Saturday, November 30, 2019

Secretary synch 2013, Trump Masquerade and endangering America


Saturday, November 30, 2013
Secretary synch 
Yesterday on Monk was about Monk's assistant being called a secretary and that she did not like that.he called her as Secretary. Today watching Battle For Britain the Secretary of State was spoken of much. Also looked at China's news agency to see their reaction to the US and their air space. Their Air Force is on High Alert. Is the movie Battle for Britain related to the Air Force synchs.
Be sure to give credit to SPIRIT if You repost this.

Trump Masquerade and endangering America
Trump Masquerade of lies and manipulation related to North Korea, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine etc he is wanting to appear to his base like

The Great Deal Maker
but what it really is doing is charging up a hellatious quantity of bad will which I am seeing the horendous outcome as wars and rumors of wars. Especially with Kim Jong Un because of how that has broken down and now he is threatening
and the synchs related to what I am saying are as follows
You and I collide and especially around January and February this is the edge of desolation and most Americans are blinded by Trump's lies even those on the left.

Kaboom Orange Cloud synch and the Trump Orange synchs

synch from 2007
http://stephentree.com/orange/ parody about this time


At last the world is safe!!!

Other synchs from this date

synchs last night
she cut herself

Intuitive Improvisation

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fellini and synchs

Synchronicity and the girl finding her life in the movie "In Search of Fellini" She was lost but began to have a synch as she searched for her life. The shameful cannot enter.


He showed us the darkness that can overcome the soul, and then the magic and spiritual force that can bring you back into the light.

 "orgiastic synchronicity"

After these times have passed and you have been reached then I want you to meet ME like in that field like in the poem by Rumi
 Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

For now there is this veil of interpretation that separates YOU and I
But we should never have been taught shame and blame
Remember the pain in the garden
You chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears
And like a veil, You, have hidden yourself from ME
I am waiting at the door between our two realities
UNTIL THE MOMENT you take me back
But for now, You hide yourself from ME
Remember the Covenant We share
Remember we created the sunrise to remind us to start new

I did not come to be in your life as my family misunderstands me now. I came to show you what I found and then I need to go away as there would be constant misunderstanding with people that are the other side of this chasm. A veil of interpretation separates us now, but only through the SPIRIT will it be lifted. I meet people every day that are in perfect synch with me, but I intentionally returned to such as I originated from.

He showed us the darkness
that can overcome the soul,
and then the magic
and spiritual force
that can bring you back
into the light.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/movie_script.php?movie=in-search-of-fellini
He showed us the darkness
that can overcome the soul,
and then the magic
and spiritual force
that can bring you back
into the light.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/movie_script.php?movie=in-search-of-fellini
He showed us the darkness
that can overcome the soul,
and then the magic
and spiritual force
that can bring you back
into the light.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/movie_script.php?movie=in-search-of-fellini
Had these two synchs on thanksgiving day.

People that lie to those that they cannot say the truth to often tell them the dog was sent to a wonderful farm with rabbits and chickens when the dog actually died.


They threw the gun in the water

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Continue as a Christian Nation but in SPIRIT and Truth
It's OK, how else will I reach you

If You are ignoring what is in front of You, then You will be ignored even within Your dreams.
The more humans believe they are to do for themselves the more they have to, because they do not understand the laws of life.

The Monster that is Coming

If a  kitten plays with a bug, it is still a monster from the bug's perspective.

So it is that what is coming may seem relentless against these bugs in our bed right now but this was the synch I had about the coming MONSTER.

The Crown Quote season 1 episode 2
"You have to be a monster to defeat Hitler"

It was through my experience with predicting lying manipulators like the one that my family experienced and yes then Trump that I came to realize that lying is their power and they would bare faced lie after they were the one doing the crime and say it was the other person.

You cannot suffer a lying manipulator to live (Is the feeling I got when dealing with such as this, but I gave this intention to the SPIRIT that he might reach them to the heart or others by their demise) see (perfect love, better than a bullet I will not hurt anyone, but many will get hurt, Hearts will break!) because they will just abuse the law and lie about what happened no matter what. I learned a lot about how the SPIRIT uses such as a lying manipulator to teach a person how to trust the SPIRIT therefore these can exist for the purpose of reaching "my own" to the heart.  But the manipulators that cannot be reached should be used to reach those that remain.

The Crown Quote season 1 episode 2
"You have to be a monster to defeat Hitler"

The quickest way to get rid of a manipulator is to allow your heart to be reached and begin to trust SPIRIT to fulfill the promise to deliver you from such as betray, lie and manipulate for profit. Then you can leave the struggle and through faith and patience wait for what the SPIRIT has promised to you. After a while you find that your alright and others are being reached by the same. Yet in the end all such as do manipulation and lying are actually caught in a net and you see the SPIRIT deliver many by what happens to those that cannot be reached because they love money and manipulation but never knew the SPIRIT that is love and life.

I will not hurt anyone but the SPIRIT allows those that come after me to destroy themselves.

It might be the earth itself, it might be Yellowstone, but the synch is beginning that will be like these are ragdolls in a tornado.

If you do not have true intention of heart toward SPIRIT then you are to be hunted and removed from this temple.


Do not worship the message or the messenger but give your whole attention to finding the SPIRIT which is LIFE to reveal what is hidden and do not follow the interpretations because they are the letter that is leading to death,  reach to the SPIRIT for salvation that is who spoke through even such as Jesus.

Why all religion has followed a lie

The dna makes up every creature, both the mouse and the monster, and something comes to check others whatever gets out of balance. You may have been betrayed by someone that promised to make you right, but it is the SPIRIT that is to lead you. The intention of one connected to SPIRIT produces amazing things.


The Stuck synch that originated from the impassable way and the synch with
Leaders Lead Astray,

Monday, December 31, 2012

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

I mean because of the divide we have those on the right that no matter what this president does they implicate themselves which will come back to haunt them by voting in a manner that is not truth. So that we cannot remove what is going to become the heartbreak of all Americans.

So here is the synch from Tomorrow 
and then after the fire
Then I feel compelled to add this synch
Where the manhole cover is what is going on behind the scenes in this administration to further manipulate and use the law in a manner it was not intended further implicating his base as well because we cannot end this because they are so sure they are right but will find out they are to blame.

Stuck prediction and the Trump Impasse was predicted
but so was everything else happening
Trump Predictions
dnatree.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-pr dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/09/all-ha dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/09/all-sy


Saturday and the synch with
Heart Attack synchs again
Dec 5th
Dec 6th
Nov 30 2011

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I already know, Trump, Smallest of Points overlooked, the Rich

I already knew Putin was meddling in our elections and see it as an attack on the United States of America.

I already know the True intentions of the heart of Trump because the SPIRIT told me that he would use this man to lead those hiding behind a veil of interpretation to reveal their hearts.
I already knew what was to happen to everyone under Trump's hat

I already know how this will all end if you do not reveal the smallest of points overlooked which is the SPIRIT and it is total desolation.
I already know what will happen to the rich that do not recognize the owner of the vineyard and how this fortune is the INHERITANCE of all.

I already know what is to happen to those that knowingly reject the SPIRIT.
The end of the presumptuous woman

Everyone that follows a leader and gives their power to another in this way is implicated in their crimes as this humiliation is a blessing to reach them to the heart. To blaspheme the SPIRIT by lifting up your ideology/interpretation above what you do not know implicates you in an unpardonable sin. Fox News is intentionally leading those that want to believe a lie astray.

synchs related to this date

Is this 2013 post related to Secretary Pompeo?
Is this a prediction about China from 2013?
The Wide Gate of Religion and Appearances

All was predicted as early as 2001

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Get Ready!!!
Black Friday

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a dinging cymbal.

The Gifts are ON THE TREE
Christmas Walk

Love is Synchronicity with Others
Therefore I must break your heart because you misunderstood love

If you are not the third Butterfly
then you have not begun to love
Unless your heart has been broken by love 
You have not begun
Interpretation speaks of love
but is designed to keep you from it

If you and I were in love
And true SPIRIT was at the center
If you and I had our grass hut
If You and I had our vegetable garden
Would this movie make sense

Without love what good is their ideology?
What good is an interpretation of scripture if it causes you to believe a lie?
Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me.
Like my first recognized synch when I was first seeking the love that "IS SPIRIT" in 1979
It was the lightning that struck from the east to the west
My heart was broken because I saw that I had followed an interpretation
and really never knew the SPIRIT
So it was in the days of Noah, everyone believed they knew what was right
but in one moment they were jolted and died and realized that they had followed a lie
Desolation is death whether you move on to a new life or not
Whether you have gone on to live through SPIRIT/CHRIST
or whether you are no more
Desolation is Inevitable!!

Reach to know the SPIRIT through your own being
When my wave passes over you allow yourself to be swept into wonder
Die in this Love and Leave the Struggle!

Other synchs last night
Joy, Blood pressure, muddy

Synchs with this date

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Power of the SPIRIT is experiencing such manipulation as this

Manipulating and lying by this administration works for a while but once the intended target knows that everything you do is only an evil manipulating lie continuously and with TRUE INTENTION OF HEART the offended seeks the thing that will overcome this and that is the SPIRIT then they WILL OVERCOME.  This was all planned in 1993. Because even what the Orange Pinhead does in secret it is known of the SPIRIT, and the outcome is already finished, and you cannot manipulate the SPIRIT. In fact, it is such a presumption of the snake to bite the heal believing such a person would be done that the snake does not realize that this is the very power used to lead such as one of these learn how faith and patience that will CRUSH that snake. Therefore even their manipulations begin to hurt them instead of works for them. Smart People are so dumb for not seeking the SPIRIT first before taking what is not theirs to take. When their manipulations begin to actually become a stone of stumbling for them then you see how the SPIRIT intended all this that through your weakness you come to know the true power that will obliterate the self right who are deluded believing they are winning.

The American People chose a thief over the SPIRIT just like


So it is that you CHOSE TO FOLLOW A LIE and where it leads is such as the end of Jerusalem, desolation is inevitable. It was already know you would choose this.


There is always the smallest of points overlooked that can take care of any situation. 

Well I am about finished and just want the SPIRIT to come wash away everything and everyone that is sorrow to me.
Come wash away my sorrow, Your love is coming down like rain.
__________________________________If the Queen dies (SPIRIT) you loose the hiveSHE IS MY LIFE The whole world is like a hive that should be protecting the Queen (SPIRIT) But instead they hate her.Health is failing, they know not what they do. They chose a thief over SPIRIT.Cardiac Wedn.All this was predicted through our experience and family before the con began. They don't want you to believe the earth is dying they want to consume her until the end. The Princes of the earth will have nowhere to hide their shame.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Ashes, ghost town, understanding, starry starry night

These are the synchs with this date in November over the years and they are saying what is happening right now in my family.
Up from the Ashes comes the flowers of success

The videos at the end are very telling of what was to happen in the future
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOf-6Iy8gU8 Lying to the Moon

Dead Cardinal synch
CBS had a piece about a young boy in a cardinal outfit that when he puts on the head piece he is no longer shy.

cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed. When you see one, it means they are visiting you. They usually show up when you most need them or miss them. They also make an appearance during times of celebration as well as despair to let you know they will always be with you.


I have loved ones on the left that are "my own". If you hate "them" you hate me.
I have loved ones on the right also.


Saturday, December 02, 2017

Small Change to say the least


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Everything is changing and so is my reality reflecting that.

Passion to move earthquake away from populated area to Carrizo Plain



Edit to add

SPIRIT will deaths begin because of people that know too much
Related energy
Will post if I get more synchs
New synch with the Pelican Brief
"The President is just here for his annual checkup"

Friday, November 22, 2019

Sondland, Huge, Power Lust, Under the Hat synch

Perfect Love is better than a bullet. Reaching perfectly to the heart. 
But You Cannot Hurry Love

Such a HUGE House of Cards Trump has been building. I kinda liked Gordon Sondland and his attitude, I would hang out with him, lol.  I mean he was told to do what he did but unlike Jim Jordan who I really had to give the anger to punch to the SPIRIT and let Perfect Love do what needs to be done, but I liked the way Gordon stays in a good place and rolls with it. Jim Jordan of course was not asking a question of Gordon Sondland at one point rather he went into his masquerade he was actually speaking to Trump's base as their ears must be itchy for something to believe other than their ship is sinking. Here is a synch related to Jim Jordan flailing trying to look like he is a knocking out the competition when really he is digging in deeper his own humiliation in what is coming.

Nov 12th 2008 synch 
I woke up last night with this dream that a person was being treated bad by someone in authority and when "my brother" went in to help, he too was treated badly and the person in authority used his authority in an unintended manner because of their hate
The hypocrisy of the right people is seen by all except themselves. 

Lust for Power is a blinding influence
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEKinNoUMas starting 8:30 minutes

Islands at War as related to the South China Sea

Synchs with word "Huge" last two days


What made me feel this page was not the song Hurricane but the writing on my table from 1993
: I feel a huge wave come and sweep me off my feet as a knight lifts a princess and takes her to her dream. Again, I see as the spirit coming with white raiment to clothe me.

” Come on big wave Rapture!!!Speedy resurrection o glory

Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can’t call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today
You can listen to the song from the tape on youtube
We are one

The other songs on that tape also feel like they are related to You and I and what is to beginning
We are one
Over the Edge

While driving to this river rock site we were listening to NPR and they were talking about this present time of darkness and how

There's the way that light shows in darkness and it is extremely beautiful.   NPR today
Speaking of “the powerful magic that comes in dangerous times."
Another quote from the NPR program
Everyone is someone else's monster
Meaning like every being is like another being's monster

The Dead Horse part of the synch we stayed upwind from it as the dream meaning of dead horse is
Dead Horse – A dead horse in your dreams can be the death of the strength you once found someone’s friendship or a situation gave you. This may be the end of a relationship, friendship, career, (family) or situation. Have you heard the saying ‘flogging a dead horse’? It may be time to give up on someone or something that is no longer useful for the function or situation intended.

These words match my post and my intention to let go after 20 years of trying to reach You, internet forums, family that has no fruit and put my energies toward those relationships that are showing fruit which there are many. I have been saying this for a while and now the SPIRIT is going to make it happen. Wash away my sorrow!

Synchs with this date

Under the Hat synch
How Perfect was SPIRIT in revealing this moment as early as March 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Great Message of Hope

A Great Message of Hope for those who follow SPIRIT

We have laid off the forums as those blocking the way of SPIRIT won't get the message and interferes with the good news of the SPIRIT flowing. But we appreciate the forum for it's recording of the interaction which led to their predictions. We could create such a better situation for those on the forum if they could work with the SPIRIT to get a positive outcome but their ideologies get in the way and become a stumbling block. Which is part of the message here. From now on Trump, Bannon and those like Hannity since they believe ideology is much greater than facts which may be true if you allow SPIRIT to give you your life but since they don't it is time that their ideology will now become a stumbling block since they love their interpretations more than they love those they serve. So no thanks to those blocking but a message of great hope is forming that we have diverted from what could have been total desolation and there is a growing hope.
It will be amazing to see how the SPIRIT takes this seemingly bad thing of Trump becoming president and uses it to do what could never be done by saying so much about all who are being brought under the hat.

The Great Turning Or The Great Unraveling

One of my synchs about the ideology that will become a stumbling block also is revealed in this edition of the New Dimensions radio. The storm in our country which has been predicted and the shame and blame is growing but also all who have been drawn under the hat of this administration will also have their true intentions of heart revealed together as their ideology of MONEY and POWER begins to become their worst enemy.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Microphone needs to be taken from Trump

The Microphone needs to be taken from Trump so that Americans can process the truth in their hearts without Oz manipulating through smoke and mirrors. Let the truth speak above the lies. Let it be done to him as he has done to others.

The Coincidental Synchs from this date last year and past years

What Men Created is the Inheritance of all. If they do not give it then even what they believe they possess will be taken from them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Another Cardinal Today

I had left a window down and put my hand on something on the seat of my ford ranger and it was another cardinal but a female this time. It must have flew in and hit the window. But because of the first one the other day I suppose something external to the country is going to present itself.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dead Cardinal Synch today

Dead Cardinal synch, maybe related to this threat from outside https://youtu.be/zOceeeWDTag Edited to add, so the Dead Cardinal/Angry Bird synch morphed to where the threat from an external situation occurs. This made me think peace, peace, then sudden destruction. But also thinking of the Manipulator in Chief cannot be trusted not to create such a thing. http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/11/beware-of-trump-manipulation-to-divert.html

I am feeling that an external situation ...because of the separation level in this country is being drawn. The problem is that an external situation, well because of all the lies and manipulation you cannot trust Trump,.... what if he coordinated it. I mean you need to get him out of office before what he has put out comes home to roost. That is the passion of a patriot like the dove crying on a branch wanting to reach you before such happens!

Baby Falls who is at fault?

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

I heard the SPIRIT speak through this video about a Buddhist and therefore it was the word of God to me. I found the greatest Christian may never even have known of the bible because he learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation.  Like Rumi who had the joy and passion that those that love an interpretation could never attain to. To he who has a ear the word of God is in your mouth and in your heart and you do not need a teacher or a book as what you need is so much closer to you.

I found the greatest Christian may never even have known of the bible because he learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation.

The manipulator causes whom he/she is manipulating to have to respond and then intends to use the response without true intention of heart against them. Such as Trump and Schiff. Trump is a master manipulator but once everyone realizes that then whom can he further manipulate. The entire base were singled out by the SPIRIT as the synchs over the years imply because they are HIDING BEHIND A VEIL OF INTERPRETATION SUCH AS RELIGION. The SPIRIT has miraculously singled out all those in his base that are to have their hearts revealed in a very special way. Such as the prediction of "All those under the Hat" Mar 2017 which was titled a Great Message of Hope because in 1993 I dreamed such a leader as they would follow believing him to be exactly what they wanted yet without knowing the SPIRIT. Therefore they got this manipulating liar of which they will be implicated along with him because their interpretation is not of God.

Like a Tree
I gradually took on this Form
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved, until the painting took form

Monday, November 18, 2019

Trump Medical Left Brain Tumor

Trump Medical Left Brain Tumor
If you worship your left brain then it proceeds to betray you

I am not saying it is, but it follows the synchs that it would be a left brain tumor or degenerative illness or anger related illness(see post below) for people related to presumption and that are in my synchs. So I am waiting on a synch with this. This situation would follow to the July 19th 42 months synch also. I am waiting for more synchs about this, but knowing Trump he would try to hide it and say exactly the opposite and that he has great health even if they found a brain sized tumor.


search Left Brain in this post

Tell the Truth, lying as a public servant should be a grievous crime if anything is
when the SPIRIT arrives, you will find that you draw to yourself your own punishment
and that there is no need for the weakness of the law especially because of the abuse of it

If you knew that the presumption of many Americans was leading to their own desolation would you not tell them. But they would hate you for it even if they knew it was true. Such as the right and that goes for women too. I would have been able to reach America if it were not for the manipulations of women on the net and yet they cannot be taught or reached because of presumption. So if you try to say "hey, you and your kids are headed for hell" they would hate you for saying the truth about following an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT. So we let the SPIRIT do the talking.

All was predicted
The Predictions that Led to Donald Trump
All the synchs with Orange is Coming
Orange is Coming Leaders lead Astray, GOP Humiliation 2006

Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck, Redemption,,,Impassable Way

Synchs with this date

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Yellowstone, Masquerade

Yellowstone, so far that is it this morning on that place, have I said the word Yellowstone, that feels like it may be related to "Sign of the Whale". Rejection of SPIRIT is what chose how the Stay- Puff Man is manifesting. When you begin to think things develop separately you cannot see how the branches and the fruit appear in their season.

Like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved
Until the Painting took form
I had no Idea where I was headed
(All I knew was, YOU ARE ABLE!)

The Masquerade to make the Impeachment look like a Masquerade

Disturbing (This word to be left alone from the other postings today)

What men created is the inheritance of all and the owner of the Vineyard is returning and if that sounds democratic then the SPIRIT  will make donkeys out of all of you.

Jesus talking about You do it unto me.... was meant for those the GOP are persecuting such as immigrants, and those on the left that follow their heart instead of a leader. GOP thought "owning" the book and interpretation would make them more righteous but the SPIRIT had other plans.

Synchs from this date in 2018

A lot of family synchs during this time

Help Pam and I travel and write our stories

Be Protected From Mayhem Like Trump
Attention to the SPIRIT is how you are not led astray by those liars manipulators and misuse of power.

Those that abuse power are not the only one that gets caught in their own net but also those that they want to manipulate to appear as though they are evil by what is evil, because they all lack the SPIRIT which is the only thing that will keep you from following a lie. Like that woman that used the law in a manner it was not intended over and over to manipulate a man a for money.

Let there be instant Karma for such as these
Perhaps if PUBLIC SERVANTS that knowingly lie and manipulate such as TrumpLyndsey Graham, Jim Jordan, McConnell, Barr, Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway, Hannity and the other such spokespeople were to draw to themselves personal experience that would reach them to the heart then maybe they would see the connection between their true intentions of heart and their own pain.
It is never too late to tell the truth
except perhaps for Mr. Stone