Monday, October 29, 2018

Horn, Orange Event synch

So this is the most read post this week from 2012 that speaks volumes of the moment we are in.

This synch seems to be related to this week

And the Orange Event synch from OCT 2006 which seems to be related to this time


Remember to change the word Asylum to Prophecies when you read it to understand what it really was saying as the site it was originally posted on played with that word and changed it each time it was posted.

Oct 31st synch from 2017
Oct 30,2017
The turning point, the return, the homecoming.

This post from a year ago speaks of 

 how a seemingly bad thing that happened turned out to reveal the true feelings 

and this reaches to the hearts of many and things begin to change

What a wild ride we are fixing to have!








Friday, October 26, 2018

Because the right information at the right moment makes all the difference

Because the right information at the right moment makes all the difference
 that was the synch about the synch we were having today as Pam was so happy about all the progress lately where she came back from a very edgy experience with MS as the SPIRIT has led us to look at certain things that turned out to lead to her doing much better so she decided to do some crossword puzzles she saw in a paper today as that makes her feel better about herself.

 As she began to to the crossword a Humana Commercial came on tv that showed a crossword and said

Because the right information at the right moment makes all the difference

and I realized that letting the moment give you everything you need (see post) as through synchronicity is exactly what leads to a very good life where things work and you get what you need in the moment you need it. Not necessarily when you want it but in the moment you need it.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Swiss Army Knife and Nov 8th synch tonight

Swiss Army Knife and Nov 8th synch tonight

Pam was adamant about watching Ghost Busters "Answer the Call" with Melissa McCarthy tonight so we did but I stayed up because I was feeling something about Nov 8th so I went back to my 2017 synchs and then to 2016 and that turned out to be the day we watched that movie once before and had the Swiss Army Knife synch. Two things stood out and that was how all the power in the world could not take down the Giant Stay Puff Man but a simple Swiss Army Knife did, sort of makes me think of a simple stick synch. Anyway, it feels relevant and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. But also the other synch with that post called "Swiss Army Knife Synch" was that it was


Yes it is fixin to be a wild ride friends. 

and this quote
mentioned the Swiss Army Knife as the right tool to take down the giant Stay Puff Marsh-mellow man rather than a powerful weapon.

 Which leads to the latest Carolyn Casey program on KPFA Last night which was about the level of possession going through the roof with trump and those who "see through eyes of hate". That is the problem when people follow an interpretation to extremes such as ISIS and the Hillary haters. But I think that Trump is a necessary self absorbed leader at this time to really show HOW THE SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED BY THE MIND CAN BE revealed best to humans.

So what this is saying is it will not be anything big that brings such power to it's knees but the SPIRIT using the SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED.

And the post on the next day Nov 9th about

Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

Which is about the ongoing synch with YOU and I collide I feel like this date next month will be very much related to that synch.. Oh, and the Orange Event we can't forget that one!


It is very wonderful how the SPIRIT is bringing my Pam back from the edge

Without SPIRIT, you too, will follow a lie

It is notable that when our family went through their experience with the grifter that barefaced lied to the whole town and made everyone believe that all of our family was stealing our sister's money. But it was not so, and the will indicated that but because mother had put our eldest in charge of the money she had inadvertently placed her on the account. And therefore, this grifter seeing that chose to marry her and then divorce her a year later. Now the town still believes him and it is as though unless you knew the true spirit of what was going on, you too would believe the lie.

Then just before the election I had posted that what I went through in 1993 and my family went through being used would also be those in this country also and if they do not know the SPIRIT every single person would come to believe the lie they were being told. And the party perpetrating this knows they are lying but because of such a number of people including the American religious right WANTING TO BELIEVE a lie, no one can stop them as they believe they are SMART. But they have been helped to do this in order to catch so many in a net and reveal that without the SPIRIT


Things you would think had to be as they seem  such as the bombs sent to CNN and the Clintons or the caravan of migrants and the midterm elections and how they are used to control the moment, such things as these were often the work of the sinister person that was perpetrating the crime against everyone with one goal in mind.... MONEY and HATE.  In each one of these three that have been revealed in the predictions it was money and hate that motivated them and all the bad blood and wars and rumors of wars that will come because of the TRUE INTENTIONS OF THE HEART will cause perhaps so much more COST to so many but these do not even look at that,, these things were not even looked at because what the scammer saw was only the profit for themselves no matter what the TRUE COST turned out to be. But what this is really about is revealing the hearts of everyone and revealing how "without the SPIRIT" you will follow a lie because who are using those in religion for their own purposes know how to get them to believe a lie especially in politics.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

1:46 AM until 3:05 AM Friday Night

1:46 AM until 3:05 AM Friday Night, Redemption for "My Own"
I was awakened last night and felt like spending time alone in sanctuary. I began to write the things on my mind.

Pam's Vibrance and My Own

The Focus turned to "SPIRIT and Joy"

I wrote about a fix that does all these things needed synergistically

I began to focus on the light source I was using Goose-Neck Clamp-On Desk Magnifier-2X  because it was giving low light. I found it needed batteries which was one of Pam's synchs when we first met. This morning I began to see the poetry of SCARLET BROUGHT TO HER KNEES and the battery problem speaking to this issue with MS and Pam. I was also drawn to another dream on the internet about the battery and the tree.

I decided because of a word in my synchs to look up candle and dnatree.blogspot.com

I found that the two synchs I wrote on my card beneath the subtle light were candle and synergistic fix and were both found in one of the posts. I recognized the post as the message for this moment.

It is the prediction of this wild ride we have been on and how it would be a wonderful thing for You/My Own. You may find yourself in this post from 2011

Spirit to the beloved
"I will not betray your trust in me" Come on big wave Rapture!!!Speedy ressurection to glory ________________________________________________________ Huge! Reordering wave,, come rescue me I treasure your love... When you really really need it the most is when Rock and Roll dreams come true. ____________________________________________________________ Glorify the tree with YOUR fruit what is meant to be finds a way you can't call it life standing outside the fire I am a tube,, spewing fire I feel lucky today __________________________________________________________ Love,, the strenth to try once more Fruit of life We're in the love together and like fruit on the vine it gets sweeter all the time Do ya feel like NEW! New way of life YOU AND I will share a "springtime" of our love, that will be talked about for generations and endure many lives.
You misconscrued my IN TENT Let it roll!!! do ya feel the power Fullness (passionate,burning,cross, mobile,fullness) Wait upon the dream, then, when he and she meet,, it's right.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The passionate Wild Ride!!!! The taste of things to come.

PM I love this

I'm over all That and Shirley Mclaine was on Coast to Coast tonight... whole lotta synchs.

Dreamin of Dad I even went to a website about his Obituary and I said "I miss You dad" and the movie Monsters that Pam and Bret were watching said not more than a quarter of a second later, "I miss You too" as the guy was emotional on the phone and the monsters lurked around him. LOL

Then YOU/my life said through me "It was YOU loving me all along." Which took me to those passionate experiences that I shared alone in the candle light for Years with YOU.. and You.

I spoke to You then and I saw YOU in You and even those that I loved so much that I found it hard to leave even when I had decided to, and so a synergistic experience happened for many reasons.

It was so powerful, that all got drunk on that wine I saw how the Spirit blessed all that were STILL HERE after this experience and how such a JOLT could reach You even to the HEART and leave You nailed to This Tree!!!! That when the Spirit arrives You might see what love truly is. I thought about those that had been ravaged and ravaged themselves during the pain and anger of that strong wine during the Emotional Ride. I told You what I knew You would misunderstand and go for a ride, but it was the Spirit that did it. Well many of You were really passionate both hot and cold. That was great and that should pretty well prepare You for the great ride between YOU and I on this planet.

I am going to speak from my closet from now on, I may even get taken off this planet by someone so passionate that they tear the veil of this flesh but I am always here as YOU are always here..

Let go of the shame and blame and You and I have already started new. Thanks again Sweetheart... It was perfect!

To all that my life has touched yes even You. A little more time with the Spirit I bet I would be even better to reach You. Now I see all of those on the forum getting what they want, yes especially You. And the more they see the love in all of it the faster.

Thanks to all including those on the Emotional Ride right now

Would like to thank even those that are so angry because of the misunderstanding that started all this about the presumptuous woman (you will thank me when the moment arrives and what is written on Your heart comes to light) and even those that have other reasons that they attacked me as all is now prepared for what is coming and the lies and obvious manipulation spells out exactly what will be needed to understand when we get to THAT point. And many of my own now know what I had gone through before with all the lies and manipulation and what the Spirit says it has gone through with this "interpretation" which is the way of men while the way of the Spirit is knowing YOU in the moment. Nothing personal but now all has been said and we wait for the Spirit which when life Speaks no one will argue with it. If You really hate the Spirit it will be a rough ride and perhaps many will not survive but if You can let go of the fear and look for joy in this moment that would really help your predicament soon. The Spirit Judges NO ONE, only You judge yourself by shame and blame. In that moment You will be changed.

Though the Misunderstanding that gave chance for them to radically increase their anger and like I had experienced before it does not matter once this begins to happen even if You praise them or say anything all is interpreted as bad, and so it will be when that moment comes that they will understand........

The veil of interpretation is what has separated you and I, we should never have felt shame or blame. Remember the pain in the garden (eden,relationship,other) remember, you chose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears, like a veil, you have hidden YOURSELF from me. I'm waiting, standing at the door between the two houses, Until the MOMENT............you take me back. Why do you hide yourself from me? Remember the covenant we share? Remember,, we created the sunrise to remind us HOW to start new!
Stephen Tree
It is time to start new by not interpreting anything except You hear from the Spirit, nothing else will matter soon.

Ominous Events Coming Synchs

Other synchs
Reading a post about my dad I said to my dad "I miss You" and on the Movie Pam and our company were watching the movie Monsters and they guy said very emotionally "I miss You too!!" Perfect timing.

The Last Song

The whole world will learn from Your INTENTION soon MerryMermaid. A king was never meant to lead but to intercede. That is why they wanted him to live and to be respected. I have chosen to be misunderstood by those that would hate me so that when MyOwn see what is to come they will know how to respond to those they have misunderstood and how to treat the veryleast of them. I speak what the Spirit has given to me to speak and those that hate me also hate the Spirit.

Matthew 25:40
"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

How will it go for the west that has everything but possesses nothing. Even what they believe they posses will be taken from them. Should they not learn humility now rather than become aheap of skulls? Without the LOVE of the SPIRIT You are Nothing!!!!!!! The world that is perishing starts with an interpretation but those that will remain start with knowing the "True intentions of Their Hearts".

Related synch yesterday
The Last Song

Saturday May 21st I had several synchs meeting folks reading the same book. This young lady asked to use my cell phone.

Saturday May 21st I had several synchs meeting folks reading the same book. This person worked at the Lowes and was on break. She looked like my sister Robin.

Sampson...Love blinded me and led me bound and naked up between these two pillars. dnatree The pillars of Society will fall.

Edited at 2:50 pm today Sphinx is on KVIE as the Lion/King that intercedes for the afterlife. Created at the time of Tut Moses

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture, Peace,,, I have left the Struggle May 21st

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Huge storm forming out of Honduras, and entitlements, sanctuary

So at the same moment that hurricane Micheal was tearing through Mexico City I met a Guatemalan at Cane Creek and then I felt that this hurricane originated down near Honduras. So what I felt at the moment I met this guy became clear as I watched the news about the STORM of HONDURANS passing through Guatemala headed for Mexico and the image I received when I first saw the storm forming before it headed to the border of America through the panhandle of Florida.  What I am feeling is that all the true intentions of the heart of those hating and spewing this ideology or their counter part is going to play out with this storm of people decimating Mexico Beach. So what I feel is that the huge polarity of energy by those hating and wanting to build a wall are actually drawing this hurricane of people and also something is to happen in Mexico that is akin to horror. Also the Guatamalian girl that was shot is also in this mix in that the system being overrun may resort to many deaths at the border and the true intentions of the heart of the haters will be further revealed.

Each episode or action toward others by Americans is leading to how they will be treated in the end but they will feel that they are being treated badly only to be shown how they treated others. Such as the rich man Mitch McConnell who wanting to end entitlements when he himself is considered to be entitled by those he wants to take it away from defies the COMMANDMENT which these same have vowed to be judged by . But this will end in the prediction of 

People who think they are smart without the SPIRIT finding even what they thought they possessed is taken from them.

Synchs about "will be taken from them" 

Rapture, Leave the Struggle, 
Lastly, the rapture of focusing only on SPIRIT and leaving the STRUGGLE because we already know how the SPIRIT has planned for this to end where the right people all are revealed for their true intent and everyone finds they have overlooked the SPIRIT. For now the right believes they are winning but when all is said and done they find they have won nothing and like those following Hitler they are blamed and all those loving blame find themselves drowning in blame and shame because of the smallest of points they overlooked by judging others. Confess the SPIRIT is able and leave the struggle. Focus in the joy of the moment trusting SPIRIT to destroy those that are enemies of the SPIRIT on both sides. This is the coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet, for there has always only been YOU and I though now we are called US AND THEM.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jesus's True intent to bring war and wipe all who reject SPIRIT from this planet

His words would not have made it into the book if you had known the true intent. And the real reason so many were fed to the lions is the same reason the snake encourages the woman to misunderstand the true intentions of the heart of men. But Jesus said," I did not come to bring peace but war" for as Islam and Christianity were created to catch all those liars that love an interpretation and would not accept the SPIRIT in a net and cause them to war against each other. Because they desired a law and a king and they want to remove all who they misunderstand therefore since they would not accept the synergy of SPIRIT they will be motivated to destroy each other. You rage at the democrats and they rage at you, but the SPIRIT planted the seeds with "I will struggle with you for a season".  Everyone that believes their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT should be worshiped by everyone else has been set up with a polarity that is also wanting them dead. You reject the SPIRIT therefore it will be put into your heart to be led to desolation. It no longer matters who is right for as the storm increases nobody wins because everyone is guilty. Get off this planet!
The time is short therefore I must break your heart! The original message was no shame or blame but you chose to reject the SPIRIT and live in shame for eternity, therefore the SPIRIT will wash away my sorrow.


Through loving Pam I have found that you cannot experience what I experienced without dying, therefore love is more important than faith, because it fulfills the intent of faith.

Orange Event Oct 21, 2006 Orange is ComingLeaders Lead astray,gop humiliation

Many of the predictions that have so far come true
The end of the Presumptuous woman that demands men worship her interpretation she did not get from SPIRIT.


Trump is as bad as the Christians at presumption without the SPIRIT but he is orange for a reason and that is it will reach you all to the heart and especially his base. But this week I think the GOP is closer to reality with their rejection of the manipulation of women as women would never want to understand the true intentions of the heart of men and only want blame therefore they set themselves up for shame when the smallest of points overlooked is revealed and then they can feel the same shame they want for men for eternity along with the snakes that encourage them as they refuse to understand the true intentions of the heart that lead to love and MUTUAL forgiveness.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Humiliation and desolation

He endured the Humiliation of the cross at the end of the last world, and it was the end of a world as this humiliation which will be to all men and women will be the end of this world of power money and hidden intentions which cause both men and women to use the law in a manner it was not intended.

What they are really saying and feeling is that Trump is using the law and the office of the president in a manner it was not intended and all who follow after the beast will be implicated and this was the original intent in 1993 when I asked for such a person and that they who love interpretation without SPIRIT follow after this person. Not that the other side at all is "right" as all are following an interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT and there are few who would seem the least and foolish who do follow SPIRIT and the predictions show this and show that the reason that men cannot be reached is because of an interpretation given by the snakes who influence women and women control this view because they band together and are more vocal but the snakes do what they say they do not because saying it is what women want to hear. But if humans knew the real path of a man it would reveal the power of the SPIRIT to reach him to the heart that the interpretation cannot reach to. But because of unbelief women do not allow this and this is why men must experience this humiliation as signified by the humiliation of the cross at the end of the last world, so now at the end of this world. The world will go on but will not do as MONEY demands and influences anymore. The power of money has allowed this president to buy his way out of the demands of the interpretation and the law and those that follow him will in the end be subjected to his failures because they do not speak now about his obvious deviation from their own beliefs.


Now Pam is aging and I am having to care for her now and do all she used to do, but it is my pleasure because of her true intent to understand what so many intentionally misunderstand and reject. It is for this reason that Jesus did not say what  you would experience but that the intentional misunderstanding would cause them to think they are doing God a favor by killing you because you do not follow their interpretation of God which is an idol and not from the SPIRIT. So the end of this world is to come quickly and all who have rejected the SPIRIT because of the interpretation they believe saves them will find that that interpretation did nothing because they DID NOT SEEK THE SPIRIT AND ALLOW THE SPIRIT TO LEAD THEM INTO ALL TRUTH. But the SPIRIT reveals that those who love these that the world rejects that that love goes a long way. Those following the interpretation will find themselves being led to do everything their interpretation would condemn and their shame will draw to them what they deemed for others.


The time is here for women with true intention of heart toward SPIRIT

Saturday, October 13, 2018

She wants him to take the Shame away

She Wants Him to take the Shame away
And that is exactly the intent of the SPIRIT through men

When I asked the SPIRIT about why it was known that this message would be rejected I got that as it was with Moses I said, I AM that I AM because they would not accept the truth so it has been given to them anyway all along.

If the false bride asked GOD who he is he would say "I AM THAT I AM" and she would have none of that and reject him without BEGINNING TO KNOW HIM.

You rejected me and chose to follow a snake. You don't believe SPIRIT.  

BUT I DO, is the message of the rejected CHRIST and that is the basis of the marriage for the true bride which is to be revealed. That he follows SPIRIT and SPIRIT is able. But she demands an interpretation not being present with SPIRIT within each moment.
All the  predictions over 20yrs

You all know I speak of my partner Pam a lot and how she loved me and allowed a baptism and now she is getting older and it is my great pleasure to give my life for this one because she allowed her heart to be reached and she needs me now. The experiences that  JOLTs of JOY that we shared each day for many years held back the progress of her MS but the tribulation of coming to this place has been tears for her and now she knows it is where we belong as we have been brought close through her ordeal and what the SPIRIT has done for us here. She believe the SPIRIT through me because she has seen it over and over and in our close proximity we have come to be as one because I loved her because she was selected by the father for me and came to me the day after I got to California to do the project I set out to do.

You have heard it said by the people "Just tell us the law and we will keep it" because following the SPIRIT could not be understood by those that wanted to follow a leader. So it is that the commandment to love each other was given and that this love would cover a multitude of sins. (separations, misconstrued interpretations) 

That is the True Bride, for she has true intention of heart and does not demand he follow her intent which always leads to his shame. Because the false bride really does not love him, but sought what he had.

Jesus said that he could be rejected and that such as these would not recognize him when he comes again because of the veil of interpretation of what they believed him to be.

Only "MY OWN" will know my voice.

Women want men to take away the shame from her and that is why she will not give in, but she really never knew me says the SPIRIT. This is why they both were thrown out of the garden because the would not let the SPIRIT lead them and chose a veil of interpretation to hide behind their shame. Because they never knew "I AM THAT I AM" therefore from the interpretation which they hide behind they are put to shame. But thanks  be to the SPIRIT there is no need for this shame or this veil because as in the garden everything is given that is needed in this moment to whom believes the SPIRIT. This is why her love for me makes her "MY OWN". 

The SPIRIT and the path of Micheal 


The letter they trust has the devils tares, you need the SPIRIT or you have interpreted wrong and your own interpretation is an obomination that leads you to personal desolation. There IS NO leader but the SPIRIT and the synergy of you and I will be perfect. Therefore we leave the STRUGGLE to do it ourselves and allow the SPIRIT to move mountains. As when Moses said to "stand, and watch the power of the SPIRIT to save you from your oppressors".

Shame and blame
Often when lovers embrace they experience the joy of love and engage in the secret of attraction and creation without shame. But later this may change when a snake or some other influence such as money makes the woman either feel shame or worse use shame through blame. The problem was not the act, but the belief in shame and blame. This was the message of SPIRIT that when you feel shame, you are actually praying,, or drawing your own punishment, and inside a woman may blame that man for the shame she feels. But we should never feel shame or blame and that is what SPIRIT teaches us that if we have true intention of heart to KNOW YOU/SPIRIT and engage in what the SPIRIT draws to us it is often to deliver us from evil such as the harlot that is playing the system.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Nov 11th synch


The coming fire,,, so hot it will melt that veil between “you and I” on this planet and leave “her” with nowhere to hide Religion interpretation is a veil and not the “rightness” that comes from knowing the spirit The Coming Fire


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Saudi checked my site two days after the abduction

It is interesting that the United Arab Emirates 

had 118 hits on my site 
on the 4th of Oct and the abduction was on the 2nd. Also, 
now feel the Today synch on Oct 5th 2017 
 may have had to do with Saudi. 

If my own country does not start taking what so many others have found to be true
and follow the Synchs of the SPIRIT and what they have to say I would imagine that
those knowing about them and but not getting this message out will personally experience
accordingly. Coming Humiliation for all agencies and news organisations that block this.

The coming GOP Humiliation (They are not smart enough to manipulate SPIRIT)

What the predictions have said about this time

Trump Predicted as early as 2006

Men Women and this collision predicted in 2001 Coming Fire So Hot


Prediction of desolation due to men and women separation as dem and gop and islam /christian are representations of YOU and I  collide

DNATREE: Women and Men in America, the separation and the ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Ending the Enmity between Men and Women

It is time to end the enmity between men and women 

The Lovers
will drink wine night and day.
They will drink until they can 
tear away the veils of intellect and
melt away the layers of shame and modesty.
When in Love, 
body, mind, heart and soul don't even exist.
Become this, 
fall in Love, 
and you will not be separated again.

From Last October 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pattern in the Wilderness, Ending the Enmity




Thursday, October 19, 2017

Women and Men in America, the separation and the desolation that it draws




Wednesday, October 18, 2017

249 synch/Desolation is assured


The ORANGE EVENT predicted Oct 21st 2006 Is it Trump, Is it about to happen?
November, landslide, politics, whirlwind, gas prophecies.us and orange event all related to what is coming

The website made the prophecies.us site name appear as the Asylum.us

October 10, 2016

Prediction about the scenario that will be the lie everyone follows












Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Cannot reach men, therefore they take the blame

It is true that if you do not speak what the Snake and the woman's interpretation of how a man is supposed to feel about sex it is blocked from reaching men. Women aggregate together to lift up what is not from SPIRIT and therefore men are told to worship an interpretation that keeps them in shame. My 20 yrs of trying to reach men past the veil of interpretation demanded they worship by both the snake (man who wants to influence women such as the poetry in the garden of the snake and rejects SPIRIT) and the woman (female that does not want men to follow the true intentions of the heart and presumes to know what is best for men)

google dnatree and any or the following presumption presumptuous women, veil of interpretation, desolation
Just add dnatree.blogspot.com plus one of these terms to your google to learn more.

This was the original problem in the garden when humans chose good/evil over attention to SPIRIT/GOOD/GOD Because this was DEMANDED AS A LAW they were given over to their demands and led to desolation which is now. Money is the root for snakes/men and women alike and if you knew the true intentions of the heart of those that use the law in a manner it was not intended such as snakes and many women then you would see why desolation was predicted even when Jesus found he could not reach them so he said men would take the blame. Which is the essence of why desolation is ever more occurring except for those redeemed by SPIRIT and taught by SPIRIT and not believing the interpretation as they were given a lie and given over to their lusts for power and money. The law is designed to control men and allow the hidden things of the heart to be outweighed by appearances which are the power of the snake and the woman. It has become the law that women can berate men but men cannot even defend their true intention of heart given them by SPIRIT. And men without SPIRIT are like lambs to the slaughter of the interpretation of the snake and the woman. Therefore if they do not worship their interpretation they are rejected as Jesus indicated. His words would never have reached this time without him first seeming to agree with them.
All are presumptuous without SPIRIT as the predictions show.  Leave the Struggle and let the world experience desolation now that it is inevitable. Men laying down their lives for this has been the world of society but it is come to an end and the sheep are now led to slaughter. Some by violence, some by natural disaster, but all who reject SPIRIT over the interpretation of the snake and the woman are headed for ever more desolation. The SEPARATION is speeding this up greatly. As predicted in 2001 with the coming fire so hot it will melt the veil separating Men and Women, dem and gop etc.

Oroborus :: View topic - The End of the Presumptuous Woman