchs have been right on and 50K deaths you don't understand what is coming obviously and I know how the smallest of points overlooked can change everything in an instant. Ok back to add: My anxiety was that I did not want to live through things getting as bad as they could where the leaders abandon the people before folks can have access to this and we lose so much. I guess that is why I am so anxious to have some cooperation soon. Remember you drew this to yourselves in order for this moment to occur.

Learning True Intention of Heart from Bugs/Microbes

Learning True Intention of Heart from Bugs/Microbes

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bewitched and Bewildered, Judaculla and Greed, Easter,


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Todays Beetle synch

"It is Finished" Unless you want the Unthinkable you have to be reached to the heart!!

The Right Information at the Right MOMENT!!!

Conveniently the SPIRIT speaks this week through the synchs especially with May 1st about the problem with bad information at the moment we need the right information as has been playing out in Trump's briefings. 

In this post dated

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Leaders, Manna, Metastatin cancer

We have the synch with leaders and bad information

The Presumptuous have taken the bait and followed the deluding influence and followed a lie.Some "knowledge" that they tell you is "smart" will not lead to the expected outcome and the need for the right information at the right moment is needed. You have heard that knowledge is power but knowledge not guided by SPIRIT overlooks the smallest of points and will lead to death. Attention to SPIRIT is not learning a method, it is ever changing like the wind revealing the human knowledge as foolishness.
If you have rejected the SPIRIT though the father, your children are as good as dead.

Now this synch leads to the

Because the right information at the right moment makes all the difference

Please Click on the above link 

Now I also want to add for such as those that use information without True Intention of Heart that even the right information at the right moment works against you. Like Trump who was cursed in 1993 to go astray because of lifting up the 6brain66 above the 7SPIRIT77 and how when this person does this even a good idea will go astray once the magic carpet has been pulled from under him and even his lies work against him. I wanted those believing according to the mind yet not reach taught by the SPIRIT to follow this lie and have their hearts reached by seeing how interpretation leads astray without the SPIRIT.  And those hating the SPIRIT let those endure the consequences for their presumption until the lightning strikes and they surrender. Those whose whole lives are a lie yet have enjoyed a life like the rich man while Lazarus suffered are having the tables turned and what is imprinted on them is where they are headed. Let me add that those following the INTERPRETATION without the SPIRIT derived from the 66books interpreted by man whose number is 6 is also cursed to go astray because they reject the SPIRIT.

Anyway, the right information at the right moment is being blocked and intentionally kept from reaching my own (Lazarus) so let not even a "drop of water/understanding" reach the rich man until even what he believes he possesses is taken from him.


The latest "All Was Predicted" including Epidemic, Tennessee, Trump, The Orange Event

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Synchs for the Week of April 27th

The Future is now left to us to write, forget the end and put all your energy and dream into this new beginning.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Leaders, Manna, Metastatin cancer

All leaders have led astray, not just Trump, but what is coming is meant to reach you to the heart about following leaders and about the need for personal truth from SPIRIT.
Only the SPIRIT can join those who have been separated for so long.
synchs of lateReward Earnings synch, Gonna Get Better, Next Chapter, Tip Over, Trump thinks it was his own power that has made him seem to do well for his agenda but it was the SPIRIT allowing it such as a deluding influence so that "they" would follow a lie. But the tables will turn and only the SPIRIT will be able to do what is needed and everyone will look within their hearts to see the true intention.
Wow, how right on was this synch 
The Presumptuous have taken the bait and followed the deluding influence and followed a lie.Some "knowledge" that they tell you is "smart" will not lead to the expected outcome and the need for the right information at the right moment is needed. You have heard that knowledge is power but knowledge not guided by SPIRIT overlooks the smallest of points and will lead to death.
 Sunday, April 29, 2018

Synchs in May

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Allow yourself to be swept into wonder- Dove (s) crying on a branch

The world was a place of wonder until the truth was written down, then men read the truth but never possessed it because they lost the wonder. But when my wave passes over You, You will be swept back into wonder. SPIRIT
 It was not by touching the hem of a garment that the woman was healed, but by reaching to the SPIRIT.
Also remember seeing the Maypole as the tree through which we are all connected in SPIRIT as Spring new birth and saw this SPIRIT communication as relating to our connection via the SPIRIT.

There is no formula, but this moment with SPIRIT
Miracles never follow a formula, they follow the SPIRIT

Friday, April 25, 2014





Cherokee Tree


Saturday, April 25, 2020

50,000 Coronavirus deaths but These Four Extra Bodies.....

50,000 Covid19 deaths but these FOUR EXTRA BODIES are the promise of desolation for those liars hiding behind a veil of interpretation for political gain. I was thinking about the four republicans from my January post and on the s9ep4 Call the Midwife Pam was watching came the words "FOUR EXTRA BODIES". What Your Presumptions have Wrought

In other synchs

Three days after 2016 Election, Medical Ads, Four Republicans Synch

If you entered in by some other way than the SPIRIT leading to the cross experience and the humiliation that that suggests then

"Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.
Medical commercials are helping to keep the problem in the forefront of minds which is actually helping to cause the problem and they know it but it is profitable.

Four Republicans synch (see how Jan synchs match what is happening now)
https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/01/is-law-now-lawless-with-this-presidency.html Jan 2018
https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2017/01/gop-trump-too-many-secrets.html Jan 2017
The Police/public servants more and more are the Criminals  2007


Same Midwives program also had the relationship with the birds which is one of my synchs and I saw the birds of the air have been landing in the branches of the tree.

About the time you presume you know what the SPIRIT is saying in a single synch and act wrongly, you find you have mis-construed.

After the walls have fallen

After the walls have fallen

I will take these stones and build my house from those that remain

Relationship- Partner

Stones Fitting Together

Primary Relationship with SPIRIT

Resonance causes the stones to fit together like the synchs have fitted together over the years

All relationships have been held together by presumption until now but it is the love of the FATHER that will create it new.

Present yourselves as building stones for the construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life, in which you'll serve as holy priests offering Christ-approved lives up to God. 

6 The Scriptures provide precedent: Look! I'm setting a stone in Zion, a cornerstone in the place of honor. Whoever trusts in this stone as a foundation will never have cause to regret it.

Stone synchs

Brick synchs

Just how the synchs all occurred in good timing so your relationships and much more synergistic-ally takes form.


Popped in my head to wonder after how Cain/Spear originally killed Abel
Different spelling of Abel/able but it is manna
I know the SPIRIT is all over the place like the wind huh?

To Whom it Concerns, What your Presumptions have Wrought

Bounty Synch

The bounty synch began on March 15th and Trump made the Mutiny on the bounty statement on April 14th revealing the SPIRIT was ahead of him knowing his True Intent to be a "HARD MAN" as his base believes God to be. Therefore what they have WROUGHT is now upon them!!!

Presumption Synch

Unexpected Synch
     Reasons for the Unexpected and the new Surprise. Hey I am just the messenger but the SPIRIT knows my pain and knows why my children have been bullshitted by this president to believe a lie. He needs to apologize and very soon! Clock Cleaned synch (Please, not by human hands MY LIFE)
Ultimate Authority synch, Using the office in a manner not intended

Attention Synch (Toward the SPIRIT not the messenger!)

It is far greater to live the love that comes from attention to SPIRIT
Than it is to have the APPEARANCE OF RIGHTNESS that comes from attention to SCRIPTURE and INTERPRETATION
LOVE indeed fulfills all scribbling by Scribes!


Tell the Christian Right the Truth or the SPIRIT will do it in a manner you cannot imagine.

Passion Play synch

Your lack of response toward the SPIRIT means your already dead spiritually all that remains to make it complete will be as the smallest of points in the universe the presumptuous would overlook. We (humans) don't need missiles, or bullets, or bombs as the SPIRIT will show  you just how useless those are against THE SMALLEST OF POINTS YOU HAVE OVERLOOKED.


Let's get this crap over with

It took a little time to finish this post as someone wanted to control my communication!
They must not like what I am posting
If this is not a free country then let us end this masquerade

The latest "All Was Predicted" including Epidemic, Tennessee, Trump, The Orange Event